Any thoughts on and IG

I not finished my babypip lessons but ready to open my Demo Account so that I wont forget everything I’m learning.

Any thoughts on and IG. I’m in the US and want to start out with US regulated accounts.

Hello! You’ll find reviews here about IG and

Just use the search feature if you want to read more reviews about them. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

1 Like is regulated by the CFTC and a member of the NFA in the US. We operate in highly regulated environments with strong oversight to trading practices and execution. As a market maker, we simply take the other side of the trade to complete our client transactions and do not benefit from our clients losing money. Spreads are primarily based on prices that we receive from our liquidity providers. To really see for yourself, it’s best practice to start with a demo account until you are comfortable with the platform. Our demo accounts perform almost exactly like a live account with

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These are very huge brokers bro. IG minimum deposit requirement is high and for some serious stock trading. I am a simple trader using Tenkofx and another broker as backup. You should go to elitetrader forum, there are many IG users there.

Both are reputable but maybe not so great for beginners traders with small capital. IG particularly.

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Quite reliable broker, but might not be suitable for beginner or trader looking for low costs since they need more capital and quite high with fees.
Also their spreads are good.

Tenkofx is a good option. They’ve been solid for years. Thanks for recommending.