Indices ,Stocks, and PriceAction

Ok I lied. I ended up taking a US30 trade today. Lol.
Had a buy stop at 35,710 with TP at 35,800. Stop sat at 35,670.

nothing wrong with that! if you get in the trade let me know how much margin it costs you, just curious

It happened at open. Well right before it, was only in the trade for a few.

The chart from the US30 trade.


You don’t trade the NaS 100? I rarely do but it’s been beastinnn :rocket:

No, I was looking at quite a few different indices before. But I don’t want to spend that much time and plus opening positions across multiple indices is just too much to manage for me. Why lately I only trade the US30. Plus the trades usually happen quicker, I don’t want to be in a indices trade no more than an hour or two.

Yeah they can change so fast. And choppy as heck. Have no idea how some ppl swing trade them lol

$TSLA gapping up nicely
Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 6.17.36 AM

4hr Silver coming up to support

Opened a trade at 35620 on the US30 with TP at 35700. 1 lot, worked out for me. Yoot yoot

Nice work bro

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Same to you partner.

thanks. sucks how my smaller trades always workout but the bigger ones rarely do lol

whoaaa Indices took a hit over night

Another nasty sell-off today Fam

ALG which Indices do you trade at night? DAX? UK100?

None at the moment. But it was JPY225, AUS200, and US30.

Scaled back on trading. Not a lot of free time at the moment with getting my other business going too.

oh thats, right AU200 was the 1 I was forgetting… and nice brother! work on those multiple streams of income

Possible trade for tomorrow Fam:

Crude near 73 brother. Just put a Sell in. stop above 73.10