Withdrawal Fees with forex platforms

Is it normal to be told by your forex platform that the processing fee has to be paid from your personal bitcoin wallet and can’t be deducted from your balance.

Currently I have $11,300 in my account. And made a withdrawal for 10k. I was told there’s a 5% processing fee. Then i was told to send $500 from my bitcoin wallet to proceed.

I told them to deduct it from my balance but they won’t.

Is this normal ?

Its unusual. Check what the Terms & Conditions on your documentation and on their website say. If it isn’t specifically mentioned or if its too hard to find refuse to pay it: stop trading with them and close all trades: do not deposit any more funds: advise them you intend to contact their regulator and a lawyer and you may decide to close your account.

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It is not normal at all. They are scam syndicate. Don’t bother withdrawing that money, it is gone. You will also lose that 5% if you send it to them. This is how they operate now. Stay away from Forex platforms that promises unrealistic high returns.

Sounds like a scam. Have they given you any explanation as to why there must exist such a policy?