£1200 to £1 million? Unlikely but I'll try

Historically, I’ve always traded in a quite risky way. This has resulted in spectacular gains and spectacular losses. I wondered what sort of steady account growth would be required to be “rich” by starting with a reasonably small amount.

I’ve been able to get 10x accounts in weeks/months in the past with just a few big winners although very questionable risk management. This got me thinking what if I could reduce my risk and have relatively small account growth, how much could I make and how quickly. So out came the excel spreadsheets…

The plan was based on a £1200 lump sum investment and then adding £100 per month, then multiplying by some factor. I figured 50% per year is achievable in the right conditions, without taking huge risks. So that would put the account at £10000 in just over 3 years having invested £4800. After that the numbers get somewhat ridiculous in going to £1 million in about 14 years, not something I expect, but that can be the target since that’s what everybody puts on here.

I won’t be making lots of trades or documenting everything, so it won’t be a high action thread. This suits me because my life is very busy with work and small children, so this is more a side project and see what can happen.

The plan for the strategy will be mixed and not necessarily forex. I will look for things that have had a large sell off for reasons other than their own fault and then try to catch the recovery. Plus potentially some SWA analysis and trades.


First trade has been live for 3 days and currently up about 6%. I’m looking for this to go well over the 50% target for the year, I think it’s very possible and the leverage used is essentially 6:1. I was hoping for more, but I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t get a margin call if there was an initial retracement and that meant leaving a lot of room to go down on my SL. TP is set at 90% - swap, so about 2:1 R:R. However I’m not convinced it will go all the way so I will re-evaluate if momentum starts to slow. The swap price is very expensive, so I won’t be making a longer term trade. I have another account doing that and might merge them together when that one reaches the target.

You can follow the progress on here, I’ll update here when there’s progress, probably in a few weeks.

The small profit is from 1 thing I was testing and a little scalp that I couldn’t resist this morning.

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Big journey! Good luck mate.

I transferred over some money from an old account that I forgot about so the deposits are up to £1500 which covers up until August with my adding £100 per month as part of the strategy.

First 2 weeks have gone well. Caught a nice breakout on the S&P this week. Entry was a little late because I’d fallen asleep, but was a nice quick move in my favour.

The longer term trade is going very well and I’ve added to it in time to catch a very nice move.

Not sure why equity is showing the same as growth on myfxbook, equity is up 15% and it’s 22% from the original deposits. Not bad for what I’d call low risk trading…

Got a few weeks of early finishes so thought I’d try some scalping trying to catch reversals and trend continuations. Unfortunately the market slowed right down just as I started, so caught a reversal and then a very arduous move forwards before I got out as it looked like a reversal pattern.

I think this scalping strategy has potential, but I’m starting out very small to get confidence whilst I see if my entry and exit timings are any good. If it looks like it’s working, then I’ll close the longer term trades and take bigger positions.

Bit of a pull back on the longer term trades today, but still well over the 10% for the month mark which is the target.

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Caught another pullback on EURUSD after the breakout upwards that I predicted. The spread is crippling me now that there’s no volume, so I’m done for the day.

Annoyingly I tried the same strategy on gold and lost because I entered too early. Never been a fan of trading gold!

I had an awful few weeks. My daughter got on the computer when I was out and clicked a load of trades that I had to close at a loss, not huge but put the account negative. Then I closed the stock trades because the swap was eating away and the next day they jumped massively. A 5% gain would have been more like 30% :frowning: Then I got frustrated and did some stupid trades that lost a little more.

Had a reset from my frustration and had a profitable but very slow day. This is a strategy that I think has a lot of potential. The actual entry was poor and supposed to be a 2 minute trade, but the way to handle a losing trade is what I’m most happy about. In the past I’d have lost this trade almost every time, but sticking to the plan (for a long time!) made it come good.

Goodluck with the challenge. 14yrs from now would be 2037.
Best of luck!

The challenge was a joke from what people on here always put. The real goal was try and see what I could achieve long term.

Good chance I’ll kill this account and switch to a ctrader one soon. Just gotta get my head around c# to remake the indicators I like

Much better week. Up 3.5% which is higher than the target. Still in a slight loss, but that loss is now entirely thanks to a toddler getting on there.

