I admit it, I purchased Anton Kreil NEW 2,999 $ Forex trading cource

okay if you have it can i please get all the endogenous, exogenous, cot report spreadsheet files

Hi Torulf39

You mentioned that you could share the videos. I am new to that and would like to get a general idea if you still don’t mind.

Thank a lot!

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You haven’t discovered America first by telling us here some obvious truth regarding that matter, everybody here probably knows that it’s really not worth it even that $100 for that mastercourse everywhere possible. See my point ? Do care.

Hi jenny,

Could you send me the videos please

You are unbelievable. How many have asked for his hyped up free content here? You all sound lazy and weak. Clear up your head and put in the efforts. Invest in yourself and find your own way.


is anyone still using anton kreil’s course?