EurJpy Account Journal - Live (Objective : 100% Profit for each month)

Hye there,

tHIS is Mrmacho. haha… You guys can call me macho, i know it is hard to swallow but bear with me on the macho part. This is the first time I am starting a journal of my own and I just need some place to record my progress and at the same time, i hope this journal will become an inspiration to all new traders out there to never give up on trading. Haha, though i can’t really tell the outcome myself. lol…

I am starting this account with a capital of USD 300 on early October and it shows some promise. For starters, I am trading the EURUSD pair but it took some time to gain profit, So, I changed my strategy by using a different pair and walla, it works!! Like u guys can see from the subject, i traded EURJPY pair for this account. This is a journal for my EURJPY trading. Maybe next month or in two months time i will start another journal on different pair as well.

Without further a due, Happy viewing and please guys, no harsh comment… haha… I will try to update this journal on daily basis.


My First day of trading the EURJPY pair
: 5th October 2018 :wink:

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The Following week
: On the 8th & 9th of October 2018

This maybe looks like coins to u guys but coin is still money to me… Like the proverb said, little by little, one day it will turn into a mountain of gold. haha :smile:, :wink:

Following the trend… =)
: 11th of October 2018

I like how you’re sticking with analyzing one pair. That makes a lot of sense. If you can master trading one pair, then you can do the same with all of the others. Keep it up!

think more about gaining those pips, as oppose to how much money you are making

Up next, still on the same week
: 11 & 12th October 2018

Thanks JustShell for the positive review. Appreciated it. Will improvise =)

Progressing as we speak…
:12 & 15th October 2018

On the 16th of October 2018, Finally gain 100% profit from my capital. Will continue to write this journal till the end of this month and see how much it will progress.
Profit Earned till this point is around 341 USD… Yeay… Safely hit the target.

17th of October 2018, slow movement, hardly can see any progress but still a profit is a profit no matter how small it is. =)

As of today, 18th of October 2018, the night is still young, maybe it will be fruitful before the day ends. I will update anyway.

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great stuff. What is your methodology?

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Well done for winning.

But at the very least you could post up the principles you adhered to when drawing up your strategy. And why not also post up the lessons you learned from your efforts so far?

hye diabolo, i just use simple fibo and inverse fibo for confirmation. TF that i normally used are H1 and H4,
sometimes i do filter it with m15 but usually i don’t.

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Here is the image of today’s trade. Just slightly better than yesterday.
An increment of 30 USD more or less.

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Hye Tommor,

I will probably share some of my knowledge that i have learnt in a week or two. For that purpose, I will open up a new thread.

Hello Farid

Well done! I think you’ve really stolen the show this week!
Be sure to let us all know how you do it, I’m fascinated

I am very poor at Math, I would calculate you made 133% gain
so far, if you count $300 as opening capital - but even that
is outstanding and would be pro rata 155% by end of month
which would be brilliant - and you may well surpass that

and that’s just one pair! how much could you make on
2,3 or more pairs!

Look forward to following you next week

Keep up the great work, it’s an inspiration

Hye jerome, happy to hear that from a good trader like u but i am still too far from the spotlight bro. Just making a logbook out of this thread actually but glad it can be an inspiration to other good traders out there. And as i mentioned in my previous post, i will open a new thread later on to share my thoughts on some techniques that might be useful to fellow traders here but most traders here are already awesome as it is, so i’m a bit reluctant to follow on with my ideas.huuhu… but still, let just hope that it will help. Thanks again jerome32