If you were a profitable trader, what would you do?

Spot on @fyon26 :ok_hand:

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As for me, I’d probably relax once in a while. But I can’t sit on a beach and do nothing for more than a day.

I’d like to do some philanthropy. That’d be pretty cool.

I’d still be studying charts, but not as much. I’d probably limit it to one hour a day.


IMO, the only long term strategy for success is trend trading, whatever financial instrument that is available. The only major need is following price action!!!.

However, it is most important to have an account size that can invest ‘long term’ to maximise profits. The Big boys would be utilising the 200MA for weekly and monthly trade positioning.

Hence I would suggest that FX trading is best using the Daily chart as a minimum ‘investment’. You only have to look at the Daily candle price movement to understand how to sip cocktails on the retirement beach.

As a tip, follow the USD/CAD pair as I understand that there is a political.agreement of a price trend movement that both countries allow their currencies to reach without taking remedial action.


I would choose an early retirement, of course.

Based on Sartre’s idea, “People are suffering from the sin of freedom.” Except for the job or earning money, I have lots of hobbies such as taking care of stray dogs and cats, soft interior design, yoga, traveling around the world, and being with my lover.

So I choose a risky way to make my life richer, and it does! So I don’t need to overwork (sharing wisdom included), just wanna do what I want.


I’m on the same boat as you. Why continue working for money, if you have a method of earning money that only requires thinking?

If you WANT to do a particular job, then I understand. I think most people want to stay busy, and there are so many ways of doing it.

You can direct your own time (doing what you want), or you can delegate that to someone else (have a job and your boss directs your time).

For me, staying at a job where a supervisor is being annoying and I have to deal with nonsense, that doesn’t sound appealing at all. It would take time for me to find a perfect job environment that I would be willing to continuously show up to.

I’d rather do like @ShaniaLee and pursue my many interests.

Just these interests are MORE than enough to keep you busy forever. You could even just pick TWO of them, and that could be enough. Having multiple interests is a great thing.

But there are people who just don’t know what to do with themselves. No interests, no hobbies. They have no idea who they are. Perhaps not knowing who you are and what you’re interested in is a heavier burden than pursuing multiple endeavors.


Maybe share the strategy with friends and family to see if they can copy it and also be successful. Nothing better than having a team around you and why not let that be the people you spend the most time with? If they’re interested of course.

But I think financial independence will allow you to get into other things, hobbies, charities, whatever. That would be a great life!

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Is this public knowledge or some insider stuff?

It’s financial knowledge to anyone that follows fundamentals.


You make some really solid points there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Totally get where you’re coming from. Babypips has been such a valuable place for learning and getting constructive feedback.


Love that mindset! The journey never really ends. There’s always something new to discover and a smarter move to make in the market.

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I also love dogs and that’s such a heartwarming idea! Just imagine all those pups enjoying treats every time you win :heart:

Really cool idea! It’s always nice to give back.


Life’s all about enjoying the journey, and you’re certainly doing it your way.

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Yep! It’s really fulfilling to contribute to the financial success of the people we care about and be part of their journey.


I wouldn’t mind sharing it if there’s really interest in what we’re doing. I think many people aren’t made to be traders, and they’ll figure that out pretty quick.

I would travel and live in different countries for 2-3 months each. This is my ideal world, where each new stop becomes an opportunity to breathe the atmosphere of a different cultural environment, deepen language skills, witness captivating landscapes, and meet incredible people. Changing places of residence would allow me to broaden my perspective, find inspiration in the most unexpected places, and unlock new avenues for personal growth. At the same time, this lifestyle would help me maintain a keen sense of wonder and attention to the details that make each day unforgettable.


there isn’t any secret to share or not share with others. being successful in trading is all about having good knowledge , setting reasonable targets, proper risk management, controlling emotions and having a big chunk of patient. I think everything to become a good trader already exists in books,videos, places like babypips,training courses and so on.


Don’t forget your mobile workstation!

It’s funny. I just asked about that in another thread! haha

2 different vocations, same view )

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