Written or Online Trading Journal?

Which do you prefer keeping? I understand there are advantages to both and is hugely dependent on preferences. I will be starting my demo trading soon and this is just a survey. Thank you! :strawberry:

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I prefer doing it on Excel for neatness as my handwriting is awful and it would be useful to be able to read my notes on trades!

I think an online trading journal is better because you’ll be able to put more details easily. If you’re going to post it in a forum such as this, you’ll also be able to get input from other traders.

Hmmmm. :thinking: Online is much more convenient and easier to manage! :blush: BUT I do enjoy including my trade ideas in my “Things to Do” list just so I’d feel more productive. :sweat_smile:

that is really a fine answer. agree with you.

online. I can’t stress myself

Online easier for me as I’m always in front of my computer anyway :sweat_smile:

I prefer to keep a trade journal online. It is simple and effective. I can easily take notes and capture charts while working from anywhere. I don’t need to bring a notebook or a journaling document with me.

It depends upon you. If you prefer handwritten notes, you go with that. If you prefer digital ones, you can choose that. The choice is yours.
Digitally, less effort is required, as you can make tables easily and can copy-paste anything. While in written format, you need to write everything, you can’t create tables at once, or you can’t copy-paste. Otherwise, both are fine.

It’s got be what you prefer as the answer to this question

An online trading journal is preferable in my view because it enables traders to easily include relevant details, such as screenshots and charts, in their records. I enjoy taking notes on various sheets and documents.

Both have their own perks! But I prefer online trading journals as I can add links to important news, data, and trading strategies.

What’s the go-to online journal these days? Still myfxbook?

For spreadsheets, I found these here in the forums.

Previously I used mainly the offline trading journal; but right now I’m using the online based journal; because it’s easy to track & more convenient to use!

It depends. In my case, I use excel on my laptop. It is easily accessible.

MS Excel or Google Spreadsheets; you can go with any. You can also use sticky notes to keep your goals in view.