World Cup thread

Nobody watching this?

I don’t believe that!

Who’s your team and who do you think will make it to the final?

I’ve got Brazil v France in my final.

How about you?

I was going to make a post about this but it’s already here. Yes, I’m following the 2022 fifa world cup in Qatar. Based on my analysis of the performances of the teams so far, it looks like England, Croatia, Spain or France have the strongest possibilities of reaching the final. I was impressed by England’s explosive and lethal attacking pace and skillful star players, and the typical brilliant teamwork and workrate of Croatia.

But I also think that football is Rigged, Especially so in club football, but less so in the world cup but still noticeable. For example during a match of Poland v Saudi Arabia, A saudi defender made a “complacent” touch when the ball was passed to him. so the ball rolled from him onto the path of Robert Lewandowski and he scored. Therefore I suspect that behind closed doors, Robert made a deal with the Saudi defender to gift the ball to him so he can score his first world cup goal.
Otherwise there is no logical explanation on how a defender could be so dumb or short sighted to just spill the ball and give it to a lethal striker standing right in front of him.

I mentioned in other posts of more examples of match rigging in club football, one example where a porto defender complacently back passed the ball to Rooney who was expecting the back pass and scored.

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You missed out Brazil,them with France are probably the two out on their own level. A few teams below in a group including England.

Regarding “fixing” play it wouldn’t surprise me especially where the competition been played.

There has been some pretty bizarre contrasts of performance from one or two teams

Brazil have had difficulty against top European opposition in recent years, and they had inherent defensive problems, that’s why I’m ruling them out, but their defence has improved somewhat. I heard of some guy who predicts the Brazil France final in this world cup and they claim that he predicted the England defeat to Italy in Euro 2020 final.
I also ruled out Argentina for similar reasons, they impress me with a stellar performance in one match and perform miserably in another, inconsistency.

And seemingly, with all their wealth, Qatar bought their way into hosting the competition. It’s all about the money for Fifa,

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Yes their defence has improved alot (quoted by south American football experts)Early in the major competitions there is usually one or two teams who look in a good place, in form and have momentum, Them two stand for me,sorry for been boring .But hey the best teams don’t always win this beautiful game :blush:

France again? I’m putting my money on England, although I’m not a brit, I think they would do the unthinkable this time :grinning:

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Freakish results ,this will continue through the knockouts

Due to climate,time of year , location ect

But a powerhouse past winner will win in the end

Germany out. Spain almost out at one point. What a group.

Japan, team of the group for me.


How do you rate Argentina? Any chance?

It’s different your asking me this now, rather than after the Japan defeat (mind Cameroon defeated them when they was world champions 86 and then got to the final ) yes obviously they in with a chance.They usually hit and miss at times at the world in recent years, I liked the 2006 side but they never reach their potential. What your favourite side there ?

Yes the viewing would beat any TV or film for intensity and suspense


Rooting for USA to advance. To win, Argentina or Brazil. Argentina simply for Messi. Brazil because I think they have the best combined players. Can they put together all their skills? We’ll see in the later rounds.

News update: Cameroon have just beaten Brazil. 1-0

Are you kidding? France have better players in the form of Mbappe, Giroud, Griesmann, England have even better superstars, Rashford, Kane, Saka, Bellingham, Plus, it’s not just about the players, but the team and their manager.

Yep it would be nice to see a Messi swansong ,

I knew it, Rigged!

Bellingham a phenomenon,like Johan lomu.burst on the scene in ruby union

Croatia with the win!

Some pretty awful pen shooting on Japan’s part.

3rd Croatia pen might be one of the best IDGAF shots ever. :rofl:

Great tournament, Japan!

Haha, let’s see what happens the next time they meet!

Morocco is the dark horse guys, idk how they are doing it, but they are just 3 steps away from lifting that illustrious trophy