Anyone else LOVE the Babypips School!?

I have looked into it yes. Seems to be to do with American traders. I am in the UK so no issue for me.
I appreciate the heads up.

No prob! As long as you guys over there are good

Fine for me atm. I will let you and the other forum members know if there are any issues of course.

What is there not to love, it’s one of the best organized tutorials that I’ve ever seen.

I definitely agree there.

Absolutely! It’s what I’ve been using to learn forex. Still slow going but I’m getting there. :sweat:

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Keep going my friend :slight_smile:

Right! school of pipsology stands for one of the best learning resources and simplest one.

Baby pips school is the foremost Mentor particularly for beginners level , if any newcomer can finish this school level with demo trading , there is a chance to get better result from trading.

Yes, exactly It is! I see, a number of new traders start with BabyPips School.

How did it take for you to graduate Babypips school from start to finish?

Took me a couple of weeks.

Yes, if anyone want to learn about forex trading then Babypips School of Pipsology is best and I also Learned a lot from Babypips School, its totally free

Pips school + demo or micro account = good result as a newcomer.

This forum is definitely one of the best Forex platforms.

Yes it is very useful

Love it it’s brilliant

Yes without a doubt. It has helped me and i always recommend to new traders.

lol, very good!!!