Is there anyone who has been vaccinated here?

I’m sure this is correct and this by-product of covid won’t be going away even if an instant cure for covid was discovered tomorrow. City centres and what we call the high street are going to change very fast.

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Sick of constant knee jerk restrictions & lockdowns by incompetent State and Federal Governments.

The natives are getting a bit restless…

1000’s protesting in both Sydney and Melbourne…


What is it now, one in their 90s and two in their 80s? Man I miss the days when people lived forever, it only seemed like a year ago we could get on a plane without fear of catching a cold.

I’m also beginning to think universal suffrage was a bad idea, Australia has truly lost the plot.


Indeed we have… The media is relentless in taring and feathering anyone that flies in the face of their narrative… Perfect example was when the lamestream media originally reported on the protests in Sydney and Melbourne they report only a few hundred were protesting…

Once the public had hit social media with pics and videos of the shear size of the crowds they had to quickly update to 1000’s of people attending these rallies, not the first time they have tried this tactic.

Never let facts get in the way of the BS you’re trying to report…


In Australia, the average age of those whose deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 is 86 years.

In Australia United Nations Population Division data puts the estimated Australian life expectancy at 83.94 years, while OECD data cites a life expectancy of 82.8 years… In other words, people dying with COVID in Australia are living 2-3 years longer than average.

Well, that justifies depriving people of their most basic freedoms and causing a national mental health crisis,doesn’t it? That’s a perfectly valid reason to trigger a marked increase in anxiety, depression and suicidal behaviour among children, teens and young adults, isn’t it?

Let’s sacrifice our future generations for a virus that is allowing elderly people to live past the national average life expectancy! What a wonderfully sound health policy for Australia!

What a truly grotesque agenda.


"… This is probably the most depressing book I have ever read. If even half of it is true, then it just makes me despair of humanity, from our misguided scientists who say whatever they are paid to say, to the way our politicians misquote and manipulate the facts depending on whose paying them to our incredibly manipulative media who drag us up and down the emotional roller coasters further confusing the issues and inflating the panic even more. Ultimately, it is the ordinary people who end up paying the price, emotionally, intellectually and of course financially. A truly depressing insight into the workings of the human race. …"

One of the most informative and realistic tomes I have ever read - but mine is quite old - I am ordering the uodated version.

The section on “Satanic Child abuse” in the UK and USA is - I think - quite informative with regard to the principles of much of teh BS we are constantly bombarded with;

Birefly some geezer in the US who was a “psychologist” - wrote about one of his clients who “disclosed” childhood Satanic child abuse - under his prompting (He actually quite fancied this “client” ) So All sorts of Social Workers latched on to his book and “found evidence” in both USA and UK of similar. Children were taken from their parents and those parent put in prison. Fields were torn up looking for these fictional bodies - It really was quite worrying at the time - for those of us with small children ! - The worldf went mad for a year or so !

Eventually as we would expect it turned out to be BS - But many of those children were never returned and parents stayed in Jail for a long time.

The main finding is that certain people who had no real ability, became “Instant Experts” and spouted their garbage with authority and conviction - the media made them instant “Celebrities” and they liked it ! Politicians" being somewhat limited in intellect - just followed like sheep to show they were “Ding something” - as they did in all these scares - I’m not explaining well - I highly recommend reading the whole thing and we can see how

Here’s a “Rumpole” episode which actually explains how it works rather well !

Not best quality upload - but well worth the effort


Hey @Falstaff, that book looks like a good read…

Although there’s a few here wouldn’t even be able to read a book like this even with the lights left on…

It’s the same way the early rulers used the Church via religion to kept the God fearing folk under control from the dark ages until the 1800’s… FEAR…

From the early Kings & Queens of the realm… Don’t do as we say, you will be ostracised from the church and society and sent on your way… Then around the 1200’s the Inquisitions began…

Anyone that didn’t believe in the Church or challenged the ruling class was framed of a crime, then horrendously tortured until they either confessed or died…

A confession was prefered as the accused could be marched out in front of the populus and parrot the righteousness of the Clergy, Inquisitors and the Monarchy… Nearly 600 years of terror and bloodshed insured in populations right across europe…

A few modern day Governments would salivate at this concept…

As much as we’d like to believe things have changed from those dark times… the concept of keeping populations marching to the same drum is FEAR… Mind control that is still in use today.


I’ve given this a Like and I have little good to say about organised current religions. I certainly do not believe in gods or any after-life.

However, shared religious beliefs just might be responsible for the development of human society and the avoidance of our extinction through tribal conflict. It seems that there have been superstitious / spiritual / religious belief systems in existence since the Neanderthals 150,000 years ago. It appears that similar religious beliefs spanned considerable areas. My possibly optimistic, possibly naive conclusion from this is that common religious beliefs may have helped human society become human civilisation.

So maybe I have to think that religion might have been great for a lot of people (who are now dead), but it is BS for me.


