XRP Pump anyone?

Anyone holding or trading XRP?The financial markets forex/crypto/stocks are going wild lately. People have now realized their true potential when pulling together. AS such we see many pump’s in coins and stocks alike recently. XRP has rocketed the last couple of days. I myself held some XRP from .23c and sold it for double. Im currently holding longs on my trading account also looking for the big push. Who else is on the XRP ride? where is it going likely? new ATH? let me know below your thoughts


Seems like it is. Lots of potential for some decent profit i think

Not getting too excited just yet with XRP, will see how it unfolds

It’s attempted to breach 0.50 and failed to stay above that level so far.

It’d be safer to start accumulating if it falls back to 0.30.

Got back in late last year right around where you came in, $.23 I think. Still holding and will probably hold indefinitely. Lots of drama of course that needs to play out, but I didn’t put much down, so I’m okay approaching it like a lotto ticket.

The pump is in. Why, it doesn’t make sense to me. But that’s the world we’re living in.

Where are you guys selling XRP, now that Coinbase and most other US exchanges are no longer “supporting” it?

You can’t buy, sell, or trade XRP on these exchanges. You can only send it to some other venue, where XRP transactions are supported. What are those other venues?

I have a small XRP position on Coinbase, acquired before XRP trading was indefinitely suspended (on January 19). I would sell my XRP somewhere between 0.50 and its previous ATH, if I had an appropriate channel, set up in advance, to do so.

You guys who have actually sold XRP very recently – what do you recommend?

i use Kraken. i was happy that i had doubled my money so i would always take the profit.

Thanks for that info.

I agree with that strategy.

If I can set things up quickly (before the XRP price collapses), maybe I can sell at 0.68 or better, which would be 3X my 0.2246 purchase price.

I should have taken steps to prepare for a quick exit from my position, before this weekend’s spike. But, who would have anticipated what’s happened the last 3 days? I was actually expecting to hold XRP (pretty much in limbo) on Coinbase for months, waiting for some resolution to the Ripple legal problems. But now, I really think it’s time to take the money and run.

I’ll jump on the Kraken suggestion. Thanks for replying to my question.

Today’s post is more of a highlight on the risks involved in trading crypto coins and what can happen. We all saw the social media trending supposed pump of XRP on feb 1st. We got exactly that but look what happened the same day, it dumped right back down to 0.34c. Many regular traders or buyers would of been buying in near the top in fear of missing out. Classic case of what not to do. Look where price bounced right from, the collective dynamic support of the EMA’s. If you held already from below then you could of taken good profits if you were watching. Just use the classic rule of buy low and sell high, dollar average in where you can if you’re HODLing. Burt when trading look for the better entry zones. Like where we currently are. GLIYF

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Have sence even i`m out of XRP lately.

Kraken has also suspended trading of XRP as of Jan 15th.

Thats strange as i sent my XRP to them on the 30th of jan and sold it at market price and withdrew :man_shrugging:

Well Feb 1st was the day when most wanted to see XRP on the bull run. per my last post we saw that they took alot of people to the cleaners and collected all their liquidity and brough price right back down. Perfect opportunity for day traders to buy in at the cheaper price. The big fake out to the topside give us room to move into. There was two opportunities to get into the trade, either on the bounce from the EMA’s, or the close of the Doji daily candle. If you followed either then you should be heavily in profits now. Moving averages are now pointing to the sky, so if they start to spread then the uptrend can have some decent strength. Keep holding for now risk free. GLIYF

Hmmm, very strange. Looks like you slipped through the cracks. It could be geo based. Are you outside of the US perhaps?

No im based in the UK. My guess would be they have a £$ limit. maybe they allow under a certain amount or something im not sure

Across the board of crypto currencies we are seeing surges everywhere. Our trade long after the fakeout Pump has almost hit TP. We can see the spike on the current daily candle almost got there. We can see a sharp trend strength on XRP and i think we will acheive TP in the next few days. I have moved my SL into profit to secure some pips. hopefully we continue the bullish movement and reach our goal. To continue the buy’s id like to see a pullback for the next position. But will report back if we reach TP or break trend. GLIYF

That’s outside of the US last time I checked :smile:

haha sorry i thought you said out of the US lol.my bad didnt read properly

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You could try Uphold. Licensed in the US.

with all due respect Licensing doesnt mean anything these days. Look what robinhood did… its only there to protect the elite not the retail traders