Favorite vacation destination when you're not busy analyzing charts

Everyone gets so disgusted when I tell then about the snails :joy:
Glad you tried them and enjoyed them!

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+Sintra (National Palace of Pena) Not the best photos but in internet you can find better )


Beautiful pictures!

Yeah, I’d be scared to try them. Then again, I like oysters, clams, and other shellfish. So, what could be the difference? Snails are just on land.

Through the lips, over the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!

When I was on a business trip in Korea, our partners took us to a fish market where we ate live octopuses. It was really scary

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Wait, live or raw? Eating an animal alive must be awful. There are tons of creatures in nature that do that, but I’d rather wait at least until it’s dead.

I tried sliced live octopus, some of my colleagues ate whole ones

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I don’t have my own video, didn’t feel like filming, but I found the exact place where we were

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Jeez. Part of me thinks that’s crazy. But another part of me understands that this is often how animals eat in the wild. Sometimes they kill you, then eat you; sometimes, you’re still alive.

When animals catch insects, they just bite into them and chow down. When birds catch a mouse, sometimes they just take a bite while holding it down. Damn, nature, you scary.

What would you guys prefer?

Visit 20 different cities across 10 different countries, a few days each…or visit one city in three different countries, a month at a time?


When you visit quickly, you can really see a lot of interesting things around the world. It will open your eyes to how big the world can be.

When you stay in one place and visit several times, you get to know that area and people more closely–not just the fun and exciting stuff. The longer you stay, the more you can learn the language, the customs, the cuisine, and the area. You become less of a tourist and more of a local. You won’t have to ask where the supermarket is anymore.

Once you’re comfortable with that particular area, you can start exploring farther and farther.

It’s all about preference, of course. I would like to develop a deeper knowledge of just a few places, than a little knowledge of lots of places. I’d like to visit a few places, a month at a time, repeatedly.

What’s y’all’s preference?

Acapulco Bay was very nice. Watch the cliff divers. Eat at Su Casa on the mountain side overlooking the bay through the beautiful flowers all the way down to the beach.

Aruba, Eagle Beach. Chartering a sailboat down to Venezuela.

Jamaica at an all-inclusive resort.

But I do want to visit the Canaries some day.


Major storm damage there recently.