Kiss principle trading

MAR 25 2022 UK
Closed a few losing trades, had to quickly reversed
The market has been going up for quite some time with strong overbought signals in the RSI
Divergences in the 4H and some 1H up trend breaks with BTLs… So we are shorting most

NOTE: Based on opening I am not entering these trades

I have closed most of the trades above at some minor losses. I will be closing UJ and GU first thing

We will focus on Selling AJ, GJ & UJ this Monday, hope to get the right price…

Happy trading

Open Positions
Sorry folks I didn’t get a chance to post my LONGs


THU Mar 31, 2022
LONG USD/JPY: Closed at +1%
Sorry folks didn’t have a chance to post this trade but if it is meant to work thereis still time although I am almost at b/e point

SHORT USD/JPY: closed at about 5% profits :slight_smile:


FRI 1/4/22 AM
Ok, we had a few losses and wins and our current only open position is already Free-rolling with paper profits of +3%. Our target is been adjusted to the last High (Day/4H) as shown

Below the current trade chart, open position and 31/3/22 results…

PS: The investment for the current position was 1.8% (Rather than opening multiple correlated trades I opened all in the USD/JPY)

Using the $200K starting bank (14/3/22) a 1.8% equates to $3,600 and currently we are up $6K

Overall however our locked in equity is still at the $226k level (lucky 13% which we haven’t yet cracked since 14/3) :cry:

TUE 5 APR 2022
A nice catch on the Aussie although late but still we managed to get into Free rolling mode… :slight_smile:
We also open a Long Position on the Japan 225 cash index

Great approach even today!

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THU 7, APR 2022
14/3/22 to date: +19% locked in ($38k/$200k)
Due to a couple of overbets I am still grasping the +25% I wanted to achieve within 4-wks (month), but I still have until 13/4/22… :pray: The challenge afterwards is to keep it up! :pray: After the 13/4 I will collect some summary data, R:R, W% etc


We got +5% on our AUDUSD trade even thout we entered a bit late! The AJ had given me a signal but I missed it whilst the AU didn’t give us a signal until the RBA break out. Nevertheless a nice ride :sunglasses:

The Jap was a -0.5% loss, and about the same for combo crude and oil. Every now and then I try the indices or commodities. I was also playing with cryptos but the spread is just too big compare to our loved currencies !

Currently I have locked in 2.5% in the open positions and we were lucky when our stop got missed by just a few pips (UJ). The picture shows my new stop which I just moved now (after the big spike).

Attached the pos and charts

THU 7, APR 2022
POSITIONS: Well I just tot my stops hit (perhaps prematureLy, but still with profits Already locked in as mentioned above (+5%) :sunglasses:


FRI 8, APR 2022
I made a few minor tests of going short against a very strong up trend, I do this when there is a trend line break in case I catch a big reversal, only costing me about 1% all up so thats good compare to the potential for profits.

COPPER: I don’t like it, and Copper doesn’t like me or simply put “I don’t have a profitable strategy for this commodity” :disappointed: So removed it from my watch list.

We jumped back in on the last pull back. Still at a total of about 1.5-2% risk (combined).

Wait and see…

Had to close the above longs
Currently Short Japan225 but waiting for confirmation to short the AUDJPY, GBPJPY & USDJPY
The AUD has already broken the most recent up trend line but it has not rally to a Fib 62% or even the 38% so I can’t trade this short as yet…

WEEK 11TH APR 2022:
At this stage my plan is to buy EUR/USD and GBP/USD Double Bottoms formed in the 4H Chart
This is one of my strategies. At this stage I will start with 1% on each, however once a 1H Chart has formed a “Back of Trend Line Swing” to confirm this possible reversal then I will seek to add to this positions.

On the other hand, we have to wait for AUD/USD to potentially form a Gartley (p226 of The Gartley’s book), not the “Bat” or any of the more complex “Gartleys” taught everywhere…
I seem to be the only one that refers to “The Gartley” in the way I do…unless I am wrong of course.

Anyway, once the break of the last 1H high occurs, we wait for a retracement to “D” which should fall in a Fib level 62% or 79% (latter is the most likely at the beginnig of a possible reversal)

Wait and see

MON 11APR22:

POSITIONS UPDATE: +14% (14/3-11/4 am)
We had a few losses, but keeping it at the minimum whilst still making some good profits…
However, we have stalled so the current up trend in the JPYs could get us pass the 25% hopefully before 13/11…If not, I am happy with whatever % profits I achieve.

I closed all the USDs, I will wait for the extra confirmation before attempting to catch the reversal again…

We also missed a nice BTLS on the EURJPY, and since GBP, USD, and EUR are heading north atm, I am making a small 0.5% play on the Aussie hoping it will follow suit…,