Indices ,Stocks, and PriceAction

The chart from the US30 trade.


You don’t trade the NaS 100? I rarely do but it’s been beastinnn :rocket:

No, I was looking at quite a few different indices before. But I don’t want to spend that much time and plus opening positions across multiple indices is just too much to manage for me. Why lately I only trade the US30. Plus the trades usually happen quicker, I don’t want to be in a indices trade no more than an hour or two.

Yeah they can change so fast. And choppy as heck. Have no idea how some ppl swing trade them lol

$TSLA gapping up nicely
Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 6.17.36 AM

4hr Silver coming up to support

Opened a trade at 35620 on the US30 with TP at 35700. 1 lot, worked out for me. Yoot yoot

Nice work bro

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Same to you partner.

thanks. sucks how my smaller trades always workout but the bigger ones rarely do lol

whoaaa Indices took a hit over night

Another nasty sell-off today Fam

ALG which Indices do you trade at night? DAX? UK100?

None at the moment. But it was JPY225, AUS200, and US30.

Scaled back on trading. Not a lot of free time at the moment with getting my other business going too.

oh thats, right AU200 was the 1 I was forgetting… and nice brother! work on those multiple streams of income

Possible trade for tomorrow Fam:

Crude near 73 brother. Just put a Sell in. stop above 73.10