My trading journal with FXOpen

Hello world, come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen. Today I just want to write anything that I want here.

Yesterday market still move low trading range, but there are nice movement on Gold, I see the price still tend continue dropping. Yestereday try to put sell limit but not hit by the gold price. so no open trades active.

While EURUSD and EURJPY movemement price still consolidation, but EURUSD tend to bearish.

Since you were at a support level, I would have looked for a bullish engulfing candle before entering a buy there. If the engulfing candle didn’t come, I would have looked for other opportunities.

I hope it worked out well for you.

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Hello world, how are you today. Yes sometimes in life we face difficulties, not always the journey will smoothly. failure is big lesson but don’t let us fall in desperation. Still have the future with new hope.

Yesterday price movement on EURJPY and EURUSD still move on the consolidation zone, although the price tried to rise, bu8t then get a rejection and make the price back to early track.

While Gold also consolidation near fibo 100.

Good morning world, today come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Yesterday the forex market move suddenly spike on some trading pairs like EURUSD, EURJPY, XAUUSD and more. Seems USD get support from data news related unemployment change.

I am also hear rumor if the Fed possisble to rising interest rate 75 basis point on early November, it could give tighthening monetary policy to combat high inflation, although the impact can leading credit interest rates also rising.
I am not opening any trades today because usually, Friday market movement is unpredictable, although the spread like EURUSD, EURGBP, and many others in FXOpen could be zero.

Hello world, come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen today. Monday 17 october 2022.

Here I want to write anything still related forex. Last week the market movement on Gold the price still dropped to 1643, but this morning there are pattern pullback or maybe retracement.

I watching also video from Gary Thomson for market review during the past week.

Today is still no open trades, usually Monday’s market still not yet clear.

Hello, world, cloudly this morning around my place, the Sun is covered by the cloud looks like no light.

Today come back again to my trading journal and write anything. On the first days of this week, the price movement on pairs like GBPJPY and EURJPY move strong bullish. Maybe I am still making mistakes and too late entering the market because I see the RSI indicator already shows an overbought zone at level 70 in the pair EURJPY.
But Yesterday I am already open buy with looking for long-term targets based weekly I see two weeks in this pair strong bullish.
Weakening JPY to the USD it is possible to make a bank of Japan then make new policy to control the currency rate, just remember a few months ago BoJ intervention currency by buying JPY using big USD reverse to trying control the Japanese yen, but seems the market still looking for weakening JPY now.

Hello world, Thursday 20 October 2022 today market. Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Yesterday market, just like I mentioned when open new trades I think already too late because RSI enter overbought zone level. And it become fact, the price rising but then drops to lower level. However I am still had the time to modify stop loss in break even point. So although the price eventually drop, still get zero profit/loss.

On this morning, I just see USDJPY on low timeframe M 15 there are buyers tries to press the price up, it already break upper band. There are theory trading when the price break upper or lower band means there are high trading volume will bring strong trend, so with very tight stop loss, I am trying to place a buy order on this pair.

Yesterday I am also tried on Gold, this is great pair to trade in FXOpen also has a low spread, so very beneficial for traders, I open sell on XAUUSD and exit in a profit position.

Hello, world, today clouds around my place, yesterday rainfall was very heavy. Maybe today is still possible for rainfall later.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen. I just want to write anything I want here. I think all traders already know forex is a high-risk high gain business. It is possible to make double profit from one trade, however also possible to get a margin call with one trade. It is because leverage, high leverage allow us to open bigger position size. So in every trade, I still use the smallest lot size 0.01 in my account.

Yesterday the market was very choppy, the price is very dynamic and I face several times loss, but still under control.

This morning, I just watch the spread AUDUSD only 0.8 then I see the price formed a lower low on the M5 timeframe, here I speculated to open sell with a tight stop loss, Maybe too tight stop loss, but no problem if later hit stop loss first.

Hellow world, Monday market now open, it is time to make effort again after holidays on Sunday.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, just write anything. On Friday market I can’t monitor the market all day long, because I must go to hospital due my mother get accident and broke the bone his feet. two night I am sleep in hospital waiting my mother.

When now I open the chart, quiet surpising because the price like gold,USDJPY, move very large pips on Friday market. But this morning I am not yet open any trades. Seems too risky for small account.

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Hello world, today the sun lighting the earth, yesterday rainfall heavily, hope not today.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I just want to write anything that I want to share.

