And so my obsession with Forex ends, my reasons

Oh for sure


Looks like you’re still around. You back to trading yet? Come on back!

@tabiuslee how do you come up with the trades? I don’t think people will blindly follow your opinion about the market without giving any reasons or explanation. I’m an algorithmic trader so I personally want something that I can translate into code and do a backtest to see the results over a period of time.

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These trades are Trending Monthly/Weekly/Daily

I go by this chart if I want manual trade on H1 and H4 chart using 14/7 red and yellow Ma crossover

My Proof Profit Strategy

Nice story! Thanks for the read.

Hello there, are you really do give training with trading?i would be interested.can you contact me with more info pl

Mason is still here, watching us. Probably a decent trader since he first posted. How are your recent trades going @Mason384?

Hello Mason

Bro @kjin I want to widely thank you for introducing me to this A W E S O M E blog-channel-podcast. I’ve learned more than in two full courses and six months of demo trading and YouTube video watching and book reading. This is by far one of the best approaches into Forex ever.

This may be considered reckless, but when I see a trend, its gotta go up or down right? Peep those support and resistance levels, theres a top and bottom, what goes up must come down. Sometimes ill hold a trade for hours… Watching my money sink lower and lower, yet, I know at some point as long as there is no market crash, itll reverse. Sometimes you gotta take that 7 dollars even though you were hoping for a thousand.

yes you are absolutely right ,forex is impossible to profit from,right ?

thats what i realized couple years ago ,and its a watershed stage for all traders.

many will stop here and go back to your comfort zone.but if you carry on,something else will happen.

the answer is ,its not forex itself cannot be winned,but your so-called "fundamental / technical analysis " keep failing you.

so what you do now ,is stop guessing around on your trade ,started to constructing your own trading system,a non-predict one , a system that base on 100% fact,only by this you will find your answer one day.

how long it will take?for me ,5 years.

I didn’t read your whole post, but I read enough that I can tell that

You’re why is not big enough.

You must have not experienced enough pain and suffering outside of Forex to stay inside Forex. It’s like Tyler Durden said to Lou when Lou was beating the hell out of Tyler trying to get him to leave. “You don’t know where I’ve been Lou! You don’t know where I’ve been! Hahahaha!”

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Fotex is a scam. I regret my wasted money ahd time. I wish I would have never heard of forex.

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its not for everyone , time precious good luck

Risk is everywhere. Everyone can give so many suggestions and tips and tricks but those who know how to avoid risk and convert it into profits are the ones who stay in the game.

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