Willing to share the secrets

Spent 6 years developing a system. My team is in its early stages and we seek students to join us and grow from there. Feel free to ask questions here on this babypips thread and i will give you my public answer. Those willing to explore everything seem to be more serious, those being overly cautious about what they explore will end up missing tools critical to your success as a trader. You have to be willing to turn over and test every stone. It takes time and energy, it is a sacrifice. Your resolve will be tested, believe that you can get it done, do whatever it takes even if it means exploring every source of knowledge that you can find. I have never turned down an opportunity to learn from someone, i may have moved on from certain so called mentors but they were all given some time because you never know who will say something that sparks the epiphanies you need. Thats how serious I am about this. I will make it no matter how many mentors or material i have to go through. Dont be afraid of sources of information. Think about it when you first start off what makes you think you have the ability to accurately gauge who is showing you the real stuff versus scams. I understood this so even the scammers had my ear for a minute. One trader who i thought was a scammer ended up being authentic and I was so glad I was not afraid to give him a few hours a week for a couple weeks just in case. Fear is what stops you from exploring every opportunity, not intelligence


So you are touting for business and members for your telegram channel…


I dont have a telegram channel. I just use it to make phone calls. If you guys had a way to make voip calls i would use babypips, but you dont. I understand the fear of being scammed but if you want to be a trader you have to get over it.

As for this website. I only go on here looking for students to mentor. What other reason would any trader come here. Either you are a student or a teacher. Babypips has an opportunity to really increase and promote mentorships. As for knowing who is real and who isnt, the only way is to hear everyone out and then decide. But you cannot make it so difficult for us to engage initially simply out of fear of scam. At no point did we say we charge. Like i said im building a team. I also have been visiting college finance clubs looking for students.

Its ok to be cautious but if you have nothing to lose and someone wants to teach you, why are you stopping potentially the very thing you want. To discover the secret combination of tools and concepts required for a real edge, the only thing i ask in return is your loyalty when you finally reach the level of consistency you want


The same guy advertised the same “team” on priv some time ago :slight_smile:

I give every mentor an hour phone call just to see. The minute they try to charge me, then I decline. Fear is causing you to decline prematurely as there is nothing to lose turning over every stone. You guys need to change the culture here and entice people to network more. More of us would be successful and babypips will be known for connecting folks that maybe turn out to be the next great firm. Im not telling you how to run your site but it just seems to lack innovation

I encourage readers to really read my original post and then see how they try to spin what I said into something else.

I guess I will do what im telling you to do and see for myself. If this was my site i would ask questions to see if someone knows their ■■■■, before attempting to moderate ruining the xp

Dont you guys have a standard process to know these things, do i have to outline everything

Please replace my telegram link, its silly to remove it no offense

Very interested please tell more

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Hi and welcome (back)

The reason people new to trading Forex would come here is because they have been recommended by others to do so.

The reason the forum members who have some history of using Babypips are defensive about newcomers who appear to be wanting to mentor people is because they themselves have probably experienced hard sells or scammers in the past and are paranoid about protecting new members to Babypips.

Believe it or not, many members on this forum genuinely want to help others to get proper knowledge and experience with Forex, in the correct order, without being led down the garden path by others whose reason to be here may not be so philanthropic.

If you read some of the trade journals on this forum, you will see that OPs are genuinely looking for advice, and contributors are genuinely trying to offer advice, to OPs.

So my advice to those who come to this forum offering advice about a specific method or approach to Forex spend some time in a dedicated post to explain what it is they consider to be good advice and at least to start some detail about what that advice is.

I hope you continue to participate on the Babypips forum, and please don’t take comments from others negatively. Many have been there before and are seeking knowledge and experience here.


I get it but getting scammed is part of becoming a trader. We scam ourselves by thinking we already know everything. At least with a mentor there is a small chance its a real opportunity. When it comes to trading im not messing around, trading is so lucrative I dont care how many false opportunities i have to go through to find the one and learn from every experience along the way.

