Bitcoin future?

with support broken now, i think we might see a downfall till 4k or no?

Down 2% in the last hour. At 6 or 7 month lows. $4k seems too far for me. Currently at $6650.

I think so but will take a few months…

No one can own 90% of all bitcoins!

Im a long-term HODL-er mate. And even im trying to compound regularly.

Cuz this is the future mate. Well may be not all crypto currencies but a major ones. It`s only a matter of time. Did you watch the movie called “In time”? Just swap the time with crypto. :wink:

I dont think so and tbh i dont want to see such lows.

Same. Although surely you have a level you’re watching? :open_mouth:

The market is randomly swinging, can’t accurately predict something for its future.

I think a revisit to 6500 is doable

I remember posting few weeks ago that it might reach 10k and if we’re lucky, it might go 12k.

Well, would you take a look at that now? I was so so so wrong. :laughing:

Well, it could still happen next year. :smiley:

Sure but it depends from the actual situation. Now this levels are 8.5K and 7.8K.

It will for sure. :sunglasses:

Considering how bullish it is right now I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in the not so distant future. Bitcoin’s ability to rally very fast surprises me every time.

Sadly it have the same ability in opposite way too. :wink:

A huge selloff will happen at 9 or 10k probably. :sweat_smile:

Agree with you. Bitcoin has made many instant moves. Lets see what the future has got for this coin this time.

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People lately seem convinced this is the beginning of a big bull run.

I don`t think so.