Inner Circle Trader's Pro Traders Club 2012 - 2013 Series


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[B]January[/B] - [B]01/07/13 Trade Example[/B]

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[B]October Edition[/B]: [B]Overcoming Emotions[/B]

[B]November Edition[/B]: [B]Here’s My Card[/B]

Need Help With Terms Mentioned In My Work? :: [B]ICT Glossary[/B] :: Thanks Clint!

[B]GLGT[/B] :57:



[I][B]I’ve been waiting for Christmas,
and it’s almost here.
I’ve been waiting for Christmas,
Santa’s getting near.

Can’t you hear the sleigh bells ringing?
Reindeer up so high.
Can’t you hear the children singing,
As they watch the sky?[/B][/I]

On The First Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
Essentials To Market Structure - View Video

On The Second Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
Market Mapping & Trade Checklist - View Video

On The Third Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
Progressive Risk Reduction - View Video

On The Four Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
Trading Wolfe Waves - View Video

On The Fifth Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
Overcoming Emotions: Between The Profit & The Pain - View Article

On The Sixth Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
P FOREX Concepts

On The Seventh Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
MacD Trading: Reversals & Trend Continuations

On The Eighth Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
The ICT 0050 OTE Trade

On The Ninth Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
The ICT ORO Trade

On The Tenth Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
ICT On Harmonics

On The Eleventh Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
ICT Swing Trading Model

On The Twelth Day Of ForeXmas… ICT Gave To Me:
ICT’s Lead Pipe Cinch Trades

Stocking Stuffers:

Target Selection
How I Would Trade If I Just Started In Forex
Insights & Advanced Correlation In COT Studies

I appreciate your patience. Remember the “Jade…” :51:


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Couldn`t sleep.

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Can’t wait for these videos to start too :wink: the old PTC market reviews were awesome!

Really looking forward to this.

I am a great fan of every thing you do! and hope this videos will help me move forward with my trading.You are great and thank you for your patience and help…!

I hope you have less trouble this time :57:

Hope everything goes as per the plan…:57:

Ready to Fly High and high !!!

I’ve not checked the other threads for ages and today I did and saw the new thread…

Its a sign lol…

On a serious note, really looking forward to this new thread and hoping to understand the wider picture of how these concepts work and how I can benefit from them.

Man i cant wait, i was on holidays for August now i need to review all the market reviews , and gear up.

Pro club here we come.

really looking forward to that great mentor…

ICT, have been following for a few months trying to absorb the details from all your videos and put it into effect. Have to say that the inside the range video was a recent revelation for me, market structure setting a light bulb off in my mind. Feel I can now make some sense of this all and called a couple of the trades last week. Gonna start trying to demo trade the concepts and looking forward very much to becoming a trader under your mentorship and with the support of all on your threads. Thanks to all who post and to you ICT for giving us all so much of your time. Billy

Perfect timing for me as I have been demo trading.
Thanks for all that you do.

OH MY GOSH YES! :smiley: It’s not Christmas yet, is it? :wink:

15 years ago I sat through 4 years of classes at USC and I hated almost every minute of it. But, had ICT been a professor and offered his trading class, I would have stayed and gotten my PhD! haha What I’m saying is that I’m having such a great time learning this stuff with you guys and especially with ICT. It’s a blast. See you all soon.


Whoop whoop

That is something I’ve been wondering lol what happens when you unload. Thanks Michael I honestly didnt think there was a trader as generous as you out there. You’re changing lives man.

Looking forward to this very much! Regards the tweet: “share with me your expectations and what do you hope to glean from it?”, for me it has to be:

expectations: even more “smart money” insight
hope to glean from it: improvement in my consistency (although, since reviewing ICTs work for the past few months, this has improved dramatically already!)

Yeahhh…Go Go Go…