Would you rather have consistent but smaller profits or occasional big ones?

If it all amounted to the same in the end (perhaps a small profit), which would you rather have? A “stable” number of winning trades with a smaller profit or a more “volatile” series of trades but with bigger wins (and also losses)?

I feel like the former would be pretty boring but not stressful and the latter exciting but can get exhausting quickly.


this one

stability is everything

at all levels of the trading world, drawdown and risk-management are hugely more important than profit


I’d rather have both and this isn’t just an idle day-dream. If I’m using a strategy which generates entry signals which are both with-trend and counter-trend, I give the counter-trend positions a TP but no TP for the with-trend positions. This lets the positions which are more probably big winners run and accumulate and offer me opportunities to pyramid.

Naturally, throughout the life of a position, you need to monitor the chart, to make sure that what was at entry point one type of trade does not evolve into the other type.


Stable and consistent is more my style. You can keep track of the earnings and determine if your strategy is still working.


As someone who does farming this was an easy question to answer. When I plant my crops I prefer consistent smaller showers throughout the life of my crop as against one big shower every once in a while. Same principle applies here for me.


It may take a lifetime, but that is the crux of the two extremes of our investment portfolio. On the really boring side, we have our gold and silver account, and have had it for over 30 years. On the other extreme we have our crypto trading account, and although we have suffered over the past two years like most, that account is net positive, only due to our sh**coin strategy that has had one small 50X return and a larger 4X return since the crash of 2022. That is a moving story, of course, but I am watching crypto far more frequently than I have for the past 12 months.

So a bit of both really, and on a daily basis the day job provides all our “here and now” creature comforts without needing to draw down from any investments.


For every TREND trade I make, the T/P is fixed where the price action is likely to reach, and the S/L is placed in the opposite direction, mostly on a 1-1 profit/loss basis. I rely on my strategy to provide more winning trades than losing ones. Which means I can place the trade(s) and close my desktop.

Pros are obvious, cons are that I can only scalp the T/P entry, without adding to the trade. Overall, there is no emotional challenge to meet. Which is the downfall of most traders who spend hours following the charts, and who are always changing positions, mainly by letting losing trades run…


I think occasional big profit earning is an imaginary expectation so I prefer making profit on a constant basis regardless of small or big ones.

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I trade on a daily basis and try to stay satisfied with how much profit I have. As a scalper, I always try to make the best use of available opportunities.

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Agree. I’m quite a newbie but I do relate

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I think it all depends on your personality and goal of trading. I don’t want trading to be my for-ever-job, so i prefer a sudden big profit.

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I don’t skip trading actually so I don’t believe and rely on occasional big earning. All I want is professionalism.

That’s a great question, and it really depends on your trading style and risk tolerance.

Personally, I lean towards consistent but smaller profits. Here’s why: While occasional big wins can be exciting and rewarding, they often come with higher risks.

I have no problem with any of these two because ultimately gain matters regardless of how it is earned.

What if you get sudden big losses too?

Meanwhile I was only thinking of predictability lol. These two should have been what came to mind first!

I prefer consistent but smaller profits, it gives a sense that it this way things are more predictable and much safer.

I don’t take that much break from trading because taking break makes me lazy and dull.

Makes sense - it’s like it derails you and you lose your motivation.