Anyone know a good EA Backtesting software?

I have been on the search for a while for a EA testing software and haven’t found anything accurate. I have tried using Tick data from Dukacopy but no accurate results when ran.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Hi and welcome, what do you mean by “accurate”? your backtest don’t match demo transactions? btw tick data suite is not dukascopy software. Regards Greg

My suggestion would be: do not trade with EAs if you do not know every details about it; you will end up losing your money.

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so how is it?

EAs can be profitable for a short period of time, the market condition is not always the same, if you already have a mentor that can tell you which EA to use and when to use each, even a person with no brain can use them, if you dont have a mentor and u are asking online about your EAs, u should not use them. does it make sense?

so will you blindly use EA because mentor say which you should use? does it make sense?

My pro trader friend who only trades the major FX pairs USD - EUR/GBP/JPY/CAD with several EAs depending on market conditions sent this message to me and all his clients Thursday last week…

I will pause all trading until July 20th. The markets have been moving based upon interest rate speculation and rumor. This is not an environment that favors us or other professional traders. Because it is simply a guess as to what Central Banks will or will not do we will take a pause and a small holiday for yours truly.

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My back tests include all events, until live trading match to back test I don’t touch anything. If your friend pause trading during events, it is his decision.

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If you trust your mentor, that that absolutely make sense. A lot of people even leave their entire account to another trader and they don’t even check that, there are also institutions that hire traders and fund them to trade for them, when that is happening and when that can be profitable, using a suggested EA does make total sense.

Would you please elaborate? how do you conclude if it does match the back test or not?!

Everyone have a choice to follow someone blindly or not, we are adult and fully responsible for mistakes, your and your funds manager.

My suggestion for you is to check the meaning of “mentor” in a dictionary.

Thank you, a master, :slight_smile: tell me, which dictionary year should I use? I am asking because I saw many “mentors” on the internet, which “mentoring” their blindly follower students until don’t have cash to subscribe. Meaning of “mentor” changing like everything, I suggest stopping continue this topic, we don’t talk about back testing software right now.

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Exactly, like the meaning of water, water used to be solid before wasnt it? BTW, based on Cambridge Mentor is:" a person with experience in a job who supports and advises someone with less experience to help them develop in their work*"

Thinking again, I agree on this part, the word “Professor” has defiantly gone through major changes.

in that case, i’m going to recommend Forex Tester 5 …

… even though i’ve never used it! i used to use one of its precursors called Forex Tester 2, a long time ago, and it was brilliant - very useful, very pleasing and very good value - and i’ve heard that the newer version is even better

users like you don’t deserve for any good trading tips.

Just one where backtest results are roughly the same as live results

If you know any that are accurate in that sense it would be good thanks

do you ask about sharing strategies where back test results are roughly the same as live results?

Not sure what you mean by sharing strategies.

But for example I have an EA in a ex4 file, and I have seen strategy tester in mt4 is not the best, what other softwares/websites are there where I can plug in the ex4 file and try different inputs and that will give a backtest result similar to what I’ll get with the live testing.
So say I plug it in and get it’ll do 5% a month, and then it actually does 5% a month ± 1-2% then that’s a good backtest

Just as right now mt4 strategy tester does not match my live results at all