Gilas Trading Journal

WTH. Broke personal records yesterday. Made $1,325 for the day, $2,745 for the week. Boy was I drunk last night. My head hurts. I can barely believe it’s true. $7,495 since inception, on $3,000 capital. 250% in 1 month and 1 week.

Increasing capital to $6,000 for Monday. Let’s see what I can do with that :smiley:

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Capital now at $6,000.

Shorted the Australian index. It gapped up a lot because the elections are over, but that doesn’t change the state of their economy, the global trade disruptions and slowing down of global growth. Also a gap fill play hehehe. Cut above the day’s high.

Good morning.

I know I must sound like an old you-know-what. Maybe I am (sadly at only 53 i.e. 54 next month). But watch yourself. Biggest and only mistakes I have made in the last five years with an otherwise great system have been as a result of having loads of capital and as a result and then lulling myself into the false sense that I can do no wrong, increase trade sizes, take chances because I have so much capital, and think I can afford to make a few mistakes because I can recover. Your gains thus far have been stellar. Do not change anything. And obviously bear in mind that your % gains are going to drop when expressing them as a percentage of capital simply because you now have more in your account. Do not chase to get them to be the same as before. That is free but good advice (in my humble and jaded opinion of course).

Saw that gap. Nice. I MAY look at this trade as a double top play (mentioned this somewhere on another thread). Will see. Australia not a big payer for me though. Hogs margin for very little bang for buck. And a short trade so dividends PAYABLE as and when declared.

Anyway. Wishing you a real good week.



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Thanks for the concern and the advice. I always keep saying, people trade differently. I have found through time that much of the “wisdom” that’s accepted by most people does not apply to my mindset and how I trade. But thank you for the reminders. I have spent over two weeks deciding on whether to increase capital, and by how much, and how to adjust my rules and position sizing. Don’t worry too much about me Dale :slight_smile:

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Fits my range trading style so far. Am short 0.08. If this goes down just the 30 pips I’ll get out for something like $100.

Update: Seems like it is starting to turn my way. Fingers crossed.

Update: Still holding. Shorted FTSE as well, risk of no-deal Brexit back.
Update: Still holding. Shorted GBPJPY.

On the off chance that you have a stop misfortune set up, hard or mental then nothing to stress my companion - ride the wave.

I don’t use stop loss orders, just mental stops. Thanks for the reminder.

Positions currently up $140 in total.
Update: Closed some of my FTSE shorts for $53. Open positions currently up $147.
Update: Closed some more of my FTSE shorts. Now at $117 profit. Open positions up $145.
Update: Closed the rest of my FTSE shorts. Now at $200 profit. Open positions up $156. Feeling good today :smiley:
Update: Closed GBPJPY and a bit of AU200. Now at $280 profit. Open positions up $137.

Closed all for $413 for the day :smiley: I had targets farther out for all three positions but since it’s my first day trading $6K I figured I’m more than happy with 6.88% for 3 hours of work. Will rest for a few hours and be back for the US session. Happy pipping everyone! And thanks again @dpaterso for the concern and reminders.

Went long 2 lots Brent Crude. Initial target the high of the day. I figure it was just a gap fill move. Fingers crossed.

Update: Added on the way down. Now at 6 lots. Stuck about $180. If I hadn’t made $413 already today I’d very somewhat worried.

Had 7 lots total. Closed 5 lots. Have 2 lots left. $629 up for the day!!!

Update: Oil suddenly fell. Am still bullish. Kept adding. Now at 13 lots. will take partials soon. Stuck -$145 atm.

Closed 4 lots before going to bed. Ended the day with $761. Left with 9 lots more long, currently at -$32.

Very well. Good job keeping yourself accountable and being transparent.

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Thanks! Hoping Brent goes up today to retest yesterday’s high. I added too much size while it was going down. Should really restrain myself in those situations.

Shorted China index, Australia index, FTSE, and went long gold. Closed all for $129 today.

Still stuck in Brent longs by around $400. Hope this goes up soon. I’d be quite worried if not for the profits already booked yesterday and today.

Closed some of my Brent longs. Up $218 for the day. Still holding on to 8 lots, more or less breakeven at the moment.

Update : $279 for the day, 5 Brent longs left at more or less breakeven.

Update : $310 for the day so far. Closed some added some Brent. 6 lots long now - $47. Week to date is $1,071, 17.9%.

Seems like you are “making hay”!!



I’m not familiar with the term. Something about earning money?

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In essence it has come to mean doing a great job.


Ah. Thanks for the kind words. Still an amateur trying to make pro performance.

Ended yesterday with $378. Just made $19 now after waking up hehehe. That makes it $1,159 for the week, 19.3% for the week so far. Yesterday was a pretty difficult day for me to make money. Getting some rest today and trading later at the European session.