Coffee is life, don't you agree?

There’s always tea. I tried it, but went back to coffee super quick.

What kind of tea did you try?

Various green teas, some earl grey, peppermint herbal, lemon herbal, black, Irish breakfast tea. Chamomile.

All sorts. They were mostly good, but nothing stuck.

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Never drunk coffee

Then you have never lived! :rofl:

I prefered white powder to coffee powder in my younger days

They all sound good. I’ve mostly drank chamomile and green tea.

I like coffee, I think it has a better taste than anything else

i like coffee very much

Better than chocolate?

Yes, better than this

I’m loving my Biohazard Coffee. Super caffeine! I just worry that when I stop drinking it, will the headaches start?

I have never heard of that brand before.

925mh of caffeine per 12 oz. Regular cup is what, 130, maybe 150mg. But, I’ve run out and was gifted some Dallmayr prodomo. German coffee. Delicious. And… No headaches! So the body is adapting.

Dallmayr didn’t last! It was delicious though. Back to some of the Lidl house coffee for a bit. Cheap and still pretty good.

I’ve got recommendations to try out an Italian coffee shop that I drive by daily but have never stepped into. Apparently their cappuccino is the best.

Hey, you will never look back! Guatemalan is my fave or Monsoon Malabar (when I get hold of it) - I drink too many a day but do love my black coffee!

Thanks for the recommendation. I don’t think I’ve had either.

Coffee with milk :slight_smile:

Cream, two sugars for me! Tried just black for a while. I just can’t.

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Frankly, when I drink coffee there’s more sugar in the cup than coffee, haha.