Coffee is life, don't you agree?

Maybe I need just a naturally sweet milk without the added sugar.

Too much? Just thinking about my Breville that I reserved. Perhaps I can spend the extra bucks and go big!

Grinder, water reservoir , milk frother. beautiful.

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yeah coffee is life actually my day starts with a cup of coffee. for me its hard to say no to coffee anytime.

No coffee yet today! (been out hiking, just back).

I’ve only had one today. Maybe the finer grinding is releasing more caffeine for me. I’ve noticed I’m drinking about a cup less recently. Not completely sold on it being because of the grind.

Anybody heard of this website?

Ummm, some really cool coffee stuff for sale. A lot of the more advanced and complex coffee and espresso machines. Mouth-watering really.

And I didn’t want to leave my tea drinking friends out to dry. I came across this article last week in my news feed. (maybe I’m a bit consumed by coffee?)

I’m not in a hurry to switch or anything, but reading over the benefits gives me some thought to maybe add a bit more tea into my life.

I cant recommend any specific beans, but I can confirm that I LIKE COFFEE :smiley:
Just one or two per morning for me…
Plus the occasional espresso martini if out on the town

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Meanwhile, I’ve successfully reduced my coffee intake to like 4 ounces/day. Now trying to go for 4 ounces per day every OTHER day! The day that I skip is when I get a bad headache. Not good!

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five cups a day

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I’m in for 8… Down from 12.

Not sure if to they’re really cups? But it’s the markings on the coffee pot… used to drink a full pot #12 and I’m down to the #8 That’s a reduction of 30% BTW!!


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We’ve got some pros in the house! Impressive! I wonder what your sleep patterns are like.

A pro, no; just coffee, coffee, coffee.

I’m usually done by 10:30 - 11:00. Nothing later than one o clock.

If I drink after 2 definitely affects my sleep. But I’ve been sleeping well as of Late.


This is a good rule - the Continentals understand this better than the British but then we’re used to horrid instant freeze-dried granules crap.

Another rule is I try to never east carbs like bread, rice or potatoes after 1pm. Before that - unlimited!

I’ve been told to avoid such foods after 6pm, isn’t 1pm a bit too early?

Not a bit. You not only avoid the heavy stuff but you must eat something after 1 and if you can only go for meat and veg or fish and veg, that’s going to be really healthy.

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I was going to say the same thing, but I guess that just preference. At a time, in my healthier days I was eating 4-5 meals a day, making sure eat a balanced meal of protein, carbs, veggies and fat, regardless of time. Helped me lose close to 10 pounds in 2 months. But it was a lot of eating.

On a coffee note, just picked this up at the local World Market - Dallmayr:

Haven’t opened it just yet. I was a bit disappointed at the coffee bean selection at World Market. Thought there would be more options to choose from, from all over the world. They mainly stocked their own branded beans.

I can’t have my coffee without sweetener and heavy cream in it, it’s too bitter for my taste. Although I love a good cup of coffee just brewed from freshly ground coffee beans, now I’m on a different diet and I try to reduce caffeine as much as I can. I don’t know how to give up on dairy though, it’s hard for me to give up on heavy cream. Any alternatives you recommend?

Why do you want to reduce caffeine?

I love drinking coffee with milk or milk powder. Love the creamy bitter taste.


I like coffee, but in moderation. Nowadays, the caffine gives me the jitters! Haha

But I have enjoyed a nice coffee after dessert.

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