How do you expect the Brexit vote to go tomorrow? DEFEATED

Pretty important day tomorrow, not just for the British. How do you think May will do? Likelihood of a deal? Are you setting up some trades in response?

Is it possible the vote gets delayed?

Nigel Farage was on TV this evening - reckons she’ll get slapped by 100+ votes !

He says - "Let it go- No deal - the country will unite behind her, but fudge it - the country will never forgive and I (Farage ) - WILL BE BACK !

This is NOT a “Brexit” vote - It’s “Remainer’s fudge” of a clear mandate !

Interesting to see how GBPUSD has been pretty bullish in a quietly confident sort of way for over a month now - WHereas EURUSD has been pretty volatile and now looks bearish !

Personally I think she may just frighten enough of the cowards into voting for her rubbish to survive - but This Country will never forgive her if she does !

My forecast - if she wins - Bearish !

If she loses ? - Bullish !

even more, probably

maybe many more

no chance at all of this

sorry mate was amending as you replied :sunglasses:

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I dunno mate - These useless parasites we pay to “Govern us” - have a way of “Bottling out” of any action which implies integrity or moral strength ! - we’ll see :wink:

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The Telegraph: Theresa May ‘will be asked to stand down’ if she suffers heavy defeat in
Brexit vote, Cabinet ministers suggest.

From on GBPUSD

Here’s a pretty good read of what could happen next. I don’t think a delay for this vote is on the table. A delay for the Brexit decision itself is possible.

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Some good analysis of where GBPUSD has been and where it could go with the vote tomorrow:

In terms of key levels to note, to the upside, a break above the 1.2930 supply zone will invite large buying pressure. To the downside, a breach of 1.2650, the lower support of the channel, will open flood gates to selling.

Here’s the real truth behind the hype ! :wink:

So what does Merkel say about it ? :wink:

Which is of course exactly what enyone with a brain instinctively knows - :rofl:

And Boris has his own say

At least he was on the correct side of the argument !

Teehee - What sort of naive children do they think we really are ?

They really don’t seem to "Get it " - do they ?

We voted OUT ! - no caveats - no “deals” - just "OUT " !

The Bank of England estimated the economic effects of the visible Brexit pathways.

Their projections are probably conservative rather than exuberant, and neither seems something the economy could not recover from within a few years.

So the larger differences between the possible options are political. The largest political impact would be if there was no Brexit - although 52% voted for Brexit, 100% of the population, including those who did not vote, expected the Government to abide by a referendum result. Failure to honour the result would damage lawful democratic governance of the UK for decades to come.

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Of course, what the BoE couldn’t be expected to model was the PM’s resignation, General Election, and entrance into No.10 of Jeremy Corbyn. I’ve a pretty good idea what the GDP growth chart would look like under those circumstances and it isn’t pretty.

To be frank,even what you suggest is to my mind preferable to the situation where MAY is allowed to renege on her duty to get us out of the EU. AND I DO regard this “Deal” of hers as her attempting to renege on that duty !

Agreed. Any new PM would run into the same issues that May has been facing (or fudging).

Corbyn is unsuited to run anything, his strength is in sniping at other people’s plans and actions. He has no original ideas or management ability. He is too old to seek a second term, so damage is somewhat capped, and would probably prove so unpopular and divisive that a return to Conservative government would surely follow if he survived the full term.

Yes I’m shorting the GBPUSD from 1.29 already in profit. But I really expect that the event will drive it at least 1.25, because the vote is extremely crucial, basically if they won’t push it through, then second referendum will be invoked.

The doom and gloom projections are definitely doom and gloom!

Some more from across the ocean on options if the deal is rejected.

That link of yours really makes you giggle !

Oh shriek :scream:

How could we possibly LIVE - "Without any detailed rules and regulations …."


Reminds me of that computer game we used to have - when one of the little “thingys” was about to explode - it stuckk its fingers in it’s ears and shook from side to side screaming “OH - NO” !

What were they called ? "Bremainers " ?? :grinning:

As I figured, the American press is only telling one side of the story, which is common for them.
I appreciate you and your mates putting some perspective on the whole thing.
Anyone in the press in UK being honest about it? The Guardian, I’m sure…:wink:

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cigarman, I’m an American and I hate our press, what’s more I think most Americans do. Whats become even worse is the non prosecution of Fake News!

I just put a little downbet on - we’ll see ! (GBPUSD) It looks as tho’ she might get a good smacked bum !

I don’t think that WILL be bad for GBP - The reverse in fact - but I think the initiall response will be down ! - We’ll see !:grinning:

Lemmings - That’s what they were called - I wish you could get them to run on new PCs - But actually very apt name for the “Remainers” imho.

Oh don’t feel too bad about US press lads - The uk - in particular the BBC - is just as bad as any of 'em ! :expressionless: