Is there anyone who has been vaccinated here?

COVID wasn’t an issue here until we let returned travellers in from the Sub-Continent carrying faked Virus results. Our incompetent public service then let it escape from Hotel Quarantine (twice!!) and the rest is history… Delta had arrived…

The Federal Government and most of the States (begrudgingly) have agreed to only remove restrictions once we have a minimum of 70% fully vaccinated… And authorities are offering cash incentives, vouchers, all kinds of unprecedented coercion to get as many as possible to yield to the jab.

The number of double jab indoctrinated is around 37%… And increasing at around 0.5% per day, so roughly another 66 days before we reach the elusive 70%. (~12th November)

Now back to reality… The first say 40-50% that will be vaccinated are the elderly, compromised and those that don’t research what medical information they are prescribed… The remaining 20-30% will be the hesitant and/or the fit that are prepared to confront this Virus and risk the 99.4% survival rate.

The vaccination rate will gradually decline (just as the US has at ~50%), so the 66 days is nothing more than a bureaucratic pipe dream…

Australia will still have massive restrictions through Xmas 2021… If Governments and Health Authorities continue to operate in their distorted reality.

We have had many reports of blood Clots, Injuries (Bell’s Palsy etc) and quite a few deaths from the AZ vaccines, so hesitancy against the AZ Vaccine is playing on many that wish to be vaccinated.

We may see a sudden change in official rhetoric from 18th September… Watch this space!

Surprise, Surprise… Australia’s Database of Adverse Event Notification has been down for over a week now after Adverse Medical Event reporting crashed the site…

Coincidentally coinciding with the massive surge in vaccination numbers… F’king Unbeliveable…

Even tried to link this information to a YouTube channel via the comments section over 5 times…

Only to see it censored off each and every time… A link to an official Australian Government site???

Cannot make this stuff up…


So… You were thinking of visiting Australia… Think Again!!

Welcome to Hotel Quarantine in Victoria 2021…

“You go crazy being all alone. Is this really necessary. I myself had 9 negative tests before being denied to quarantine at home and I am vaccinated… Why ?”

“What is the price of Victorians mental health ? does anyone actually care ? This guy is threatened to be gassed by authorities if he doesn’t calm down ?? WTF !”

Danny Hayes - aka Million Dollar Bogan


The absolute Hypocrisy of the REAL costs of COVID in Australia

These formula’s would no doubt could be applied to most westernised nations…


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Lighten up man - you see conspiracy everywhere.

Start a thread and you will find you can post to your heart’s content - discourse is programmed re the 3 post thing.

And while I’m here put this in your pipe and smoke it:

Right now in Belfast City Hospital ICU there are 7 people battling covid, in their 20’s up to early 60’s.
6 of them are unvaccinated while one is fully jabbed. Even a muppet like me can understand that vaccination is currently the only way out.

Dr George Gardiner, consultant, commented “without the vaccine we would have been on our knees weeks ago,”

Covid-19: Nisra records highest weekly death toll since February

Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificates of 53 people, up to last Friday 27 August.

“That is 10 more than the previous week, and the highest weekly death toll recorded by the government statistics agency Nisra since the end of February. The agency’s total death toll now stands at 3,182.”

The Department of Health’s total number of deaths for the same date, based on a positive test result being recorded, was 2,340.

People aged 75 and over account for more than three-quarters of all Covid-19 related registered deaths (75.9%) between 19 March 2020 and 27 August 2021.

Highly Vaccinated Ireland… Yet the deaths continue to set new records in the land of the Leprechaun…

These vaccines where supposed to improve hospital admissions and deaths… But…(See Below)

Vaccinations commenced around the 12th of January. And strangely the death toll increased, even with the lock-down restrictions… And New Cases have been on the up and up ever since…

@peterma, Just how are those vaccines working out for ya… Pete?


Which definition of vaccinated are they using?

0 shot = unvaccinated
1 shot = unvaccinated
2 shots under two weeks ago = unvaccinated
2 shots over six months ago = unvaccinated

You can’t make this sh*t up, it’s like an episode of Fawlty Towers. I trust them about as far as I can throw them.


The people in ICU couldn’t throw anything much right now and as far as trust goes think I’d choose the hospital over some madcap conspiracy room any day.

I’m prepared to admit you might one day be proven to have been right to have had suspicions concerning the covid vaccine. Anything is possible. But that’s not to admit you are right at this time.

I owe you some explanation. On this sort of issue, I follow strict rules similar to what I learned in a scientific education and experienced later in the English courts as a witness. Firstly, conclusions must be based on reliable data. Secondly, its almost inevitable in science that not all scientists will unanimously draw the same conclusions from the same data - and where there is a divergence I go with the majority group. Thirdly, in an expert field, the witness who is not a competent and recognised expert in that field, may not even get into the witness box.

So @tommor, back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s even 70’s you would have been a smoker… No questions asked… Everyone including Governments and medical experts of the day, some on the payroll of the tobacco giants, the majority group said it was completely safe…

How did that go for the tens of millions that died of heart or lung issues over the next 5 decades.

