Would you select a Bank as broker?


After 3 years, my well known Australian Broker is closing my account because I am neither living in Australia nor in New-Zealand but in Europe…Anyway It was time for a change (not successful). I do not want any Market Maker anymore. I am thinking about an ECN broker and why not a bank. Does anyone as a bank as broker. I amean a real broker with platform, etc… ? Do you have any comments ?..Any comments about the Bank/Broker Ducaskopy (Swiss)? Thank you in advance

Ooooh. :open_mouth: This is an interesting question. :thinking: Tbh, I’ve seen banks here offering this service but I never really looked into it because I was already comfortable with my own setup. :thinking: But, this thread might help you out. :open_mouth: This is from the perspective of someone who trades through a bank. :blush:

Hi Ria Rose,
Thank you for the hint. My inital motivation was to select an ECN broker. Among the list of brokers I got appeared this Swiss Bank and it would make sense for me that a Bank behaves like an ECN broker. In the discussion you forwarded, it seems that it might not be the case.

the conditions of banks are too unfavorable, so few people choose them

Re: ECN broker, see this reply: