My journal - Greg Pawlak

Hi all, in this year, I decided to show my portfolio results, new strategies, recalculated money management, so I think there is good time :slight_smile:

I am using EA’s and statistical advantage in trading, so portfolio has been created from 9 automatic strategies, 6 x EUR/USD, 2 x GBP/JPY and 1 x GBP/USD. I will publish results in every week :slightly_smiling_face: .

Today, publishing first week of trading this portfolio.


Hey, good luck Greg. You can count on me to follow and ask the occasional dumb question :wink:

All the best dude!

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No problem :wink: backtest from last 15 years looks promise, all strategies has been verified, so it is high probability to get positive results in this year, I have also backup strategies “just in case” :wink:

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Ooooh. :blush: Good luck Greg! :smiley: I’ll definitely drop by every now and then to keep on cheering for you! Haha. :smiley: Do you have any particular objective or goal for this journal? :blush:

yes, basically I want to show that good backtest and verified strategies, patience, custom money management and sticking to the plan, when combined, they can bring benefits in the long term.

I would like to also show backtest results which I mentioned before but mt4 platform has a problem with money management calculating in backtest, maybe I will make tests in MT5 platform via other broker.

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Week 2, Losses were made up, the first new peak on the capital curve was made :slightly_smiling_face:

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This week ends in little loss, overall still positive :slightly_smiling_face:

Week 4-th, new high on capital curve, it is high probability to close month positive :slight_smile: