International gun laws

International friends outside of the US, how does your society deal with gun ownership and gun laws? Background checks?

What are the options for those who want to legally own firearms? I imagine farmers and people out in the country are free to do this, but is it still difficult to purchase if you’re outside of the big cities and in a more rural area?

Some people here in the US are against questions again since we’d have 2 mass shootings in under 2 weeks.


Mental health is always mentioned as the primary area to put our focus. But I wonder what are global mental health rates? We can’t be the only country with people that have these issues?

Do other countries with mental health numbers like the US also have issues with mass shootings?

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Gun control in the UK is extremely tight, especially since several mass shootings here, especially Hungerford in 1987. After Hungerford semi-automatic weapons and pump-action shotguns were made illegal.

This did not stop several further mass shootings -
Dunblane 1996 (school)
Cumbria 2010
Moss Side, Manchester 2018
Plymouth 2021

However, gun ownership in the UK has never been high. The UK has some of the lowest gun homicide and suicide rates in the world.

Gun control has not stopped the use of guns in criminality in the UK but their use is more often concerned with protecting illegal drug businesses and dealers than attacking the general public.

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Bear in mind Tom - that “gun crime” may be low in the uk - but other types fo terrorist murders are increasing as we allow more and more immigration.

Also lest we forget - between 1968 and 1998 there were TEN THOUSAND separate IRA bombings in teh uk - intended to murder British people - That is effectively one EVERY DAY for 30 years - Plus the Gun Murders and Knee-cappings and “punishment beatings” daily inflicted by these “good Christian People” - on people who basically believe in the very same God but conduct their services in English rather than Latin !


What makes us think about gun laws when a mass shooting occurs? Gun laws don’t prevent violent crimes involving guns

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Britain ended the horror of school shootings after one single massacre

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almost the entire Old Testament was written in Hebrew. But a few chapters in the prophecies of Ezra and Daniel and one verse in Jeremiah were written in a language called Aramaic.

The New Testament , however, was written in Greek . This seems strange, since you might think it would be either Hebrew or Aramaic. However, Greek was the language of scholarship during the years of the composition of the New Testament from 50 to 100 AD.

Translations Into English

With the influence of the Roman Empire, the early church adopted Latin as its official language. In 382 A.D., Pope Damasus I commissioned Jerome to produce a Latin Bible. Working from a monastery in Bethlehem, he first translated the Old Testament directly from Hebrew, reducing the possibility of errors if he had used the Septuagint. Jerome’s entire Bible, called the Vulgate because he used the common speech of the time, came out about 402 A.D.

ודא שאתה עושה מחקר משלך לפני שאתה סומך על Falstaff

It seems the gun lobby in the US are more worried about the risk of the unlawful oppression of the entire population of the US than the unlawful killing of isolated and innocent pockets of people in the US.

No debate that fundamental and complicated is likely to be resolved by a simple and narrow piece of law which bans something. There are bigger questions for America in this debate than how to stop school attacks.


Wouldn’t some gun laws stop some violent crimes? I mean you wouldn’t know if it worked until time has passed and you look at the stats.

I don’t have an answer. But a fix needs to start somewhere.

Do they know where the guns are coming from? Somebody buying them legally and then selling them illegally? Or maybe from outside the country?

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That is and always Was the entire intention of the second amendment put in place by some very wise old white men to protect the populus of the entire country in perpetuity !

Anyone who digs into the actual background of the individual shooters will find a lot of common ground comprising (often) a single parent mother and consistent lack of empathy / encouragement throughout their (often) brief lives. Have you seen the backgroun d documentary of teh “Dunblane” guy ?

Often they take out their own mother - (or mother substitute) at some point during the process - but since the background often discloses difficult things for “Society” / Government to answer - the universal response is One of secrecy and silence unless like the young boy a few days ago they can scream “White male supremacy”

The real issue is the demonisation of masculine values and rejection of some people from society because they simply do not “Fit in” to a pre-ordained value system of “Polite society”

The issue is quite closely related to this thread ;

What surprises me the most is not that a few men decide to commit suicide in this way - but that so few do decide to “take a piece of society with them” !

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I understand a mass of unlisted guns has arrived in the UK since the collapse of the Soviet bloc in eastern Europe. They arrive mostly singly or in small numbers in vehicles using cross-Channel ferry or vehicle train routes through the Channel Tunnel. It seems a large percentage are from former military and police/security stocks but its hard to assess what proportion.

A smaller number arrive direct via delivery after purchase on the dark web.

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I don’t follow. What masculine values would prevent what is happening?

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That is Not what I said ! - I said

“The demonisation of masculine values”

If you care to take a look at Transactional Analysis (as expounded by Eric Berne)

"An otherwise good and loviong mother - frustrated at her infant child only has to say about 3 times in anger

“You’ll end up in prison - you will”

At an early age and the Child - being a good obedient child - will subconsciously work to fulfill his mother’s expectation - There are literally millions of cases - a friend of mine said to her daughter - “Don’t do as I did don’t get married and pregnant at 19”

The Girl was a good girl and obeyed her mother’s every word - getting pregnant and then married at 18 :smiley:

Every person reading this will be able to furnish their own examples.

The Jesuit “educators” used to say

“Give me the child until it is 7 and I will give you the man” !

All of these young boys have been through a whole lifetime of being persecuted simply because of their sex - and every boy at school who actually behaves like a boy will be punished, excluded and / or drugged into passivity - until they learn to “behave” as a “good little girl”.

I cite 2 vids you could watch - but there are many - 1 is “Red Pill” - Cassie Jaye (but you will have to pay a dollar or two - the other is this one

"Response to Jordan Peterson's comments on MGTOW - YouTube

After which Peterson stated that one of his regrets was his reference to MGTOW as “weasels”

Mate I cannot explain to you in a few words - although here is another of my threads which shows the abolute futility of any man - particularly a white man attempting to gain recognition in life through the essentially masculine values of competence and self-reliance !

