With all these things happening around the world, how do you keep yourself sane?

Hi guuuuys. :slight_smile: We’re just halfway into 2020 and it feels like it’s been the loooooooooongest year. :confused: There’s so much happening.

Of course there’s the pandemic still affecting a lot of countries, still no vaccine for that. :confused: Then we have China reigning in HK in such a brutal and inhumane way. :frowning: And now protests for #BlackLivesMatter are turning into bloodbath. :frowning:

I feel like we live in a very connected world now so it’s not that easy to just detach yourself from your environment. It’s on the news, on social media, on people around us are talking about it. So, with all these things happening, how do you keep yourself calm and sane? :frowning: I tend to overthink things a lot, especially controversial issues like this. So I’d appreciate suggestions. Thank youuu!

All things will pass.

Lots of news events are just like the stones in the road - lots of stones were on the road behind and there are more stones ahead, because its a stoney road. But what the media like to report is the “worst ever” stone underfoot right this minute - its size, its shape, the damage it did, what some minister said about this stone, what a pressure group wanted done about it, who got hurt (they love to show vulnerable groups who’ve been hurt), who’s made a painting of it etc. etc…

But we’re on a stoney road, what did we expect? Is it really newsworthy that we stepped on a stone?

That’s deep. Very philosophical, I think. :sweat_smile: So I guess, coming from your response, it’s just that you’ve grown accustomed to these things happening? Is that right? :open_mouth: Like, you’ve accepted that things like this are bound to happen and that’s what’s been helping you handle all these recent events. :open_mouth:

Well sure. I never watch the news, though I do enjoy reading about modern history - which makes so many world events just the latest outburst of processes or conditions that have been developing for decades.

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That’s interesting. :open_mouth: Just curious, how do you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings then or is that something you don’t do? :open_mouth:

I think that makes sense somehow. Some of the recent events (like the BLM movement) are really bound to happen since it’s an issue that has existed for decades. And China also has history of bullying other countries and claiming territories that it’s not completely surprising they’d do it. :open_mouth: I guess it’s just because I’m a very emotional person when it comes to the things happening around me?

TV news is out. I’d rather look things up on Wikipedia than watch the news. I watch Youtube clips by various commentators on current affairs and politics. I follow a couple of political websites.

The main usefulness of news events for me is its just something to start a chat about with a friend or two - so its like the weather, rather than anything that will change our lives.

Yes, I agree that it’s hard these days to disconnect yourself from the World news system and not watch or read the news. It’s just hard. I try to keep my eyes on what’s going on in the world these days to a minimum. It’s a little bit selfish, but it at least keeps me sane, which is good. Maybe that’s how I miss a lot of things and stay on the sidelines of a boiling life. But my proper mental state of mind is more important to me…

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Hmm. :thinking: That makes sense. I guess that’s how you keep everything in control. With such resources, things are easier to filter, and those that aren’t really relevant for you can just be skipped. :thinking:

There’s no shame in that! :slight_smile: It’s not selfish to prioritize your mental health. I’m happy for you that you’re able to do that! I just have a hard time doing so. :confused:

I look at videos of cute animals, read and play video games I enjoy when I am trying to destress.

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I have taken this time to organize my present and the goals I want to achieve, when everything returns to normal I plan to do too many things and that is the good part of all this time that we have spent.

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That’s cuuute! :blush: Haha. :slight_smile: Tbh, my pets are also stress-relievers for me. And I also discovered this new game that I’ve been trying out for a few days now. :open_mouth: It seems like getting my mind off of the recent happenings (or just you know, taking a break) really help my mental health. :slight_smile:

Oh niiice! :blush: Good for you! :smiley: That’s definitely making the most out of the situation. :blush: I wish I could also do the same. Hahaha.

What game? What is it about?
In my case, I currently have a cat. She’s a little beastie but her antics amuse me to no end. So that definitely helps.

Kartrider Rush+! :smiley: Haha. It’s a racing game. :smiley: Are you into those kinds of games? :slight_smile:

No, I have terrible cheese fingers, haha, I don’t have the hand/eye coordination for racing games. I generally prefer RPGs or farm sims.

Prayer. Lots of prayer and religion.

And singing and gardening.

I have been trying to avoid reading the news all the time. “Trying” being the operative word here.

We pray every night. And I think I really do find comfort in just entrusting Him with all of my worries. :open_mouth: I wish this feeling lasts longer though. :confused:

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I’m also trying. But really failing. :frowning: