My trading journal with FXOpen

Good morning world, today cloudly in my round place, the sun little sunny covered by clod, maybe the rainfall today, like as yesterday. No problem with rainfall, its blessing for farmers.

I am back to my mt4 trading platform now and making a summary for yesterday trading I open buy USDJPY instant order and pending order, the price then down and activated my pending order, luckily the price then went up and I am decided to close one order and let one another remain active till now still in floating, and I put stop loss here.

Meanwhile, my ea also open buy order yesterday, and till now still floating loss, expected the price will rise again, but if drop hence stops loss ready to bear.

Good morning world, sunny day, the sky is so clear, quiet hot around my place.

Today I come back again to my trading journal, I just want to write a little journey trading, still use FXOpen platform trading, its available Metatrader 4 and 5, web trader, and TickTrader, but I am using MT4 trading platform because I like it and support account.

Yesterday my ea open sell order and now already closed, meanwhile I am trying to trade on silver, first-order gets profit I use pending order, but second trade gets loss using market order buy when I see the price soaring high, I am too late in exit point and the price rebound and hit stop loss. Besides I am also putting pending order buy limit on USDJPY, this order is now already active and in profit floating.

Good morning world, I come back again to my trading journal, yesterday I have no time to visit here because on busy days, but one advantage forex, we can use automatic trading to work, but yes the risk remains involved in forex trading, its consequence trading in the forex market, where we cant control the market but trying to follow the market.

Summary trading yesterday, I get a good profit on Silver, the price soaring high and obtained good profit, on other hand, my EA open buy and because the price is decline, hence I am decided to close in a loss position, but still higher profit from silver in accumulation balance increase.

Now I am trying to put pending order buy limit on Silver or XAGUSD in near price and set tight stop loss below the candle pattern, I am trying to control my risk.

What the lesson I take from these experiences, is about entry and exit points, too large target profit is hard to achieve and will disturb emotion, so as we can possible to exit on one wave price movement.

Good morning world, Monday morning, the forex market already open like as usual.

On Friday trading, still hard to increase profit and get loss in SIlver, meanwhile my ea not yet open any new entry.

Monday market usually the market still hard to analyze, the trend unclear, and I am only trying to relly on my ea, but now the ea also not yet open new entries.

Good morning world, wish me to luck every day

I will to tell the story from my yesterday’s trading right now.
Yesterday my ea open two order, first its open buy at 1.13305, then price drops and ea open new order buy with increasing lot size, at the price 1.1962, and eventually both order closed at the price 1.13226, overall the end result still profit.

Beside trade use ea, I am also try ti manual trade yesterday, I am interesting to GBPJPY because the price already on resistance zone then I am open sell, yes,end order I closed sell on profit and trying to out new pending order sell limit.

But in the running time, I see the trend seems to continue to drops, eventually, I am open market order because of fear of missing our, but what happened, now the order in loss floating, but I am still let the order not yet to closed, my reason is the major trend still downtrend and lowest support zone not yet achieved.

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Happy to see you’re consistently updating! :blush: Good luck with your trades today! :smiley:

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Thank you, wish you and me get success
Good luck.

Good morning world, sunny on this morning around my place, the sky is bright no cloud cover the sun.

I am come back again to my trading journal, just want to write anything about forex trading activity.

When I am open mt4 trading platform, and login account trading, I was quiet surprising, because yesterday my ea open buy and sell order. Sell order already hit target, but buy ofder in big floating loss. Now my ea again open sell order, so on EURUSD there are two order opened by ea, this is ea scalping type sometimes work as hedging position and martingale.

On another trading pair I am work manually, choose GBPJPY with use pending order sell limit. Before I also has sell order on this pair but eventually I decided to close in loss position because the price seems head up to rise. Pending order sell limit now active and in profit floating, not yet I close the order because I hope the price will drop again.

Hello world, good morning, come back again in my trading journal with FXOpen.

I am looking at the MT4 trading platform now and see my account has floating order on XAGUSD, its symbol trading pair for Silver, I am put pending order on Friday and I see hit and become active before market closed, I think the price will head up and hit stop loss, but the order still active till now, the price drops before hit stop loss and now in floating profit. I am trying to modify stop loss in tight risk level and let the order run.

I am getting several losses in the Friday market, my ea also not produced a consistent profit and once loss makes a bigger loss due setting the target and stop loss is far different. And now ea not yet open any trades.

Just info if winner FTC 2021 has been announced on the FXOpen company news.

Good morning world, today I come back to my trading journal, yesterday I am in busy days, because there are some works should to be done at the time, but I am have a time to trade at morning day when asian session overlapping to London session market. not bad and not good too.

My order on silver get small profit but then next trade still in the same trading pair get loss close to equal with loss, meanwhile my ea, yesterday open one trades and hit the target profit.

This morning I see my ea already open buy order on EURUSD, because I am using this ea mainly for EURUSD only, on other instruments I try to use pending order buy limit at support zone with use strict stop loss only take risk max about 3$

Good morning world, sunny day around my place, weather quite warm on this morning.

I come back here just want to write anything, mostly about my trading journal in FXOpen.

Yesterday my ea open buy and already closed in profit target, but now the ea again already open buy, and still floating. On another trading pair, I try XAGUSD again, one trade gets profit but one trade gets a loss. now there are one order active in EURUSD

Good morning world, today is quite cool, yesterday’s rainfall is in high intensity around my place.

On a few days I am not visiting my trading journal, because besides I am sick, I have kids which make me busy and forget trading journals

Now I am back to update my trading journal, and share some stories about my trading activity. Yes, it is still not easy to be making profit consistently is so hard. . I am loss again on Silver, because I am increasing lot size to switching after I see the downtrend seems strong, but in fact, this way is giving doubling loss.

Now I am trying to relax and let EA open trades on EURUSD, its ea already open buy order since Friday, and still floating till now.

Good morning world, the weather on the day around my place quiet dark the cloudy on the sky, the sun light watching from the gaps of the clouds.

I come back again to my trading journal, just want to write about my trading and whatever in my minds.

Yesterday I have one order by ea and not yet closed, the order still active till now, and more ea open sell order yesterday, and make hedging position, two order opened by ea and still in floating.

Seems the movement EURUSD is still in consolidation area, if based on demand and supply theory, this is zone namely equilibrium, which means supply and demand is balance, no one more dominant in the market, if this condition end, possible will more stronger

Good morning world, wish will have full peace on the earth, far away from world war. mainly peace in own minds.

I come back again to my trading journal, quiet too later time, not as usual, no problem, I want to write down summary trades yesterday market.

I have two orders opened by ea already done and end result is loss, one order hit the target but one order hit stop loss, and the ratio stop loss is higher than the target profit-based ea preference.

Today my ea open one order sell and still work floating, based on formation candle, it is possible reversal pattern occurs on this pair.

Good morning world, I come again to my trading journal, I am sorry, yesterday I missed the time to post here, my kids did not give me some time to update here.

I just want to tell a story about trading yesterday’s market, Frankly speaking, yesterday I am open trades on silver, gold, and GBPJPY, from all trades I was made, only profit on gold, and other trades still hit loss.

But my loss was very tight due to set tight stop loss and ratio profit still higher than loss. Meanwhile, order by ea hit the target too.

On this morning when I am open chart again, I see my ea open new order sell, and now face floating.

I would like to know the Win rate of your EA. It looks like it’s risking 4 for gaining 1. With this risk reward, it needs to win 9 out of 10 trades to gain any profit.

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Hi thank you for your attention, yes, this ea that I use scalping type with larger stop loss than a target, and sometimes it works as hedging and martingale, including risky ea, winning rate I think above 60% at least, I am not counting the number specifically. If likely you are interested to test the ea. Aggressor3_13-XE NO (67.4 KB) It free ea. Or if you have a good and high winning trades ea, you may share with me

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Good morning world, I coming back to my trading journal with FXOpen broker, this is true ECN broker has a low spread

The big matter of how to accumulate profit in forex trading is making a consistent trading profit, this is not easy I realize during the experience. but I believe that each person has their own destiny regarding wealth, including the trading result in forex. Maybe traders use the same ea or same method, but the end result will vary. There are so many reasons to shape this, emotion, trading server quality, setting ea may difference, time, target, etc.

Trading in the forex market if compare to binary options in my view is better forex because in forex we buy and sell underlying currency, the meanwhile binary option just betting the price in a specific time, it’s like gambling to bet up and down like in the casino, most broker unregulated in binary options, and most users gets loss trading.

In forex we have control to use stop loss and determine anytime will open and close the order, although both are risky business, forex remain better than a binary option in my view.

Today my ea not yet open new entry

sure, I’ll test your EA. I’m testing a couple of other EA’s as well & will let you know my results & tweaks, if any.

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Oke, different settings may have different results, I try to change the setting for stop loss, but the result isn’t good.