Issues with other posters

Just fine so far! Plenty of snow and great skiing conditions.

But what constitutes “paradise” is, I think, an individual matter! :slight_smile: With temperatures starting to drop below -15C it is time to think about digging out those undignified “long johns” …(but don’t worry, I won’t post a picture of that! :smiley: )


Ok… so the statement “Manxx” underneath my changed Username" was just a fallacy…so to put it into point form…

• Conversation was supposed to be a private one…and was opened up after said comments…not splashed in public. Nice one James… Class act… Confidence to PM me…respect hits new lows…

• Thread from the other night was moderated quickly, after which you disappeared for a number of days. The mods will know what they removed from the thread, I didn’t get a chance to screenshot it.

As for proof I have none… there were other members on that thread who may have seen it, it’s up to them to come forward. I know what was said and who said it…so will you.

• The change of username mid conversation in original thread (Nov 17), made me suspicious, but nothing was said until what I saw last week.

• There is no way to verify that a new Username has been altered without a reference of some description as you have confirmed in the posts above.

• You have justified the fact that you changed your name via request to Moderators which having seen the post I fully acknowledge and I apologize for the accusation without proof at hand.

I have also read some threads from Sept 2017 where all you boys had the riot act read to you by both long time members and moderators alike…some of you boys apparently have form…

"Wow, you agree with Tacita and Quickly and LaughingCharlie. How original. Oh wait, you do it in every post you’ve made, since you’ve joined. When was that, August 21st. And Tacita, August 29th. Yet you and Tacita know that things have been bad for years? That’s rich. You guys are like the 4 musketeers , always together, kicking up a storm. What are you, sitting in the same room?

And @anon46773462, maybe they don’t want to go anywhere because they know they wouldn’t last under somebody else’s thumb. Look at the feedback threads since the new site launched. It’s the same group of people, same story each time. Complaint. Make demands. Fan the flames. Bash. Repeat." .

And… no…that’s it…

Opened it up to Manxx, Laughing Boy, Bob etc you goose…

I have nothing to hide in the thread… but the transcript makes you look like a sook…

You really need to grow up - you’re getting boring.

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No, that is incorrect, it was not a fallacy. You just failed to notice it while it was still there. The fact that you did not see it does not mean it was not there (and indeed why should you have noticed such an unimportant detail). It has just been removed along with the Username when it reverted to my original name “Manxx”. Wouldn’t be much sense in now reading “MANXX - manxx” now would it?

In fact, @Trendswithbenefits the reason why I removed my posts on that thread that you refer above was actually purely to get out of your way and give you space as you had gone onto discussing your personal method using PSARS that I had no input for, therefore it was better to remove my stuff as it was no longer relevant. So are you now complaining about me not posting as well as posting? If you open those deleted posts, is there anything there that is in any way offensive, critical of others or in any way manipulating people by use of multiple accounts?)

There are many threads (including my own thread!!) that contain quotes still showing @Simple_Simon even after my name was reverted because it is not automatically changed in quotes. These are clear in their context that they refer to me and causes no-one else any problems apart from you. There are several others who have changed their names along the way - are you also accusing them of being Sock puppets?

It is strange how you seem to be one of those who most often criticises people and not content - and, it seems, your preferred medium is behind the scenes PMs to others. Good that this has come to light here. ( I did not post the link to the entire PM thread - I only posted your direct, slanderous accusation against me, named personally in a PM to someone else - who knows how many other people you have sent such PMs to about others , so it is good to clear the air here)

Now do you have any further “proof” that I am a sock puppet or can we agree that is not the case and move on?

Or does anyone else have a complaint to raise here?

See here’s the thing Manxx… Not at all…

I’ve never found you offensive… you are the most cultured of the group…

Absolutely not true…I’ll post some samples below of what I cop before I retaliate Manxx…

Are you quoting me as saying this? I don’t recall…

We can all find “samples” of pretty much anything. Like your reference to one post apparently “proving” I am a devious sock puppet.

