I will trade SGD 3,000 to a million

Any dates will be set as at +8 GMT.

Starting balance: SGD 3,000.
Starting date: 4 October 2022.

And yes, LIVE account, real money.

Day 1, 4 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 4,400.87.

Day 2, 5 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 5,192.47

Day 3, 6 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 8,638.90

Day 4, 7 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 9,211.59

Day 5, 10 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 9,211.59.

Day 6, 11 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 9,424.05.

Day 7, 12 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 11,009.54.

Day 8, 13 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 12,062.57.

Oh cool, live account time! Any more info on your strategy? What are you trading?

% gains and losses will only go so far with the community.


You have a dream.

Cool. Please give us daily, long-term updates.

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Day 9, 14 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 14,539.58

This is your journal so do with it what you like, but maybe you can tell us a bit more about your trading strategy and the reason for entry and exits behind some of your trades? Otherwise, these numbers mean nothing to anyone, not even you because a journal is meant to help you to look back on previous trades and learn from them.

This is just a series of accumulating numbers based on nothing.

Good luck!

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Day 10, 17 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 15,367.41

I agree. It seems cool and encouraging to see growth. But there’s no meaning behind any of it.

@PremierWealthAdviser I hope you’re not trying to bait people to contact you.

We’ve all seen it here before.

At least tell us the purpose of this thread.

Any trader psychology development?

It also doesn’t look good that you haven’t responded to anyone’s posts. Threads are meant to be social.

If you don’t want people posting, I suggest you just keep a private journal on your computer. Or even just in your own head.

By the way, PremierWealthAdvisor for a username is rather stiff. It’s a bit much, don’t you think? Might I suggest ¨SuperMoney5000¨, ¨NotRobertKiyosaki99¨, or ¨PointBreak23¨?

What about ¨DiscoDuckets69¨?

You may as well have fun while you’re here!

Day 11, 18 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 15,831.10

Day 12, 19 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 15,831.10.

Day 13, 20 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 16,202.34

Just my online journal to track my progress.

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haha, given your nick and the number, seriously, you will give the novice or noob to think that you are expert in investing.
also, if you want to keep track, cannot use excel and put the progress in?
In short, either u are show-off or you are using this as part of your scam in the future?

Not trying to burn you, but as an investor myself in FX, given 3000 to reach 15000, within 2 week is not very possible unless the risk and leverage you put in is ultra high, if that is the case, when a bps movement against you, the loss will be great but your record show no loss which lead me to wonder why, and also why u only start posting here now, where you should be earning big buck somewhere? Even BTS or CIS when they post, they did put their underlying on the web when they show the result.

from 3000 to 15k, you should be somewhere now or at least, you must be someone. And not showing off with no brain right. haha

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Then why bother sharing it online? Why not just do it on your own computer?

I just saw @AlexTong 's comment. He made a good point. Are you using high leverage? Seems dangerous, no?

Any losses? And if not, have you considered working for a firm? You could do very well with them.

You are Singaporean too? Happy to meet you face to face and show you my account. Not using some scam broker, using Pepperstone.

This is the purpose of this section, isn’t it?

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But you didn’t answer any of the questions. Anyway, I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

haha, yes, i am a Singaporean.
Anytime u ready, i am prepare to see your account on the following conditions.

  1. But the account must be a live account and not a training account. From the log in part
  2. You are not going to advertise any of your company product to me.
  3. i will not be a testimonial account even after i see it.
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  1. Yes, live account.
  2. I don’t work for any company.
  3. Yes.

Any other “conditions”?

Nothing wrong with an online journal.

1:500, which is the usual, isn’t it. Leverage doesn’t make things more or less risky, it simply amplifies the skills of the trader.

Not at the moment. Have plans, but nothing concrete at the moment.

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Day 14, 21 October 2022.
New balance: SGD 17,003.89