Check out this bombshell video… NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian was vocally insisting the vaccines are Safe & Effective and urging people to go get their shot…

Then 5 mins later NSW Health bureaucrat Dr Jeremy McAnulty took to the microphone…

Now listen to what he says, especially at the 1:56 mark…

Of 141 people in NSW hospitals “with COVID” at present (43 in intensive care, 18 on ventilators).
All but two were fully vaccinated, another had received their first dose of the vaccine.

Or to put it another way, 99% of those currently hospitalized in NSW with COVID-19 have been vaccinated!

As usual people, no disingenuous, baseless opinions…Just cold hard facts and data…


Is there any word on contributing co-morbidities with the recently hospitalized? Prior to the ‘vaccine’ rollout every single hospitalization was someone with one or more serious illnesses. It would be interesting to see if that is still the case or if ‘vaccination’ is now a co-morbidity, especially with the large number of younger patients.

Government officials are still deliberately obfuscating the fact that the vast majority of ‘cases’ are simply a positive test with zero or extremely mild symptoms and deliberately ignore the extremely low risk to healthy people.


Hey @Student05, no, they play the figures and co-morbidity details close to their heartless chests…. Unless it’s say a 38 year old that died due to COVID…. Then it gets splashed across every media and social outlet they can find…. Obviously to scaremonger the young into rushing out and get jabbed…

Never mind the 25 under 40’s that died due to other possibly preventable illnesses like cancer, emphysema or morbid obesity, 5 that committed suicide and 3 or 4 that died in motor vehicle accidents in the last 48 hours…. They are of no consequence to this selfish regime and their band of mindless, petrified morons….


More interesting developments around PCR testing, and the CDC cooking the books on fully vaxxed catching covid.


I think you might be conflating what government departments are reporting and what the media want to report. A government which is loosening restrictions will of course emphasise to the media the reducing statistics, whatever they might be: vice versa for a government that is tightening restrictions.

What the media want to do is report big dramatic numbers - its a much better headline to report 50,000 of something than 5 of something. Doesn’t matter to them what the “somethings” were or how the numbers were collected. The media’s main concern is to compete with other media.


@tommor, you’ll have to read my post again… I’m not conflating any information… Nothing but facts.
And nothing to do with the governments numbers… I have never disputed either the UK’s or Australia’s COVID Statistics… Just the timing…

Since this latest outbreak of the Delta Variant in NSW (Australia) the reporting of any information on those infected, hospitalised or dying of COVID has been so selective it has to be seen to be believed…

We found out yesterday (shown in a previous post) that 99% of those hospitalised are double vaccinated! And most are admitted just for observation… Great way to bump up the numbers.

Australia has had 10 deaths in this latest wave… the first time we have been into double figures in 2021… Nearly impossible to find details on age, sex with no disclosure if comorbidities involved.

3 have been over 70, 4 over 80 and 2 over 90… And one 38 year old Brazilian National…

The 9 over 70 hardly got a mention in the press… Everyone is now aware that this virus is dangerous to the aged and infirm… So this doesn’t have the scare factor and no details are released under the guise of respecting families privacy.

The 38 year old had her details splashed across every major media news coverage and about 3 days worth of articles in our national Newspapers…

“Quick, you young people go get the jab or you’ll die too from this wicked, wicked virus…”

The constant vaccine propaganda is just staggering…


Now, on a positive note… The UK new case number is plummeting fast… as fast as the infection rate increased from early May to July 19…

The admissions and deaths are still increasing albeit slowly. Allowing for the lag from infection to symptoms this is understandable and should continue to climb over the next 7-14 days.

And before all the Circus Performers rush into the Big Top, juggling fiction & facts and with tales of illusion including vaccination rollout successes… The most significant change in the UK over the last 7 days has been the opening up and return to normality…

The young people haven’t suddenly up and disappeared stopping the spread of this contagion and the UK vaccination rates has only increased by roughly 5% in the last 30 days… Think about it?

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All noted - but - I seem to have cocked up my reply - I was actually answering Student05’s post that you replied to. I clicked to reply to your reply rather than his post. Sorry.

3 Days after her death was announced… It just goes on and on and on and on and on…

Another article (8) … right on que… You can read the lamestream media like a book…

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the death on Sunday and extended her condolences to the woman’s family.

“I hope this unfortunate case will be a wake-up call for those who still have any doubt about the need to get the jab,” she said She cautioned young people could fall victim to the “cruel disease”.

“If anybody thinks this is a disease just affecting older people, please think again,” she said.

Meanwhile back at the ranch… Two more Sydney residents – both aged in their 80s – died with Covid-19 on Monday, taking the death toll of NSW’s Delta outbreak to 10.

Cannot make this stuff up!!


What is happening ? My YouTube feed is absolutely full of videos that would normally be censored. Has their censorship algo broken or is the truth finally winning ? :+1:

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Over 750 new cases in my state in the last 24 hours. Positivity rate almost to 5%.

Only the terminally simple are denying that vaccine adverse reactions are rare and uncommon events.

Follow this link to see the human carnage that these vaccines are causing… COVID Vaccine Data

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A display of the blistering hypocrisy and catastrophic economics of this pandemic…

How a selfish Minority has destroyed the future for the hapless Majorities


Good Website for the undecided -