World Politics, Good Or Bad

LOL))) Not quite like that, it’s not warm, it’s not very cold. That is, the temperature of beer can be a bit cooler than room temperature because overly cold beer can mute its taste

My grandmother used to treat me with hot beer when I had a cold. In Germany, you can buy and drink beer from the age of 16

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We do that with a shot of whiskey, There is a unique way of doing things in every country

Also a good way to treat. JB is my favorite or Nikka

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Now I see the problem.

Shelters for migrants are filling up across Germany as attitudes toward the newcomers harden

BERLIN (AP) — Dozens of people from around the world lined up on a sunny morning this week in front of a former mental health hospital in Berlin to apply for asylum in Germany.

There were two older women from Moldova. A young man from Somalia sat next to them on a bench. A group of five young Pakistanis chatted loudly, standing behind two pregnant women from Vietnam.

The newcomers are among more than 10,000 migrants who have applied for asylum in the German capital this year, and are coming at a time when Berlin is running out of space to accommodate them.

“The situation is not very good at the moment,” Sascha Langenbach, the spokesperson for the state office for refugee affairs in Berlin, said in an interview this week. “This is much more than we expected last year.”

The former mental health hospital in Berlin’s Reinickendorf neighborhood was turned into the city’s registration center for asylum-seekers in 2019 and can house up to 1,000 migrants.

But it’s full.

Shelters for migrants are filling up across Germany as attitudes toward the newcomers harden

House GOP’s impeachment witnesses say there’s no evidence yet of Biden committing a crime

Star GOP Witness Immediately Pours Cold Water on Biden Impeachment

Republicans’ longshot attempt to impeach President Joe Biden got off to a rocky start Thursday, with their star witness, legal expert Jonathan Turley, outright saying he doesn’t see any evidence to support impeachment.

“I do not believe that the current evidence would support articles of impeachment,” he testified.

Turley, a Fox News legal analyst and D.C. lawyer who argued against Donald Trump’s 2019 impeachment, was called on by House Republicans to testify in the first hearing of an inquiry into whether Biden should be impeached. Republicans have been desperately searching for evidence of wrongdoing since well before Biden was elected, and the inquiry gives them the ability to obtain materials like bank records.

While he conceded there was no evidence to support impeachment, Turley did say that he believed the House had “passed the threshold” for holding an inquiry.

Star GOP Witness Immediately Pours Cold Water on Biden Impeachment

Yep. On one hand, this is good as it brings in a lot of workforce, which can have a positive impact on the economy. On the other hand, it results in a very large influx of people who need to be integrated

It’s a surprise that Fox News is keeping it real on this one.

Fox News Anchor Declares Impeachment Hearing a Dud: Just ‘More Smoke’

Immediately following the conclusion of Thursday’s House impeachment inquiry hearing, Fox News viewers were greeted by anchor Neil Cavuto telling them that Republicans laid an egg and produced no new evidence against President Joe Biden.

“Where there was smoke, today we just got a lot more smoke,” Cavuto shrugged. He, of course, wasn’t the only conservative who was left disappointed by the House Oversight Committee’s lackluster performance on Thursday. Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon was livid that the committee’s chairman, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), called Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley as an expert witness, with Turley promptly admitting in his opening remarks that he didn’t believe the current evidence supports impeachment.

Republican staffers and lawmakers, meanwhile, told reporters that it was an “unmitigated disaster” that the GOP picked “witnesses that refute House Republicans’ arguments,” adding that “Comer and staff botched this bad.” Others said that it was “shocking that House Oversight would tap witnesses that don’t enforce your narrative.”

Shortly after Comer gaveled the hearing to a close, Cavuto took over his mid-afternoon Fox News broadcast and came clean with the network’s audience. “I don’t know what was achieved over these last six-plus hours,” he flatly stated.

“James Comer, the Oversight Committee chairman, said there would be presented a mountain of evidence against Mr. Biden,” Cavuto added. “But none of the expert witnesses today presented, yet, any proof for impeachment.”

Fox News Anchor Declares Impeachment Hearing a Dud: Just ‘More Smoke’

In my opinion, if the capacity is for 1,000, then the rest should be turned away. Just because migrants apply for asylum that doesn’t mean they automatically receive it. If the country doesn’t want to accept them, then that’s too bad. Go elsewhere.

Just remember, the reason a country is the way it is, is due to the people. When people come from a less fortunate country, they sometimes bring their less fortunate attitude. There will be some people who actually are different from the common mindset of that country and will be a great addition to the new country. But that’s not always the case.

When people in masses appear on your border, they’re probably bringing their problems with them into your country. For the sake of the country’s integrity, those applicants should be scrutinized.

Acceptance into a country is a privilege–not a right.

My understanding is that Germany has a very strong economy. The German people made it that way. If the masses of people from another country were capable of doing that, they would have done it in their own country.


It’s also important to mention that the country where these people come from has a failed government and isn’t working to improve it

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Unfortunately it is not that easy. Those shelters are only for new applicants. Where should those people go? If they have applied for asylum, this application has to be checked. And in the meantime they have to stay somewhere.

If you just say go elsewhere, they stay regardless and become criminal to earn enough for food or they are targeted by islamist recruiters.

If their application is accepted then they usualy will be given social housing. Apartments are a rare resource, too. Many people have to stay in their shelter.

If the application is denied, they have to return to their own country. But those countries just say no, we don’t want them back.

It is very hard to solve this and maintain our high moral standards at the same time.

Even if another EU country and member of the Dublin II agreement has already given asylum, a deportation is often not possible. In Poland and Greek refugees are treated so badly that an EU court ruled that member states are not allowed to deport to this countries. We voluntarily suspended deportations to Italy because they just have too much refugees already.

We can’t just show the finger to other EU states because our great economy is only so great because of the EU domestic market. If the EU dies our economy dies with it.


Right. It’s unfortunate, and I understand that. However, that failed government is a product of its citizenry. Those type of people produce that kind of government. They all occupy that country together. They are all to blame.

Just like Biden, Trump Obama, Bush, etc. They’re all products of the US in its totality–the good and the bad.

I’m sure it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean the new country has to break its own integrity in order to accommodate the applicants.

Don’t worry. If there’s no space, we’ll escort you and put you on the first thing smoking. Wherever you wanna go, that’s not our problem. Sorry. A country must take care of its citizens (native and naturalized), before it cares for applicants.

Well, it looks like we’re gonna have to work something out, won’t we? If their government refuses to take them back, that’s not my problem. They can stay in the airport in their home country, for all I care. But they’re not setting one foot beyond my border. Period.

If someone keeps getting caught back in the country illegally after multiple deportations, perhaps execution isn’t a bad idea.

Yeah, and Poland is a very safe country, to my understanding. There’s a reason why. They don’t tolerate any nonsense from immigrants applying to enter the country.

Isn’t a country allowed to do what’s in its best interest? If a country is so bad, and other countries keep accepting immigrants from there, then how can citizens ever make a change?

Unfortunately, they have to be forced to solve their own problems in their country. They’ll never look for a solution, if they always have the option to leave.

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