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Hi all, in this year, I decided to show my portfolio results, new strategies, recalculated money management, so I think there is good time :slight_smile:

I am using EA’s and statistical advantage in trading, so portfolio has been created from 9 automatic strategies, 6 x EUR/USD, 2 x GBP/JPY and 1 x GBP/USD. I will publish results in every week :slightly_smiling_face: .

Today, publishing first week of trading this portfolio.


Hey, good luck Greg. You can count on me to follow and ask the occasional dumb question :wink:

All the best dude!

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No problem :wink: backtest from last 15 years looks promise, all strategies has been verified, so it is high probability to get positive results in this year, I have also backup strategies “just in case” :wink:

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Ooooh. :blush: Good luck Greg! :smiley: I’ll definitely drop by every now and then to keep on cheering for you! Haha. :smiley: Do you have any particular objective or goal for this journal? :blush:

yes, basically I want to show that good backtest and verified strategies, patience, custom money management and sticking to the plan, when combined, they can bring benefits in the long term.

I would like to also show backtest results which I mentioned before but mt4 platform has a problem with money management calculating in backtest, maybe I will make tests in MT5 platform via other broker.


Week 2, Losses were made up, the first new peak on the capital curve was made :slightly_smiling_face:

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This week ends in little loss, overall still positive :slightly_smiling_face:

Week 4-th, new high on capital curve, it is high probability to close month positive :slight_smile:

As previously announced, I present the results of historical tests of my MT4 strategies. For technical reasons, the test was performed on data from the last 5 years, money management was changed from a fixed amount to a fixed size. Of course, this changes the profit curve, but to illustrate the rules I follow, it is enough.

Today it publishes the results of strategy number 9000001, and I will publish more in the near future.

Regards Greg

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My second strategy on EUR USD H1 time frame, 9000006.

This strategy is available for free here.

This week was good :slight_smile:

Last week was bad for my portfolio, all my profit has been deleted, but trading is not one week profit or loss. Backtest from last 15 years and exhausting test my strategies give me a peace :slight_smile:

Is this your EA? Which strategy are you using?

My results show that back tests work much better than forward tests. Especially in Forex right now, where the market is completely different to what it was before Covid struck.

I have a portfolio of strategies. Backtest are always better than current trading (demo or live ) on the market, it is normal.

2 steps forward, one step back. That is Forex, if you’re fortunate enough.

Good luck!

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Portfolio didn’t recover, big chance to close month in loss.

Last action on East Europe, make new high on my portfolio curve, all lost has been covered. Download free strategy which is a part of this portfolio.

Weeks end in loss, but it is first week, new month.

Little recover, so far so good.

New high on capital curve.

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