Funding talent!

Hello everyone, I’d like to know your views on funding talent.
Is it legit or it’s a scam.

dont know but when its too beautiful , you have to be suspicious.
I mean this is like they give you the butter, the money of the butter and the ass of the woman farmer. you have to be really really suspicious. maybe you can try to “infiltrate” by asking for informations to their pro email telling that you’ll think about then going to talk in private message with some of their clients on their facebook group
make your own investigation if you are really interested but thats sound completely unreal


most names arent european within their trustpilot reviews (even more suspicious) : Funding Talent Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Thank you very much. lemme try that

Hi VictorSammy. Go through the link below

Think about it. people with talent but no capital. On the contrary, people have capital but need talent.
As such, they need to unite together. that is possible

Hello everyone, I think someone requested me to give feedback once I test out funding talent. Once again am Victor Sammy, am sorta a newbie trader compared to the rest, I started around April, 2020. I was looking for a way to raise funds for my account so I found FTMO and funding talent. Am not yet confident to do the FTMO challenge; I will try that later this year hence I joined funding talent cause they have no challenge. trading a 25K account with rules even though it’s the demo was sorta overwhelming for me but am getting the hang of it slowly. I did not make much in January cause of some issues but here is my say about Funding Talent. They are very honest, They have good customer care; anytime you have a problem or query there is a team ready to reply or handle your issue. I love the fact that I can hold trades over night since I use the H1, this year I have found some trades taking so long to hit my TP.

The pay seems small; 10% is really small for the genesis though they keep taking some funds to your live account until it reaches a certain amount that is 15K for the 100K demo you buy. That is my only issue with funding talent.
Leme try take some screen shots and attach them here for those that might have any doubts

Make sure you absolutely understand the rules and parameters before deciding to sign on with them. Ask any questions you have to the support team, and they will answer you.

I stress: Read and Understand all the Rules and Terms

People get real mad real quick when they violate a rule and lose the account.