My Price Action Trading Strategy

Banks compete against other banks actually, and their trading desk. The same bank will even have positions that are against one another based on the trader working for the bank. But most now a days is algo trading for the big boys but there is still manual trading as well.

We as retail traders don’t actually even trade in the market. Our brokers handle our accounts we just speculate where we think the price is going. The broker either has someone on the other side of our trade or they take the other side and since most traders lose it’s usually a win for them over a series of trades.

Also why you want a regulated broker that also has a good reputation.

Good info bud. Yeah TD for USDCAD. If I trade pairs that end in USD sometimes I just buy/sell a Futures contract. No spreads and tick value is pretty badass

Gold definitely went as planned

thinking i share my setups, please if you see any flaws do let me know cus im here to learn

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XAUUSD GBPUSD US30 are my favorite pairs

Just a reminder but please 4HR charts or Daily charts, I don’t trade anything lower. So I would love to share my thoughts but I feel I do better on higher time frames.

The US30 should go in my Indice thread since that’s what that ones for, also can post 30min or whatever timeframe there. I trade the US30 on a 15min as well.

Certainly not meaning to sound rude but just trying to keep the threads organized.

I love GU too

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My charts on the pairs you mentioned


Could short once it breaks that support or wait on a reversal setup, but it’s down for the year now as well.

ALG “The Plug” lol


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Since I can’t post in Indices thread right now. Look at SP500 4hr lol

Why can’t you post there ? But looks like some support. I just took a buy on the US30. Worked out for me.

well it said you cant post more than 3 consecutive times. guess i was too lazy to edit lol. i shorted $SPY earlier, just 1 Put though, made about $60 lol… and $AMD short, made $165

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Nice ones.

I didn’t realize that was a rule.

yeah i didnt know either until it happened to me. i was like aghhh come onnn

USDSEK 4hr. Still beastin’

Trades I opened this evening. Got in late from a meeting so a little behind.



GM Fam. A lot of news for us today at 8:30 and 10am

Hey there guys, I’m going to be taking a little break from posting here in the thread. I have some other business ventures I’m wanting to start up and get going and very excited for.

I’ll still be here and please anyone feel free to post charts to get opinions or ask questions. And please feel free to ask what I think on pairs as well that you might be interested in. Not that my opinion matters lol. But hey if you feel like you need someone else to take a look more than happy to help. Just won’t have the time to do all the round up post, journal, and such right now. But I’ll still be on the forum.

Have a good holiday and thanks for the support as well.


congrats bro!! kill it. glad you’ll still be around! this thread is great

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