I’m finding gold a very interesting market. I always struggled because it’s so volatile, but some moving averages and growing experience of its behaviour is getting some good results.

I’ve always stayed away from ma strategies from reading so many negative opinions, now I’m trying some I find my chart reading plus 3 different ma methods are all working well together.

I have a really good strategy based on pivot points that I keep missing signals on because I’m so busy at work. I really need to code this strategy, the backtest results are incredible

Got a day off work today and a signal on the DAX using my pivot point strategy. It’s already up and stop loss is moved to break even, so it’s either a winner or no loss. It’d make a good week very good if it comes in, the position size is bigger than I’ve been using, but the strategy has such a good win rate that I thought it was worth the risk.


Last week was good, this week was very good. I’ve been expecting USD to turn for a few weeks and waiting for confirmation. This week a breakout on several charts gave me that, so I got in and added to winning positions for a big total gain. This time I got out at the ‘right’ time, so big gain on the balance. My smaller scalping trades have been doing well too. Lets hope my entry late on Friday was a good one and doesn’t undo the good results next week.

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Another very good week. Gold is overtaking the DAX as my favourite thing to trade. I find it a little easier to get in on the trends, although it is very easy with USD strength the last 2 weeks. Account growth is double the target so far. If this continues, then I won’t need to be adding the £100 a month that’s supposed to continue in August.

It won’t let me post an image today, but you can check the myfxbook link at the top for the stats. 42% up. Not bad for 8 weeks.

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It’s been over 3 months since my last update. I have taken a short position on gold with that account that I expect to be open for a long time. It has really big values for swap as well as an abundance of fundamentals that should push XAUUSD lower. It’s been a very volatile trade from up huge amounts to barely up at all. But that’s because the retracements are so big. We’re just starting a leg down, so I expect to push to a lower low in September and see this account getting somewhere near to double in size from the amount I’ve put in, but it’s all unrealised at this moment in time.

I think I should change the thread to £5500 to £1 million? Unlikely but I’ll try, then I can include my short term trade account in this. Only had the account going for 6 weeks, but had a lot of success with EURUSD, Heiken Ashi candles and a combination of adding to winning trades or cost averaging in the direction of the major trend (Daily).

Here’s my progress on that account Scalping Forex Trading System by Forex Trader chesterjohn

Today has had a good return too. Much more than I expected at the start of the slow moving day. Examples of the strategy to come


Simple version of this system described in the picture below. I’ve chosen to close the positions based on the time of day and they’re all winning at that point. You could close on the low about an hour before an be in profit too.


Here is the better version of the strategy. A lot more trades, but much more profit overall. On a normal day (non news), you can make money even if you get the direction wrong. And if you’ve gone in the direction of the large time frame trend, you’re very unlikely to not be able to keep going for a few days and win overall. It’d take a big news event against you to create a trend that moves so fast that you’re not able to make more from the wins than the one or two positions that never come into profit.


Very nice return in only six weeks! If you can averaging out on this return rate you should reach the million in no time. Sadly cost averaging is a big no no for me at the moment :slight_smile: But I am looking forward for more updates from you!


Yesterday I made 80% over two accounts daytrading over two days, the problem is keeping it as the markets are designed to take your profits, and then while your capital is exposed that also, so some new adjustments were put in place to make sure that does not happen, one of which being an auto liquidation of positions under certain conditions, it works to keep out of the markets while everyone else is exposing their capital to the whipsaws, did it’s job today.

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I have zero expectation of it returning that amount over a long period of time. This is almost all shorting EURUSD and it’s bigger movements have coincided with me having time to be online and make trades.

I mentioned earlier on that it was a joke title, but you never know. If I can keep my discipline then it’s not impossible

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Had a quiet week at work and been ill today so fair bit of activity from me. Been a very good week. Over 90% win rate and nearly 20% up once I close the last few trades.

My gold short trade is coming along nicely too. Huge swap values and big moves.

Hopefully the gold crash I’m predicting will come to fruition and I can keep the EURUSD record going. Absolutely loving this strategy. The fact that I need to keep lots of margin available means I’m not making the occasional big losses that have plagued me for years.