Funding talent!

Hello everyone, I’d like to know your views on funding talent.
Is it legit or it’s a scam.

dont know but when its too beautiful , you have to be suspicious.
I mean this is like they give you the butter, the money of the butter and the ass of the woman farmer. you have to be really really suspicious. maybe you can try to “infiltrate” by asking for informations to their pro email telling that you’ll think about then going to talk in private message with some of their clients on their facebook group
make your own investigation if you are really interested but thats sound completely unreal


most names arent european within their trustpilot reviews (even more suspicious) : Funding Talent Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Thank you very much. lemme try that

Hi VictorSammy. Go through the link below

Think about it. people with talent but no capital. On the contrary, people have capital but need talent.
As such, they need to unite together. that is possible

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Hello everyone, I think someone requested me to give feedback once I test out funding talent. Once again am Victor Sammy, am sorta a newbie trader compared to the rest, I started around April, 2020. I was looking for a way to raise funds for my account so I found FTMO and funding talent. Am not yet confident to do the FTMO challenge; I will try that later this year hence I joined funding talent cause they have no challenge. trading a 25K account with rules even though it’s the demo was sorta overwhelming for me but am getting the hang of it slowly. I did not make much in January cause of some issues but here is my say about Funding Talent. They are very honest, They have good customer care; anytime you have a problem or query there is a team ready to reply or handle your issue. I love the fact that I can hold trades over night since I use the H1, this year I have found some trades taking so long to hit my TP.

The pay seems small; 10% is really small for the genesis though they keep taking some funds to your live account until it reaches a certain amount that is 15K for the 100K demo you buy. That is my only issue with funding talent.
Leme try take some screen shots and attach them here for those that might have any doubts

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Make sure you absolutely understand the rules and parameters before deciding to sign on with them. Ask any questions you have to the support team, and they will answer you.

I stress: Read and Understand all the Rules and Terms

People get real mad real quick when they violate a rule and lose the account.


It’s a SCAM

In the Ghaney Affidavit, Ghaney represented that:
a. the Company is an online pay-to-play learning platform for Members who want to play and learn about retail investing;
b. none of the Accounts contain real dollars and no funds are ever deposited or withdrawn from the Accounts;
c. Members who play within the Rules set by the Company and generate fictitious profits are paid a “Talent Bonus” which is paid from revenue generated through subscription fees;
d. the real accounts do not contain real dollars. They are also simulated accounts and there is no real trading conducted in these accounts;
e. Membersusinganytypeofaccountareneverintherealmarket;
f. Members are never provided with real money in which to trade and all trades are conducted on demo accounts offered by brokerages that the Company has chosen;
g. for a subscription fee, a Member has access to what is akin to “monopoly money” to trade with on a simulated market; and
h. there is no “profit sharing” of any proceeds from any real world trades. A member can earn credits and take a portion of those credits out as cash which is funded through subscription fees collected from other Members.”

You are ALWAYS on demo account

The more profitable traders make, the less FundingTalent makes

So why would they like profitable traders ?!:sunglasses:

It can’t be legit. I mean why would someone lend you money to let you take risks.

Does anyone else have experience with Funding Talent they could share?

FTMO is legit. I’m not sure if anyone has explained how this works but I’ll try. They’re not actually lending you real money to trade, FYI. It’s basically virtual funds as in demo accounts, so you’re essentially paper trading. The thing that most do not know is that these prop firms/companies have algorithms that copy all your trades and they make/lose profits based on them–that’s if you get to the fully-funded stage (i.e. passing the Evaluation phase) at least in FTMO, for example. I know little about FundingTalent (because I didn’t go with them ultimately–just read through their rules and details) but my cousin has been with FTMO for a year and he’s making consistent profits. Tbh though, he’s very good at what he does so I see how it works for him. They’re just looking for exceptional traders who profit consistently and don’t violate their rules. It’s not for everyone. For me, I’m just starting out and they are legit. Payout is once a month with 70% (trader)/30% (firm).

I have looked through quite a few prop firms before going with FTMO but my initial choice was Funding Talent. I decided against it because I felt it didn’t give me the best/fastest payout percentage esp with the non-Challenge option. Also, they monitor your stop loss percentages and all of that. I just wanted a bit more freedom in my trading style so that’s why I didn’t go with them.

