My trading journal with FXOpen

Monday has come, many people going to works, go to school etc.

I am just spent small time to update my trading journal with FXOpen, now still using demo account again to backtest free forex robot called Center EA, plotted at GBPUSD M1 and EURUSD M1.
Today Center EA faced floating loss, Because this is type marti, sometimes get big floating loss.

Until now performance EA still good and still survived account from initial capital $500, using demo ECN account FXOpen with current balance about $700, means near 50% profit during forward test in demo account.

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Hello world.

Come back to my trding journal to write update.

Today Center EA dragged negative floating more than $200, looks this is bad trading condition, in GBPUSD ea open bigger lot size 0.17 to cover previous loss. As many martingale works, drawdown EA very high and needs huge trading capital to working well.

Would you like to put me through the trading line ?

Just practice in the demo account first using demo ECN FXOpen.

Good morning world, today not yet a drink of cofee, but already open the chart again.

Today I will reported if Center EA bad working and drawdown very high, now balance very small and overall losing capital from $500 become now only rest $36. My review is Center EA works based martingale need to monitored and make low risk setting.

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Good afternoon world, hot today around my place. Today come back again to my trading journal to write anything.

Few days past not visit in my trading journal here. Just like missing something on minds. After trying backtest Center ea and eventually account margin call because EA open big lot size.

Now I try new expert advisor, namely Turbo profit. This EA from another forum and shared by fellow trade.

I am set EA on M15, I don’t know for sure, but about this ea, but I change multiply to 1, few days since a week ago. This ea setting target $2 money in every round cycle.

And first time launch this ea, automatically open buy and sell order at once. Seems this work to test whereas the later trend will be. And open next order based the trend identified this ea seems based 2 MA.

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Welcome baaaack! :blush: Glad to see your recent update, and I hope you get to bag lots of pips in the coming weeks. :blush: Since it’s hot there, don’t forget to stay hydrated. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ouch. Glad to see you’re still out here though. You got this! :muscle:

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Thank you to @ria_rose and @ponponwei give us the spirit to continue the journey. Sorry for the long time not updated the journal. Now I come back again here, just to write anything during trading with FXOpen.

I am still trying to forward test Turbo profit v.30, plotted on USDJPY, the EA working well, but now faces big floating and reduced equity of more than 50%. The profit average for every round cycle is 2$.

Seems still needs to learn from Ebru Goren, as a women trader now she standing at the first rank at FTC 2022.


Monday has come, forex market is already open.

Currently I am still a forward test expert advisor but seems the works is not like as in expectation, big floating losses dragged account more than 50%, I think just like some other trader looking for best EA but not yet found the best one.

But it is not big problem, because only use demo account, in real trading I use manual trading to manage the risk based own preference, this better for me than relying upon EA. Backtest aim to get a clue performance trading using ea, and I realize, that different setting may a reason get a different result.

Time is not over, still there are so many chances to try again.

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Good afternoon all, has a good day, always there is new hope.

Today I come back again to trading journal with FOpen, updated position forward test ea using demo account ECN. Test result still looks bad performance, ea making loss trades and reduced equity very large and left roughly 32$. Still in floating in the rest balance $161.

Oof. Fingers crossed things will change for the better!

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Come back again to the trading journal.

Just like other people, hope to become better in many things, maybe peoples have their own path to reach their dream, just like there are so many ways to travel to one destination. Focus and keep motivated never give up.

Today’s update test ea Turbo Profit in demo account still face hurdles, account dragged floating loss.

Good morning world, I come back today here.

Trading in the CFD market is risky, during backtest ea still not yet give a good trading result. EA still decreasing the balance and now left the rest equity less than 10 dollars.

Good morning world, today on Friday I am given time to post again in the trading journal with FXOpen.

EA Turbo profit now already expired, and there are notifications ea expired on the trading platform. While the account also already margin call, so only left 0.95 USD in its demo account.

Now I am not testing EA, but trying back to the real account using small bucks in account trading. Yes, sometimes dreams not come true, except for dreams of peeing as a child, it often comes true.

But as long as there is still time to breathe, there will always be hope. Trying again is one of the efforts to rebuild a buried dream to come true.

Look XAUUSD yesterday again price dropped and formed a new low. Seems the Fed still give an impact on the financial market including gold.

i am trying to put pending order where the price success break low yesterday.

Monday now, there are several pair occurs gap.

I am back to trading journal with FXOpen, now I just make simple taught, often after a gap occurs then the price will move to recover the gap. So I am decided to buy order EURJPY and put a pending order with a target price of 139.580, using stop loss tightly at 139.055. If the price drops again, stop loss will hit, or possibly after hitting stop loss the price rise to meet the target.

Hello world, the Sun still always gives light to the earth, come back to the trading journal.

Yesterday I am trading on EURJPY but although the price after the gap eventually recover the gap, unfortunately, the price hit stop loss first, so fail trading occurs. Then I am trying on Gold, yes it gives profit, and now I am trading EURJPY.

Before I planned sell trades because the price seems consolidated on the resistance zone 139.580, but because it is breaking high and looks rising, now I am trading buy and pit pending order buy limit. Let’s see what happens later.

Good morning world, continue today.

EURJPY moved rising yesterday as expected, USDJPY also rising even higher and continue to bullish. Yesterday’s trading gives some profit on USDJPY and EURJPY. This morning the price is in consolidation but maybe still be possible to continue bullish as a major trend.

Put pending order buy limit on EURJPY and waiting for next market condition, Gold now drops again after reaching high 1726 as now price decline at 1695. Maybe the market still worries about the Fed increasing interest rate to combat inflation in September.

Good morning world, coming back to trading journal with FXOpen.

I just want to write anything in this trading journal about trading. Yesterday grateful for getting profit from buying EURJPY and USDJPY, both pairs move rising in strong bullish yesterday, but on USDJPY there is retracement. The price is already on high at 144,220, RSI shows an overbought zone level. Worries if the price suddenly drops so no trade on this pair and trying to Gold.

Gold rise yesterday, but seems still to move consolidation, now put a pending order sell limit, forecasting price back to decline. However if gold rises higher, stop loss will hit.

Today I visit the forex cup website and FTC 2022 was first ranked getting a profit of 113.04% trader named Seyit Altuntas from Turkey.

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Hello world, the time still round cycle repeat seconds, minute, hours, days, weeks and so on.

I am back to trading journal just want to write bad news from myself. Yesterday trading face several times loss, but then lead emotion come up, I am recklessly trade on Gold use higher position size and losing all money in account just few minute.

This is a bad experience, but maybe if you read this story can take lessons from it. Emotion will never give good results in all things, in addition, trading forex is worse if following emotion in decision making. Market forex is very dynamic, and unpredictable, but risk management should to keep it disciplined.