The data is out there… Do some real research and see the results in the highest vaccinated nations…

Lets just use the UK as an example… Just shy of 80% fully vaccinated (89% 1 Shot) and yet 1,000,000+ new infections, 25,000+ Hospital Admissions and 2800+ Deaths each month!!

These numbers are growing… You cannot tell me these vaccines are working as they were designed… The performance is so poor that now constant Booster shots will be required to maintain efficacy at all.

Most under 40’s are being coerced into being vaccinated only because they want their freedom… Not the fear of dying from a virus that has a 99.3% survival rate… FFS Poor diet, heart disease and cancer are more of a threat to most.

Citizens the world over have sleepwalked themselves into a dystopian future. Governments have turned our lust for high tech against us… Authorities can impose their will on us every time we require access via QR Technology… Traveling abroad… Behind on your Taxes, unpaid fines… An opportunity to intercept you and ensure you cough up!

Conspiracy Theory? Just like QR based access to society was only 12 months ago…


What do you think of the NHS tender for £3.2 billion in blood clot medication, over a 3 year period for England only, when normally they spend £66 million over 3 years for the whole UK?

Sure as hell can’t be a surge in Long-haul flights… Air Travel is at an historic all time low…

Looks like someone knows something that @tommor,@peterma have just no idea?

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Back in the 40’s and earlier I might or might not have smoked but I would definitely not have worried before the 50’s about the cancer risk. But by the 60’s and 70’s the link was well evidenced and accepted by the medical establishment. I would have gone along with what they said as per my own personal guidelines on suchlike.

The contract period is up to a max of 41 months up to a total value of almost 3.2 bn.

Way back in May 20 NHS England made a decision to move all patients on blood thinner Warfarin over to a DOAC - they made that decision public plus their reasons for doing so.

Not much point in planning without supplies - don’t invest in Warfarin any time soon.

As for students question as to the unvaccinated in ICU, the single patient had 2 jabs, this happens and is known a ‘breakthrough’, would I focus solely on this patient going forward or take account of it and behave accordingly being aware of the other 6.

A little common sense perhaps…

As for boosters - it’s no big deal, I’ve been getting flu boosters this past 10 years - I’d hoped that it might reverse the aging process as a side effect - still awaiting the results on that but thankfully no flu.

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I’m not taking the vaccine. If others want it, fine.

But I don’t want it. Any reason I give is debateable, so I won’t bother explaining. The bottom line is that’s where I stand—I don’t want it.

Now, people are being forced out of their jobs if they don’t get the vaccine.

I’ll fight for as long as I can. After that, they’ll have to fire me. If I say I don’t want it, I don’t want it.


There is an interesting development with Pfizer now developing a patentable variation of Ivermectin after the abject failure of the vaccine. Because it is based on existing safe and effective drugs with a long track record of human use it will not have to go through the rigorous safety testing typical for a new drug which will expedite the process of bringing it to market.


Links to actual news article or data to confirm… Otherwise this can only be taken as your usual BS!

As far back as late July the CDC was acknowledging the sharp increase in breakthrough cases in vaccinated populaces. Just as @Student05 demonstrated in a previous post…

CDC was not aware of any breakthrough cases…
CDC is now looking into rare breakthrough cases…

CDC now warning the vaccinated to protect against breakthrough cases

The “fake it till you make it” technique… Just like these vaccines are appearing to be.

And yet inhaled tobacco is to this day still maiming and/or killing millions each year, and the product is still available without the need to display any health related QR code???

It’s never about your safety, the science or community health… It’s about an opportunity to control.

And rightly so… Your body… Your Choice… NOT Your body… Their Choice.

I read about this, a few weeks ago… This is one of the major indicators that all is not well when big Pharma, Governments and Heath Authorities are continually discrediting and have completely sidelined tested and proven Therapeutic measure’s to combat this virus…

In the years to come this sinister strategy will prove to have caused millions more deaths than would otherwise have happened.


Around the same time as Ancell Keys Then !


I can only point back to my previous comments.

With regards tobacco usage, I’m not sure what your point is. I only maintain that something is not worth worrying about until you have valid evidence that it proves harm. Once the evidence is there I have no problem with a proportionate response.

Lazy - a very common quote from conspiracy theorists is ‘do your own research’ - even the flat earthers use it.

You are in finance so stuff like this is easy to know, but I’ll help - date of publication was May 27th 2020 and publications approval 001559.

Now let’s look at pfizer’s stock and check was yesterday just a Turnaround Tuesday or is it more.


I have opened a new thread (Which can be found here) for those that wish to discuss COVID, vaccines and the politics around this pandemic… No 5G, Magnetism or Satanist Elite… Intelligent conversations and hopefully more Data backed facts…

And no… It’s not to confirm which Wiggles or Marvel Band-aids you got after your last shot…

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Almost everybody at this point even though it doesn’t work

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