"Why we need more female academics - What is happening in our Universities

Mate I cannot answer your question in one post - but go looking for “Red-Pill” and MGTOW - you’ll find all you need to know - or even read some of my other threads - like the two I have linked to here.

Finally a Quote from Douglas Murray

"You cannot go on indefinitely making war on white men without expecting some sort of a kickback "!

Interesting tho’ why you all seem so devastated and fired up by the murder of a few children by boys when your own Government is actively seeking to legalise teh murder fo millions of children annually by women ?

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People who want to commit a crime with a gun tend to get them by buying them illegally from the street. I don’t know how you can stop that process.

That would be the main source of illegally obtained guns.

Most people assume these gun lobbyists want to prevent the government from taking your guns. They would be wrong because the government is not trying to take away your right to own a gun; lobbyists are pushing to get as many guns in the hands of the people with the fewest restrictions.


  • Federal laws to maximize the spread of guns pushed by NRA lobbyists

  • Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which gives gun makers immunity from lawsuits

  • Tiahrt Amendments

  1. Prohibits using evidence of a gun dealer’s link to guns used in a crime to revoke licensing

  2. Prohibits FBI from retaining records of gun buyers who pass background checks beyond 24 hours


  • Works to defeat any law that would make it harder for criminals to get guns, including laws that would:
  1. Stop gun trafficking

  2. Close gun show, private sale, and online loopholes.

  • After making sure criminals are armed, they use fear tactics to convince citizens they need guns for safety because criminals have guns. This is the difference between U.S. gun laws of those other developed countries ― ours maximize gun-industry sales and theirs maximize public safety.


The NRA creates and disseminates ongoing disinformation that gun owners take as gospel, such as:

  • “Any federal gun law will lead to government confiscation.” Implying that no gun safety laws should ever be passed.

  • “Law-abiding citizens never break the law.” Every criminal was once a law-abiding citizen.

  • “The problem is mental illness (or gangs)—not guns." Other developed countries have gangs and mental illness but they don’t have gun-violence epidemics.

  • “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” Approximately 300 law enforcement officers (good guys) are shot or killed by guns each year according to the National Gun Violence Archive.


According to the recent figures from ProPublica:

  • The NRA has 920 employees and total revenues of $367 million, according to their 2016 tax filing.

  • Other pro-gun groups have considerable resources. According to the last available tax filings, in 2016 the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) had $43 million in revenues and 57 employees, Gun Owners of America (GOA) in 2017 had $2.3 million in revenues and 15 employees, and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) in 2015 had $4.1 million in revenues and 14 employees. The combined resources of the NRA and these groups equal $418 million in revenues and 1,006 employees.

  • Gun-violence prevention groups have far less resources. According to the last available tax filings, in 2016 Everytown for Gun Safety had $39 million in revenue and 184 employees, in 2016 the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence had $6.1 million in revenue and 38 employees, and Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence had $1.4 million of revenue and 63 employees. Combined, the groups have approximately $46.5 million and approximately 285 employees.

  • The NRA funds pro-gun candidates’ campaigns, including $100 million spent to help Donald Trump get elected president.


Laws that are passed on a state-by-state basis that:

  • Legalize concealed and open carry of guns
  • Allow guns in bars and other sensitive places
  • Expand Stand-Your-Ground laws that allow trespassers to be shot without penalty
  • Outlaw gun-free zones


The NRA quashed proven scientific information that shows:

  • The effects on public health by the NRA mirror how the tobacco industry suppressed links between smoking and cancer for decades.

  • Physicians are being stopped from inquiring about the presence of guns in the homes of vulnerable patients.

  • There are 14,500 gun homicides a year and 89,000 non-fatal gun injuries a year––an enormous attack on public health yet the NRA blocks any laws that would stop it. Compare this response to the 2018 e coli outbreak from romaine lettuce: there were only 62 cases resulting in 25 hospitalizations and no deaths, and yet, to stop it the lettuce was removed immediately from shelves across the nation to protect public health.

You can see from the above that American government does not serve the people, but is sold out to the highest bidder

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That’s right in the UK also.

I suspect that the vast majority of mass shootings have been carried out -

  • not in the course of a robbery
  • not by a violent professional criminal
  • using lawfully obtained registered weapons

The phenomenon of mass killings needs to be better explored before going down the cul de sac of gun regulation to stop mass school shootings. Otherwise the risk is just switching from mass shootings to mass stabbings and from school attacks to mall attacks.


I agree

You may not be able to stop these types of mass shootings due to the reasons you mentioned.

In relying on others to tell them how to think and behave, the American people have allowed themselves to be misled by this guy and many others.

Tucker Carlson Cooks Up Absurd New Scapegoat For Texas School Massacre

Tucker Carlson suggested that coronavirus pandemic lockdowns ― not guns ― were to blame for recent mass shootings in the U.S.

Point proven

Trump doubles down on his ‘longtime commitment’ to speak at an NRA convention after deadly Texas school shooting: ‘America needs real solutions and real leadership in this moment’

NRA Bans Firearms During Donald Trump’s Speech at Texas Event

On a strategic level, I hope Americans are not encouraged to think that stronger government legislation and enforcement departments and bureaucracy will eliminate the issues of violence in US society.

As examples of how the US state manages things it gets deeply involved in the healthcare, education, immigration and taxation systems should be notable examples. On top of which it seems that a large slice of the US population distrust their own law enforcement, national security and the military / defence industry partnership.

More government like these isn’t going to make for progress.

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