Here is one example:

This thread was started by two sock puppets who were identified by a number of posters, but you came in with:

Later, the managment confirmed that it was indeed a sock puppet set up…

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Opps’ you missed Bobs grand entrance into the thread…

The conversation was between Tommor and the OP, and crashing in comes Bob…

Anyway Bob’s been shown the error of his ways and posts have improved dramatically…

Oh, i see. So you are saying this to me?

If that is a compliment then thank you! (I won’t ask you which “me” you are referring too! :wink::wink: ) :smiley:

…and so did you! Bob has already admitted his tendencies for such and shown his warnings about it. As it happens the OP was a scam

Can you please confirm are you still calling me a sock puppet? or has that been resolved now?

That was follow-up, This was my grand entrance

We, as a community should not in any form tolerate or entertain marketing threads. We have to call them out for what they are so the robot elders can initiate their “processes”.

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Got to read above…its all there…

“And @anon46773462, maybe they don’t want to go anywhere because they know they wouldn’t last under somebody else’s thumb” courtesy of 3FX

My only issue is the same transgression you were accused of last year (not by me) mothering the brood.

Anyway… enough… I have requested this thread be removed… who knows…

So are you including me in with this “group” “gang” or “pack” or whatever else, or which of these quotes is the case? I am getting very confused what it is about me that you are actually complaining about…or are there more general , widespread, forum etiquette, protocol regulatory, issues here that we should pass on to? If so, then would it be beneficial to everyone to address them here?

It’s not my comment…but to explain it… the poster wasn’t including you then either. Just lets say your protecting them from themselves… I wasn’t even involved in the thread in Sept 2017… but history repeats…

I haven’t been here all that long, and even I know that Manxx changed his username to Simple Simon and back again to Manxx.

Any suggestion or implication that there was any kind of “deception” involved in doing so is completely ridiculous.

I’ve also been repeatedly attacked by Trendswithbenefits and think that he’s a malicious troll with no legitimate business being here, and that he should be removed.

It’s a shame when one or two people like this are allowed to irritate a whole succession of other members (who then all gradually leave) just because they make the forum so unpleasant.

In the long run, I don’t believe that accommodating people like Trendswithbenefits can be in the forum’s own long-term business interests, either.


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Yeah right, the victim card… you were causing trouble before I was here… Sept 2017

You were annoying moderators and veteran posters 4 months ago…history repeats…

So am I understanding this right? You are using someone else’s post that didn’t include me, to accuse me of being in the “gang”? and insinuating that I will be doing “it” again since “history repeats”= Or have I misunderstood something here?

Interestingly, that thread also contained two posters that were later deleted for being sock puppets. Their posts now appear as “Anon” and a ref number.

As far as I can see in that thread my own posts attempted to be solely conciliatory and constructive, for example:

It’s the second time you have asked this question… Your name is in their post… they are talking to you…

Once again…It’s not my comment…but to explain it… the poster wasn’t including you then either. Just lets say your posts are protecting them from themselves… I wasn’t even involved in the thread in Sept 2017… but history repeats…[quote=“Manxx, post:36, topic:131660”]

Interestingly, that thread also contained two posters that were later deleted for being sock puppets. Their posts now appear as “Anon” and a ref number.
Yes very, and not aimed at you…

Just to say I’ve had no issues whatsoever with Bob since this exchange, which was courteous and more a difference of opinion in how to deal with hustlers like Samih.

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i agree, IT SHOULD be like that
a lot of things in life SHOULD BE a certain way, hehe
but they are not
but it doesn’t change the fact that we would like it to be like this

what is said in PM is said there for a certain reason
IN MY OPINION ALONE , I BELIEVE sometimes things should come out into the public, other times they are best left in PM

from around December when i popped on here after a VERY VERY LONG break.
after all the whinging i saw and complaining, it was obvious that sooner or later something or someone was going to give
sort of like bitcoin if you will hehe

the way i see it
things like this are not good for the progression of the forum, Nor are they healthy for a person’s mentality.

i’ll stop typing now ok, because i’ve said what i had to say and i promised to keep my comments to a minimum