Willing to share the secrets

What does your mentorship offer?

Just a wild guess - not dissimilar to a guy from Maryland who used to be on here.


I’ve just found a really useful feature on Babypips. You can mute by username. :rofl:


Ict is a real trader. When i finally learned how to turn a daily profit, his words rung loud and I felt stupid because if i had only listened to him more closely. I took the long path and reverse engineered the clues he would drop here and there, certain truths. Are you guys aware how stupid you sound in this thread. We do things the way we feel like doing them. You have no choice but to sit there and watch this play out. Your expectations are ignored because we are focused on ourselves. Sorry to dissappoint but Im the one with the information now. You cannot tell people that have sacrificed everything how to share the knowledge, that is up to them, see how silly guys sound. Anybody can be on a forum, not anybody can do what we do. Know your place

The poster asked a reasonable and realistic question. Which you evaded thus ;

So do explain Why exactly you need novices to “mentor” when you are clearly trading highly cash positive without help already ?


I am assuming now that you are a successful trader. I am not so sure if it’s supposed to be you doing the mentoring or someone you know.

Either way suggesting that others are stupid, and acting like the big I AM is not the norm for successful traders. We tend to be rather humble, having realized that we too were once mere mortals.

No disrespect intended but suggesting unprofitable traders are dumbasses is hardly a quality I would like to see in my mentor


Actually, I guess there are no big secrets in trading activity. In my opinion, all of the secrets have been successfully revealed by traders long time ago. Of course, there are lots of information in trading activity which you can find out after a couple of months or years of trading, nevertheless they’re not concealed. To my mind, traders should always try to find something new for them in order to fill their knowledge base and gain experience. No doubts, that sometimes traders face difficulties, but the secret here is to overcome these difficulties. So, I believe it works like that actually.

this is 100% not true.

people probably come on here to get genuine advice, without ulterior motives


So did you take up the paid mentorship and are one of the guys he often rails against for selling his info, or did you just use the freebee stuff like a few others on the net?

Do you not know that this is his declared reason for creating pay per view - or more specifically are you one and the same?

Johnscott it is not a suggestion but a behavioral observation. Your misconceived defintion of humility is noted. I take this seriously so if you distract me with nonsense i will call you out. My focus is often confused for ruthlessness. Adults are not like dogs or kids who depend on you and therefore respond to tenderness. We need to be told to listen, pushed into shape. My coaching style is laser like, if you cant take it move out the way, there are a few that have already reached out to me. They seem to understand whats at stake, we dont have time for politics. I love it when people try to control how others communicate, its what makes the world spin

Peterma you can tell yourself whatever you want, ict actually does this. If you cannot see that its because you have not reached the level of consistency and precision that he has, once you define such an advantage you can suddenly tell who the real traders are based on their content. There is an optimal path and when you are on it, everyone else on that path becomes visible, and you feel stupid. See john i call myself stupid when it suits, i call it how i see it

This thread is a nice demo of the psycho part of trading. We must all conquer our fears, theres no way around it. If you keep acting like you already know then it will forever be an act to you. Start taking it seriously, again its never too late to practice humility, that goes for everyone

Lol - Michael would never ever call himself stupid - unless he’s aged a little since back then.

Was never so sure about the sledge guy, he was big into getting paid long before… and most his material is a little … well not as fast as that sled thing goes down the snow slope.

Anyways, on account of that OCD thing I’m Peter and not John :slight_smile:

Greenscorpio is advice really what you want? How long will it take you to turn advice into a system? I spent a few years backtesting every idea i could find, no matter the source. Thats the level of passion you must have and even then it may take years to complete. That is why I always wished i had mentorship but never trusted anyone enough to pay. Although now that im thinking about it i realize the mentorship i needed was more of a wake up call to start taking this seriously and really start to listen to the few online mentors that seemed to be ahead of the curve, thats ict, lori, and burke. I didnt trust their material, i acted like i already knew everything and at the same time couldnt believe their content held the keys, “I already know this its so basic these scammers bla bla” that attitude, it stops you from leveraging the little niggets these guys are constantly dropping for us. I had a hard time listening, so i took the long route and reverse engineered it myself to be sure. I ended up creating exactly what these guys were trying to tell me the entire time. Feeling stupid for not taking the risk and just trusting them, i want to see if i can get someone to skip this arrogant block and maybe save some precious time. The developmental stage to trading is odd… lets see if i can get people to take the short route and listen with a bit more conviction. I need 4 more traders to help me cover the entire business day

Who knows maybe after building the 6 man op we will expand our vision and pursue more advanced applications requiring more traders. Anyone is invited but you have to come with the right attitude, im the one with the info and dont make me be the one to remind you of that.

We are always enhancing our core system and a future version may require more traders to capture smaller angles. You would be surprised at the level of frequency consistency and precision thats possible, believing the impossible is an edge in itself. Gambling challenges our trusting ability, its about conviction from start to finish

I think your ‘revelations’ are hilarious kinda like some trading Jesus of Nazareth come to tell us the ‘truth’.

Not quite sure what your intended goal is, is to help as many lost sheep as possible? If so, your laser-like gun is doing nothing but turning most of us off.

You may be a trading god but you sure know sweet FA about how to develop rapore and gain trust

I’d have thought with the intention of saving us blind souls you’d have wanted to capture as many of us a possible.

What I’d like to know fron you, rather than your backtesting prowess is a little about your trading style, and some of your experiences as a trader

Only then can a have REAL conversation.

This cryptic nonsense just isn’t going down all that well with the peanut gallery.


Sorry john you dont have sufficient humility. I wont be considering you anytime soon. You really have a long way to go. Just take this as a learning experience

I could care less what failed traders have to say. I hold the information you seek so come correct

Hi guy
Can you put me on that same list as you have put John please? Then we will all be happy.

Edit - hold on - you don’t have to. I have invoked the “secret mute”

You have become so annoying it has distracted me from my Babypips forum contribution goals.


Focus on your goals leave trading to us. Lets see if you can turn it into a positive, maybe those demons are roaring too loud, scaring you. When you finally make a move you get scammed so now everything is a scam to you