Journey of a Trader

A simple diagram for all those traders here that feel like they have been putting in the ground work and effort but aren’t yet reaping the results. Hang in there…

The reward to effort ratio at the start can seem exhausting but eventually the tides swing the other way…

To those that are just starting and are hoping for an easy way to double your money with little effort… the odds are greatly against you so don’t bet the farm on it.


Thank you so much. It will help all the new traders to me heir decisions correctly.


I think this is spot on.

You can spend an age wandering in the foothills of the learning curve.

Eventually things do get better.

You stop losing so much.

You stop the boom bust cycle of your equity curve.

You realise you just have to accept losses are part of trading, rather than avoiding them by over analysis, indicatoritis, following gurus, and finding that one infallible system.

You start to enjoy your trading. You start to feel comfortable with what you have

You stop talking to your friends about the markets

You stop telling them how trading is different than gambling

You start following the fundamentals - even though you may never trade fundamentally

You think you have sussed it all, but you still have one or two hills before the peak.

Eventually you ‘arrive’ and wonder why the hell it took so long!!



Perfectly said!

If you can manage risk long enough to stick it out, it becomes hard not to learn and get better and eventually things start to compound.

95% of people lose in Forex trading. Because they have no discipline in their trade. They do uncontrolled trading after greed. Emotion trading damages their forex life. This thing is more noticeable among beginner traders. A trader’s journey can be very sweet if he follows money management and risk management with his trading strategy.

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Exactly! That’s right.

A nice little motivational graph for all hard working traders out there. And I agree with you, persistence is very critical in trading.


That’s a good way to present it. Nice!

Thank you so much… the graph idea is helpful

What an interpretation!

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The graph has covered almost everything about the traders journey.

You have to learn through hard work. Knowledge must be applied to maintain consistency.

Its like a roller coaster.

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Indeed it is , the reality of forex trading. :smiley:

A great graph. Applicable to many other spheres of learning as well.

Yeah linear it certainly is not! Kind of reminds me of a graph depictiing the learning of an instrument.

I read a quote once too that said, someone who’s consistent will always beat another talented but inconsistent person. Just show up and do the work! :muscle:

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A great piece of information indeed! It is surely going to help a lot of new traders with their trades.

The journey is full of ups and downs, but the end is all worth it if one works hard to achieve his goals.

The right trader’s journey:
1 Decide what type of trader you want to be
2 Choose a trading strategy
3 Trading Tools
4 Expand your knowledge
5 Trading for a living