Can someone help me find a broker? I live in the US

Can someone pls help me out I’m trying to find a broker so I can trade volitility 75, I live in the US. Any feedback would be great

Hello @lyverich,

There are many brokers to choose from. Please check out the topics below which may be helpful to you.

We try to stay as unbiased as possible by not recommending specific brokers. This is best for the community. But here’s our guide for choosing a broker.

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This is a frequently asked question in the forums and has been answered multiple times.

In the U.S., your choices are limited since all forex brokers must be registered as a retail foreign exchange dealer (“RFED”) and the requirements are steep.

For new traders, take a look at:

Hi. Do you know which of these three have good tax reporting support? I can’t find any tax doc info from their website. Thanks.

Fxview, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity are great options because of their market screening and charting facilities. You’ll need brokers that will allow multiple screens to be opened simultaneously so you never lose any good opportunity.

Go for these brokers like turnkey forex, IC markets, coinexx and hot forex all of them accept clients from all over the world. Have good services, low spreads, commissions and astonishing trading offers.

Do not use the services of a domestic broker. They are not in a capacity to provide the kind of trading opportunities and user-friendly benefits that an offshore broker can provide. Coinexx and Roboforex are some good examples. Coinexx is also an excellent choice for trading crypto, if ever that catches your fancy in the future.

Roboforex does not accept US clients

Offshore brokers also can’t provide clients with the customer protection that regulated brokers provide.