Coffee is life, don't you agree?

I’ve been trying to cut back on the sugar. Just a single teaspoon. Some days it works fine, other days, I just need my sugar!

I’m back on some organic medium dark beans from Costco. They’re doing the trick!

Give it to me, anytime, anyday. Always in for coffee

Interesting read on effects of coffee on metabolism and blood sugar control. Small sample, which needs more study for sure. Plus, I’d like to see the study include a group that exercises and eats healthy regularly or even intermittent fasting’s effects on sugar control after the early morning coffee…

same here :sweat_smile:

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I’ve been trying delicious Starbucks whole bean Veranda blend. Great flavor.

Also bought a bag of grounds with blueberry nd mango flavors. Should be interesting.

Part of my morning ritual! I like my calm quite time whilst enjoying the first coffee

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Back to fresh beans… Lavazza. it’s been cold in the mornings, but I have a small propane fire pit in my porch that I turn on while sitting outside with my cup. Cold, but refreshing!

That sounds very relaxing - an open fire and a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning!

Well, the polar vortex is almost upon us!

33F/.5C this morning. Just a tad too cold for my bones this morning.

I was watching footage of the snowstorms that hit Japan recently - snow drifts taller than I am! There’s not enough hot coffee in the world for that. :frowning:

I love freshly ground and brewed coffee, just one sugar with no milk

i hate coffee!

I also have it in the morning daily.

Same! Its like a wake up tonic

Crazy talk! If not coffee, what?

Perhaps you need to try different ones to find one that your palate likes.

Ooooh. :open_mouth: Interesting. Are you more into tea? Or choco? :open_mouth:

Tea lover!

Days are better with coffee.

Was close to buying something fancy this weekend. Almost pulled the trigger.

I found it on sale for much cheaper. But when faced with the price, just couldn’t click buy. One day.

Well the good news is, i have started having cold coffee these days.