EURUSD Analysis (ongoing)

The pair looks very bearish to me. After making a solid bearish move in the Daily chart, it had a pullback. It found its resistance at 1.13725 and produced bearish engulfing candle. Consequently, the price has been bearish today as well. I assume the sellers may drive the price towards 1.11000 with good bearish momentum.

i am betting heavy on this bear move.

Any updates on this one bud ? The price has been going down quite a lot was shorting it last week, made some nice profits of off it.

EURUSD - 29/11/2021 - Looking at further downward momentum long term as covid lockdowns hit EUR.

I’m eying the 1.116-1.12 support of 2020 for our next target on long term with maybe a push further up to 1.14 in the short term.

Technically I’m going to be watching how the pair reacts to the long term lower trend line that was pushed through on the 15th for confirmation.

On a bullish note, Scotiabank economists have noted that December seasonal trends are usually bullish for EURUSD and that highs of 1.13-1.14 are possible as the pair appears oversold and historical data suggests strong month for euro.

I’d say that’s pretty accurate and that would not affect the overall downtrend.

Overall I’m bearish long term with ECB lagging behind in monetary policy and bullish as we recover from oversold conditions.

How do you guys feel? More downtrend to come or are we oversold?


Can`t wait for the break out.

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Can see it tapping that overhead Supply zone and heading down to 1.100 and evaluate from there

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EURUSD - 06/12/2021 - We just missed 1.14 that I called last week but overall bullish start to the week was good for gains.

Feels like the chips are stacking up against EUR at the moment with New covid variant fears, Low immunisation uptake and ECB inaction on monetary policy leading the way to macro lower trend.

USD looks much stronger with last weeks lower than expected NFP not touching the pair, DXY looking strong and tapering looking to be sped up this week all making me feel bearish.

We’re currently in consolidation after testing the 1.138 res.

The hit to 1.138 was exactly at the previous lower down trend line which is showing us that this is most likely our new upper support trend line.

Decent place to sell from and I’ll be eying up 1.12 tp with a break above the new upper trend line giving me pause for thought.

Two things to watch out for this week - FED meeting on speeding up tapering and ECB meeting on monetary policy.

How you guys feeling after seeing new res being put in?


Lovely chanels marked up, would agree this pair is still bearish for me, and possibly much lower thatn the 1.12 area. Cant see EUR finding any strength in the near future.

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The Omicron fears was useless and the results are fact.

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EURUSD - 13/12/2021 - Missed my target of 1.12 on the sells but still looking like solid downward momentum after hitting the new upper trend line at 1.135.

Anyone who saw the retest should have had a nice little scalp.

Still the same story as last week really:

  • covid surge in Europe bringing lockdowns for Christmas.
  • FED and BOE looking at policy tightening as ECB wants to ride out inflation.
  • Russian troops at Ukrainian border.
  • Nord Stream looking to be scrapped thus raising questions about Europe’s energy security.

Moving forward I’ll be watching the central banks monitory policy meeting on Wednesday with ECB meetings on Thursday being another one to gauge the markets.

All in all I’ll probably be going off the technicals and looking for sells with a 1.18 goal.

If we test the uptrend line again and we break through will have to reassess and wait for res to be found.

How you guys feeling about the new upper trend line? Anyone got any bullish ideas? :slight_smile:

Seems to be bullish again but today. I’m banking on it rising until Thursday when the news may stall it.

10/01/2022 - EURUSD weekly analysis.

Well here we are crabbing it slightly to the upside.

Technically we look like we may be gearing up for a break down from a wedge pattern with 1.135-1.136 being strong res.

I can’t see us breaking this week but sells from the said res may be profitable and setup for a break out to the lower side.

On the fundamental front:

  • FED looking to tighten tapering due to inflation.
  • ECB being conservative on monetary policy even though rising inflation.
  • Covid continues to slow down economic recovery.

If we were to think bullish we would have to see the 1.136 res broken and settled above for me to buy but with how nonplussed markets were on the low NFP data I can see a continuation to the downside for now.

How do you guys think this is playing out? Any reasons to be bullish?

my sister just made me sell, i hope it is going down. my broker says i have no more margin. am i pointing in the right direction?

24/01/2022 - EURUSD weekly analysis.

All eyes on next week’s Federal Reserve meeting as EURUSD continues to meander upwards with no real big moves.

EURUSD failed to break out to the upside and now at the lower end of the slight uptrend.

The same story continues with ECB slow on monitory policy and FOMC gearing up for Wednesday.

Main thing I’ll be looking out for is the FOMC on Wednesday, I’ll be looking out for a hawkish fed to support the dollar and hopefully see us continue down on EURUSD.

A hawkish FED might be priced in so if any tighter policies are enacted we may see a bump to USD.

Also with the current Ukrainian crisis we may see the EUR take the brunt of it which will also support the dollar (would rather not see this scenario play out).

All in all I’m looking at the sells but will be watching the FOMC outcome live for any deviations.

What are your thoughts on EURUSD? How do you think Wednesday’s FOMC meeting will pan out?

Hope you’re right, I need it to rise…

Any update after the last week blood?

and the blood this week :rage: too late for my buys

07/02/2022 - EURUSD weekly analysis.

Bit of an upset to the downtrend with previous 1.145 level being tested again, but will it push above.

It seems like a hawkish ECB has finally given the EUR a bit of a pump and this week we may see if a higher low can begin an uptrend or if this is mainly a slight upset on our way to a 1.12 EURUSD.

The FED remains more aggressive in its stance with the way better than expected NFP results coming in to quash EUR gains.

Looking to this week, unless we see more from ECB we might se the dollar comeback with Thursday CPI to really watch out for on a quiet calendar.

I’m mainly seeing if we hold here at 1.145 and looking for a test of the 1.14 to see next move.

ECB announcement may of been a wild card or a signal that the downtrend has truly run out of steam.

Where do you see us going? Are we finally out of this downtrend?


Staying out of EU for a while myself. It’s been causing me so much pain recently

The resistance looks strong at this level.