How can successful traders find investors easily?

Successful traders can trade more and more money.
How can they get investment easily?

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Skill comes from practice. :wink:

How long did you trade?

People are going to ask you if you are indeed a successful trader why would you need investors.


Please let me know how to find the one.

by asking friends and family to invest in their demonstrated, proven skills

nothing else, realistically, will come under the heading of “easily”

at various points in my trading career i’ve been directly or indirectly involved in “raising trading capital” and can offer you a few thoughts, as far as it’s possible to do so in a forum post

you may not like some of what i say (there will definitely be others here who don’t, as well - i can never recount much from my trading experiences in this forum without some people wanting to argue with it, but i can’t help that and it doesn’t change the facts!)

the bottom line, in my opinion, is that there are FOUR big, important things to be aware of, in this context

firstly, apart from informally with family/friends as mentioned above, raising capital from investors is a real minefield (at least in any Western country) because of all the (necessary, understandable) legal constraints of registration, licensing, investment promotion, etc etc, and really expert legal advice, not just from any lawyer but from a specialist, is absolutely essential

secondly, however you look at it, one way and another it’s ultimately going to rest (very reasonably and understandably!) on having an independently verified, independently audited track record of some kind - the details of that vary from country to country, from method to method, and so on, but in general the “accepted industry standard” tends to be that you need at least a two-year record showing at least several hundred trades and without ever having had a peak-to-trough drawdown bigger than 4% of the account - you might find a little bit of variance from that, but really not much (some investment sources might tolerate 5% or 6% drawdown, i suppose, but anything more than that and you can forget it; note that the drawdown is overwhelmingly more important to investors than the profit (well, you’d feel the same if you were investing risk capital, wouldn’t you?)

thirdly, these days it isn’t nearly as important as it was, because there are some (just a few!) reliable, decent, honest funding companies (they’re not prop firms, of course, though in this forum people often refer to them that way) that don’t have arduous or ridiculous conditions but are completely fair, honest, ethical, reasonable, transparent and all the rest of it - and if someone can’t trade safely and consistently enough to pass their time-unlimited evaluations, there’s no way they should be trading anyone else’s money anyway

fourthly - and perhaps the most significant and important point of all - most people have a slightly inflated impression of their own trading skills and abilities, and almost everyone who imagines that their only real problem is their inability to raise trading capital is very deeply mistaken indeed: in this context two things are for sure - (a) if someone can’t trade a tiny account safely, steadily and profitably over a few hundred trades, they sure as hell can’t trade a big one safely, steadily and profitably, and (b) other than friends and family and maybe occasional, extremely gullible people, nobody with their head screwed on the right way round is going to give money to someone trading spot forex or similar CFD’s if the person can’t demonstrate their skills by getting funding from a funding company set up for this purpose anyway

so, all in all, although i may be wrong, i can’t really see how this (or any other) forum can help such a person to raise capital

last afterthought: there’s nothing to stop anyone from “selling their tips” by using a service like “Collective2” (though i would stay well away from “Zulutrade”, myself!!), but again the principle of the independent, verified track record is going to be more or less as mentioned above, anyway, so the reality boils down to the same thing - it’s still all really about “extended proof of safety of funds”

as a politician would say, lol, those are my beliefs and principles, and if you don’t like them, i have others, too :sweat_smile:


Great quote and great advice!


Thanks for your reply.
I learned a lot.
what are some of these companies?

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two important things to be aware of, before i answer:

  1. i feel sure that most funding companies (even the few good, ethical, honest ones!) make most of their income from the “evaluation fees” of people trying, whose trading skills aren’t quite as good as they hoped, and only a minority of their income from actually funding successful traders later and taking 10-20% of their profits

  2. there’s no point at all (in my opinion) in paying for a challenge until you’ve proved to yourself on a demo account that you can probably pass it

i did a lot of detailed research and “due diligence” late last year on funding companies (for my son-in-law, who is now funded by one of them) so i’m slightly familiar with many and - i hope - not too out of date with my information

different ones suit different people - it’s all subjective!

what follows is personal opinion only

my “choices” and opinions, in order - the “top 5”

  1. TradeDay (best by far, but futures only, not spot forex, one free trial officially allowed, but additional ones available by using the trick of a different name/email address - which they actually tell people about openly, so they obviously don’t mind people using that trick)

  2. FTMO (i’ve promoted them to 2nd place because they recently abandoned their former time-limit, infinite free trials available and recommended - this is the one where my son-in-law is now funded and doing well, they are nice people and have good customer service, i think)

  3. MFF (MyForexFunds - still a time-limit but infinite free retakes offered if you’re plus, even $1 plus, at the end of the 30 days and don’t break any rules, they probably have the “easiest rules”)

  4. and 5 (equal-ish): Lux and The5%ers (no time limits)

note (a) that i have no personal experience of any of them and (b) it’s essential to read ALL the small print very carefully indeed, even with those listed above! (Lux has a maybe-weird “consistency rule” and enforces it very strictly)

good luck if you try! (i think they all have Gold available)


How about sticking with one endeavor before moving on to the next?

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You are right, but I have been sticking to my trading plan for 5 years and now I am making progress by betting consistently.
So now I want to raise fund.


you are probably the ideal “target market” for a decent funding company, then: their offerings are most suitable for people with real trading skills and without real capital

i think TradeDay (for Gold futures) or FTMO (for Gold CFD’s) might be suitable for you, from what you say - both are honest companies who have fair rules and no time-limits for their evaluations and they regularly and reliably pay out their funded traders: of this much i’m confident

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Do you think you’ll apply for a prop firm challenge?

Of course I can.
But I think it will take long time to scale up one step.

Anything that is worth waiting for takes time. Best of luck.

ftmo step 1 challenge requires targeting 1000 while keeping maximum loss at 1000.

I make 150% a year, so it will take 6-12 months to pass the step one verification.

How about you?

I have got to make $1,500 while keeping the max loss no more than $1,250. Then I have to repeat it for the next stage. As the overall cost was ÂŁ150, and if I suceed each stage I get my money back.

At my conservitive pace it could take a long time, but fortunately I am here for the challenge.

For you, best of luck.

It really takes a lot of skill and confidence to even consider the idea of trading other people’s money. :sweat_smile: I don’t think I’ll ever get there.

that’s for the $10,000 challenge, FTMO challenges are 10% target for step 1 (with 10% max loss, also)


if you make 150% a year, how will it take 6-12 months to make 10%?

seems to me that your math may be deeply flawed, here (maybe alarming, for someone wanting to raise investment capital?!) :open_mouth:

I trade 2% of the total balance every time, but if my absolute drawdown should be 10%, my bet will be only 0.1-0.2% of the total balance, which is 1-2% of that 10% maximum drawdown.
And don’t worry, my math is good.

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