Being overly cautious freezes everything and you get nowhere and guarantee your failure. You already chose this path stop playing these fear based games, this business is cut throat while you are here trying to play hero on a forum there are thousands of firms enjoying consistent eod profits. There should be a subsite here of people sharing the handful of tools that when combined offer the consistency we all seek of 90%+

You have two choices when it comes to your development as a trader. Reverse engineer a system by backtesting for consistency or track down a mentor and accelerate the learning curve. Whatever issues you have to deal with when pursuing either or is part of the game

We are adults. Emulate the internet

Im willing to share some things here but i guess the zero sum game concept is not understood by some. Send me a dm maybe we will be allowed to talk privately or maybe nannypips will tell us if we can work together or not

What is the best source of learning?

The best source, I will say this.

Process of elimination, there is no way around it. A mentor may improve the curve but ultimately the stuff the does not work, the inconsistencies, must be known for enhanced conviction of what works. We also track sequence and frequency of any pattern our methods exploit, or the successful applications of our methods can be counted and each count occurs at its own unique frequency.

As for online mentors, staceyburke, innercircletrader, chris lori are all giving you the real stuff you need to build a solution. When it comes to them or any real mentor its a question of how long you want to maintain your egoistic wall.

We are in the beginners questions section - the very first thing that a beginner may implant in his/her brain -watch out for the word SECRET

You may encounter that word many times - one thing - there are no secrets.

You will be tempted to impart hard earned cash to learn these supposed secrets and believe me the sellers are good at what they do - step back and think - sellers of secrets ?


Hi again,

I am not sure your tone has much to contribute to newcomers here. I note you joined 4 days ago and have spent the grand total of 1 hour reading. I have visited for 279 days and have spent a total of 8 days reading on this forum. I find your words “play hero” condescending. You don’t know me, nor do I care if you wish to.

I am here to advance my own knowledge and spend a considerable amount of effort posting topics that I think should be of interest to new members, but always ask if others have different views / methods or approaches.

Do you mean like the journals people maintain for their own, and others’ use?


If you truly wish to help members of this forum (because it is a large audience) then please spend another few hours familiarising yourself with both content and layout of this forum, and let members have one single source of truth.

If you create a post of such value to members I will be the first one to follow, comment and support it.


Regarding the word secret

Its hard to see without believing that there is something to be found. You dont know how much insight you can get from any one pattern or tool, you think you understand something, yet it continues to crystalize as the days pass, revealing the fog in your belief or conception of that tool.

You think you know what something does or is, you think you understand its significance but the right things always offer more than you thought so stay humble and curious about what other undiscovered secrets and insights they hold, demand every resource operate at its full capacity.

What are the most consistently accurate pattern exploits, and how are you sequencing them for cohesive service under one control system

“Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others”.

Thing is that in the market there are no such unknowns - it hides no secrets - a person may well think they know something yet unknown but it’s a fallacy.

There are no cliques huddled in a corner mummering the play up ahead - no hidden mic picking up their plans - no secrets to share or sell - just a market in that we all have to learn every single day that we participate.

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New traders need to know that the accurate information they seek is not widely available. There are secrets that will require extraordinary time and energy to uncover. Also, unless someone is willing to mentor you and share their systems with you I would not listen to them. They tell you watch out, be afraid, dont trust anyone trying to teach you, ok so then what, give up? Its silly fear based crap, get scammed who cares, learn from it and move on. Or tip toe around on this forum for the rest of your life getting nowhere. The reward is so great that Im going to test every single thing i can get my hands on no matter the source. How badly do you want this. If its eh so so then move on, this aint for you.

To those of you attempting to discredit me, i challenge you to attempt exposing me. Pose as a student and expose my fraud once and for all. You guys talk a big game but lack in articulating trading processes and services. I see now why professional traders stay away from these forums, you guys need to grow up. You cant always have it your way, if you failed it means you did something wrong and need to adjust, dont linger around spreading fear ruining it for everyone else.

Surely the whole point of a forum like this is to stop people like the OP touting for business here??


we can always do better, you are no exception