Hello good at forex post my tips here

No problem hope your in profit :+1::wave:

Gbp usd buy and usd chf sell going really well

Eur Nzd buy from this morning going well

Eur usd buy

Tp 1.04937

Sl 1.04187

Today signals

Nzd cad sell
Cad jpy sell

Sell usd jpy close Nzd cad and cad jpy

Keep hofding usd jpy sell and buy gbp usd and buy Nzd chf and sell usd cad

Gbp usd tp 1.22494

Nzd chf tp 0.59303

Usd cad tp 1.33011

Usd jpy tp 135.892

Rolling in profit today

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Buy the pullback

It was a very good day.

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Buy Aud usd buy Aud cad

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Almost forgot to check AUD pairs. Thanks for the reminder! :smiley: Haha.

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I think we just had a liquidity grab on NZD/JPY 15M chart.

Another good day.

Good days are trending up.

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No problem :+1:

Yes was a good day Aud cad went really well

Take profit on Aud pairs everyone :+1::moneybag:

Today’s signals Eur jpy sell Aud jpy sell Nzd cad buy

Can you share your methods?