Hello good at forex post my tips here

Slight change Aud jpy sell Eur Aud buy

STick with the original Nzd cad buy Eur jpy sell Aud jpy sell

Hello my strategy is for sale but it’s expensive so I don’t share my methods sorry

Currently rolling in pips :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Aud jpy tp 90.928

Eur jpy tp 140.838

Nzdcad tp 0.86833

Buy Eur aud

Close Eur Aud and sell Gbp Nzd

Ah okay, thanks for sharing that.

Would you happen to have the TP for this? :blush:

Like what’s the range we’re talking about?

Today sell Nzd usd and aus usd

Close Nzd and Aud

Instead sell Eur usd and Gbp usd

Buy usd chf buy Eur Aud buy Gbp Aud

Close gbp aid keep the rest also add Aud Nzd sell Gbp chf sell Eur Gbp buy

Aud Nzd tp 1.05085

Gbp chf tp 1.13585

Usd chf tp 0.94957

Eur usd tp 1.04144

Gbp usd tp 1.20369

Focus on them 5

Sell Gbp jpy

Sell Gbp jpy again

SEll Gbp jpy

Chf jpy sell

Usd cad buy

Sell cad chf