Is forex really worth it

Nailed it. For me, it is totally worth it.

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It is 100% worth it man. This has changed my life.

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Best question I have asked and received an answer to: how do I know I am improving?

Answer: you are losing less and less.

In situations like this it’s good to ask, is the trader really born or is the trader made?

It’s all about learning. Learning new skills are never a waste of time. Keep going and learn as if you’ll live forever :slight_smile:

Are you looking for advice how to communicate your intention to trade to your family or a strategy to make money from Forex? Well, I need to say that both answers you will have to find for yourself. There is no overnight success, you need to be dedicated to achieve it

Frankly, if you are dedicated enough; then surely you’ll success here but the point is; there is no fixed answer like; after 3 years or 5 years you will be successful.

who is mrs last night?

Forex can very easily consume ( and ruin) other aspects of your life.

If you let it.

You can very easily slip in to a situation where the the time and money invested does not justify the returns.

In the beginning, and probably for a while, you could earn more working a minimum pay job.You could also be in a better position by doing nothing if you account for the inevitable losses from trading. There is no guarantee you will make money

Bare this in mind, because it can creep up on you. Before you know it, other aspects of your life have turned to -----.

If you are the sort that likes this type of thing, then you will do it regardless.

Good luck.


i was just talking about my wife mate.

thank you for your response profit. you also posed something to think about. thanks.

Forex is a job you need to learn and master it.

It requires your time.

But have in mind that you have limited time in your life and at the end what you leave behind you will understand that is was not worth time you could spent with your loved ones.

But we all seek something we could improve our lives.

I can suggest to spare defined time per day, 1hour, and other time spend with your family. This way you all will be satisfied with agreement and you will be together most of the day time.

It is crucial that you understand it will take time to master Forex and to be profitable.

Never invest your savings into Forex you cannot lose. You will regret later on because you will lose them for sure at the beginning. Talk with you wife and let her know you are saying good bye to that money.

If you become good trader you will have profit from it and you wall will be satisfied with invested money.

Forex is like school. You invest some money to get out with some knowlwdge. Later on it can become great investment but sometimes it can only be a great lesson learned.

I am still thinking you can some part time living and even full time, but it’s not guaranteed in any way or form. It’s good that you invested time in learning curves, it’s worth it anyway. Now you can go up and start trading a bit. Some success will give you future confidence.

It’s starting to work out for me too

It reminds me to some Judo Partners in the Dojo- some train 3 times a week and after one or more years they are not better in competition, some (like me) train as well and collect medailles in competion.B ut those guys who never collect medailles keep on practicing it, because they just like it. It’s the same on Forex Trading: some like doing analyzing and know the difference between indicators, but in overall scenario there remains no Profit. They don’t care and are not frustrated and keep on doing it because they like the activity. So better they draw lines and fans than hanging around doing stupid things.

lots of people defiantly make a second income from it