Yes, that’s exactly why I decided to try trading with a prop firm. I felt it was a good way to make some extra cash on the side and build my account outside of my own private funds. It can’t hurt (unless you failed many times in evaluation). They (FTMO, in particular) refund you your registration fee once you pass the evaluation phase.

You need to run screaming from Funding Talent. Do you not see the legal trouble they are in , posted above?
I was in another post , singing the praises of this company when they started. Then I saw the light. WORST PROP FIRM EVER ! Misleading info. Any other prop firm will give you an account the same size as the one you were trading during you test. NOT F.T. ! If you should happen to hit the $15K profit target , with the $100K acct, you get a $15K acct,
How to start a prop Firm the F.T. way:
Get a bunch of people to hype it up that it is so easy so 1000’s of people join.
Charge more then other firms.
Have no real Live accts.
Encourage members to spend their earning on things like , Monthly fees, growing their acct by leaving the money with your firm.
Encourage people to sign up for the acct where you don’t have to pay them anything.
Ensure failure by allowing any size lots to be traded, give them 200:1 leverage, and the buying power of a $100,000 acct,
They have aadmitted they have no live accts and what little funds they do pay out are from Signups and Resets.
I’m ashamed to say they got me for $1600.
I’m with OneUp Trader and Earn2Trade and have been for months. I love them. They even tell you who the funding partners are.

Have you even read the document bro? You’re posting straight slander. I personally like FTMO but I wouldn’t come on here and make up a bold fact lie. The above document does not state they were in LEGAL trouble. Read it again. If you were a real trader you would know that securities commissions check in with brokers & prop firms all the time. If they were doing anything illegal this would have ended their company right there my dude.

Not to mention if they are considered illegal it means all prop firms are. So anyone bringing this up is saying basically all prop firms are illegal

But u wouldn’t know because u clearly didn’t READ it

FTMO HAS CONFIRMED THEY DO THE SAME THING. I got an email earlier from staff confirming not everyone is connected to a live account. All good with me as long as I get PAID

Who the heck are you talking to Jeffrey ??? I can’t see where anyone said anything bad about FTMO. And me myself just join FTMO last night. This thread is about Fund Talent. And everyone I decribe it to outside of the trading world calls it a ponzi scheme. They are the worst prop firm out there !
Next, A complaint filed by the FTC of Nova Scotia IS legal trouble.

Apparently I am talking to someone who knows nothing about Forex or the industry. No one reading this is going to take you seriously. Did you READ the document?? If you think that document is calling them a “scam” or illegal then you are saying they ALL are. None of these guys are registered except for maybe Maverick? Idk. But if you are saying the securities document is a “LEGAL issue” I have to assume you think every single prop firm is illegal. Because according to this article every single prop firm could be issued the same thing. You don’t sound very intelligent so I will leave it at this mate.

I was saying I prefer FTMO. But I have traded for both in the past. Only thing FT needs is it’s own servers then it’s number one and everyone knows it. I know we are talking about Funding Talent. I have multiple friends who trade with them too and all been paid out every time. If they were “fake” or a “ponzi scheme” I don’t think they would have made all their payouts live LMAO but bro listen you keep talkin. I could care less I’m just stating the facts. Simple.

To add. If u callin them a “ponzi scheme” then they all a Ponzi scheme. They all do the same thing. Your paying for the product and access to their ■■■■ they developed. You agree to it when you sign up. Someone like you probably didn’t read it.

Anyway you can think what you want bro. Have a good ONE.

So of all the experienced traders here on Babypips none have tried Fundingtalent and can give us some feedback on the experience be it good or bad? From what I see it’s a trader’s dream. Pay a small fee to trade their large accounts and take an 80/20 profit split.

I have been with Funding Talent for about 8 months. Great Company. Timely payouts with no issues. Customer Service is always great. I’m not sure why the above complaints, but if you haven’t traded with them, you can’t really make an opinion up. They have different types of accounts which is great. I personal have had all three of the types of accounts. I have my aggressive on hold while I’m completing the challenge. The challenge has no minimum trading days and only 8/4% for goal.

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