Do you use any apps for trading?

Hellooo. :blush: I was just wondering, apart from the trading apps provided by your brokers, do you have any other apps that you use for trading? :smiley: Idk, maybe something like the Bloomberg app for the news or something. :thinking: I got a new phone recently and I kinda wanna maximize the memory with more trading apps. :sweat_smile:

Thank youuuuuu. :blush:


Try tradingview! I also use Yahoo finance!

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Yes, I would suggest the same.

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I like heat tracker.

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hey, I am using tradingview for technical analysis and feedly so I can curate the news

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Oooh! :open_mouth: I didn’t know TradingView had an app! That would definitely come in handy. :blush: Thank youuu. Do you trade the news? :smiley:

Oooh. Interesting. Heat tracker? :open_mouth: Is this like the Forex Heat Map on Tradingview? :thinking:

Thank youuu! :blush: Looks like Tradingview is the big one that I missed. :blush: Thanks for your suggestions guys! :smiley:

I absolutely do. The more knowledge anyone acquires, the better it always is. I deeply depend upon bloomberg, fxstreet and investing to get the latest updates and to know more about the speculated impact that the changes can have on the market and instruments.

Probably, I don’t use tradingview, don’t like the layout. I prefer Oanda.

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I’m kinda satisfied with the app offered by my broker, simply because being psychologically tough to resist the greens and endure the thought of facing a few losses is my thing. Using my phone 24*7 will in fact challenge this ‘super power’ (lol) that I have and that I don’t want.

So you’re cool with losing out on the money minting opportunities out there? Either you have a hell load of money in your account already or you’re a saint. Simply the sound of getting timely updates about new trades any time of the day excites me.

I use Fxstreet . I just love that app for both technical and fundamental analysis. You must check it out.

tradingview is kinda best for the all the latest updates

Haha nope I’m no saint nor I’m knee deep into money. That’s the difference between you and me. You might feel the urge to stay in the market all the time but what stops me is that even if it’s open, there really is no need to overtrade and invite risks.
Plus, my broker turnkey forex offers an app that comes with a user-friendly interface, personalized trading layouts, option to back test with the interactive charts, and the feature I love the most- live tradable quotes.

So I got this sense of peace that I’m all covered and I end up trading only reasonable limits when I do trade.

I use DailyFx app. Their live content is always up to date and is very useful.

That’s an interesting approach! :blush: Haha. I could see how having lots of apps to check could also take a toll on your mental health, but I just don’t like missing out on a lot of information. :sweat_smile:

Ooooh! :blush: I’ll check this out. :blush: Thanks for the reco. I’ll see if it would be a good addition to those I have now. Haha.

Yeah! :smiley: It’s been very helpful. :blush: I’m glad it got recommended to me very early on in the thread. :smiley: Haha.

I use Fxstreet and DailyFx.