Is forex a lonely business?

So it can be quite lonely because of the attention and concentration you need to be profitable? :thinking:

Definitely! :blush: Might as well have consistent scheduled meetups to make sure you don’t get lonely. :smiley:

That makes sense. :blush: There are still a lot of other options even if traders don’t necessarily have to stay in an office. :smiley:

That’s great to hear! :blush: I think that makes you perfectly suited for trading. :smiley:

It is, depending on, what you understand by “selling access to the algorithm”. Do you mean access to source code like mql4/mql5 or selling trading signals? Regards Greg

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Honestly I don’t see where the loneliness comes, forex is the most engaging market ever especially for short term traders.

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That’s the reality; during my analysis time I also need such a calm environment!

Super sorry for the confusion! :sweat_smile: I just got the impression that what was being offered was something like a robot or signals. :open_mouth:

That’s a great way of looking at it! :blush: But I guess different people could require different levels of engagement and interactions, which could somehow lead to the loneliness. :open_mouth:

Absolutely! On the other hand, I am enjoying my life because of financial freedom!

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Lonely, but that’s why you get trading buddies or you join a community just like this.

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I never felt trading is a lonely business. There are so many great forums like these which are always up for trading discussions. Actually helping me more with trading strategies.

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Since you’re a one man army in this, it can feel overwhelming at times. But it comes with its own perks.

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Usually losses make a trader lonely. So try to trade in group because it will add advantage to your earning.

Oh wow. :blush: That’s good to hear! :smiley: I don’t think I’ve interacted much with you, but I hope we could also get to know each other more! Are you a full-time trader? :smiley:

True. :blush: I’ve never really felt lonely while trading cause I’m usually excited to share or just talk about it with others here. :smiley:

I like the metaphor! Hahaha. :smiley: Definitely agree!

That is great! I like to do the same.

Are you active in other trading forums apart from this one? :smiley: Or do you have irl friends to talk to? :smiley:

Forex isn’t a lonely business. Every after a period of time, traders have to evaluate themselves for further development by fixing the issues.