Will we soon be in a recession?

Literally everything is expensive these days! Gas is now $4.79/gallon o__O I talk to older relatives who are now retired with no supplemental income and they complain heavily about food prices. How long can this keep on going?

I thought prices were bad because of the pandemic, then it was the supply chain issues and then now it’s Russia. Is a recession gonna happen soon?

IMO, the probability of a stock market crash is very real. While I abhor Putin, Buy wheat, which is Ukraine’s major export.

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I read last night there were signifiicant increases in gas and oil before each recession which has happened now. Everything is massively overflated

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Worried about wheat prices and how that will affect our already soaring food prices. :fearful: With gas prices skyrocketing, what are people with no finance buffer do to weather this?

Right that’s exactly what I’m thinking.

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Watch the yield curve of the 2 Year Treasury v the 10 Year Treasury.

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Getting there…

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Too close…

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I would not be surprised if there is one,yes.

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How’s the situation like where you live?

Not good. And I fear it will get worse in the future. :frowning:

Same here… Are you still required to wear masks over there?

Indoors and in public transport, yes, I believe we still are.
I was referring to the war in Ukraine though.

We aren’t far off it.

10 year notes at 2.341-2 year notes at 2.562 Diff of .221

What’s your forecast? 0.0 in like a month? :open_mouth:

Not a clue, sorry.
Just keep seeing how’s it’s getting closer to inverting.
Diff was around 1.5 beginning of the year.

With the way things are going with the sanctions and all, I think it’s inevitable.

Looks like about .22 now.

We may already be in a recession and have been in one for some time but it is being hidden by the trillions in stimulus money.

were we go from here is hard to tell as we have never seen this amount of new money ( printed out of thin air) pumped into the economy

Then you have the Majority calling for a stock market crash and a recession, the majority is almost always wrong


…so no recession? :open_mouth:

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