Yesterday market I see GBPUSD move strong and bullish then trying to catch a small profit, and yes it is I can exit in profit although very small profit. Then I see also XAUUSD, which is the symbol for gold, I see also rise and I tried to open a pending order buy limit with a tight stop loss, yes it hit by price and become active order, but unfortunately, I am not cut profit and preferred to let stop loss hit by the price, but no problem, the risk still in my risk tolerance.

This morning I am still not yet open any trades, I don’t know later will open trades or not still watching the market.I like sometimes trading gold in FXOpen they take a low spread for gold, this is interesting pair with high volatility and low spread trading cost.

Hello world, today the Sun still lighting the earh with low light

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I just write anything about trading and sometimes my personal activity on daily life.

On this morning I open the chart MT4 trading platform FXOpen in my laptop, then I browse the pairs to trying get new opportunity, here I am interesting with EURUSD, I see the strong bullish occurs yesterday, and now in M15 timeframe, the price already break Bollinger band Squeeze, in theory this is breakout will become new trend. Don’t know later the end result will hit stop loss or the price running

Hello world, Friday market today, the last FX market will open.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I just want to write anything about FX trading.

I am visit forexfactory then read the news today, there are a news high impact for JPY, BOJ Outlook Report, Monetary Policy Statement, and BOJ Press Conference, If I see the USDJPY price now the price already drop to 146.600. I don’t know these news will gives high impact or not today to USDJPY, But it is possible to bring the price more dips to drop with target lower band roughly 143 level price.

But I am not yet trade USDJPY, on this morning I try put pending order buy limit and now the order already active and face floating. Yesterday EURUSD drops and land to previous low, I just think this is strong support and possible to retrace or reverse. I use a tight stop loss. Yesterday trading my order get fail on EURUSD, but I get another profit from EURJPY, open averaging sell, and closed in profit.

Hello world, the cloud covering the sky, hiding the Sun behind

Today I come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I want to write anything, about trading, and my daily activity.

Today just like as usual, pick up my kids go to school. Then turn on the laptop, open MT4 trading platform visit fxopenforum.

In the forum now there are new contest to continue previous contest with theme " Catch zero spread Season 2". The competition opened for all client FXOpen global with duration contest 1 month. The contest also free of charge, means contestant could get real prize if become winner.

Passing the contest, now I just want to write about my trades today. Last hour I see my MT4 alert on EURUSD getting breakout signal on EURUSD timeframe M15. The price break upper band by custom Bollinger band indicator. Then I don’t know later, I already open buy and set stop loss too. While in the hourly timeframe also see the price cross up the MA line. Expected the EURUSD price rising today after the dip drop yesterday.

Hello world, come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Yesterday market actually is good movement, but unfortunately getting fail on gold trading, the gold price movement very volatile and gives loss in every my trades.

Today I am still not trade at all and no position opened. It is possoble gold price already in the low price and for olong term possible to buy and hold, however in CFD trading with leverage to buy and hold for long term need big trading capital, and the risk higher than buy physical gold bullion.

Hello, world, afternoon at this time, around my place the temperature is hot, looks like will be rainfall again.

Today I am here in my trading journal with FXOpen again, now I just want to write about my small review of the TickTrader platform.

Yes, I downloaded this platform and try to use small funds to learn how to use the platform. I install the Ticktrader platform in Windows 7, the old windows, but my mistake was I installed it to run as administrator, so every time want to run the platform, just click right and then choose run as administrator. Merely the platform can be loaded.

First loading will appear in the box about the TickTrader platform, then after the box disappears not wait too long, then appear the login page. Just need to fulfill the login requirement, account number, password, and server. Then entirely platform will appear looks like this.

Maybe traders who often use MT4, are still more comfortable using MT4 than TickTrader, it also needs a bigger RAM computer to run perfectly, I am using the old computer so the platform looks slow responding. How to start trading just need to click “New order” and then will appear the box option will trade, using limit, market, stop, stop limit, and strategy.

limit order type we can set the buy limit or sell limit by changing option on the key option.

A market order is a real-time order, it just needs to click buy or sell on top inside the box. Set the position size right behind the Pair, using the arrow up and down, the default position size is usually set at 0.1 lot size, we can resize the position size until the smallest 0.01.

Seems still need to learn more about TickTrader, because this is really new, still don’t understand how to set up Algo trading.

One thumb up in my view are that TickTrader available so many instrument trading, but in the platform, the maximum can be loaded only 200 instruments, however, we can use add symbol to look new instrument trading. This is one platform with multi-market included, including forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, etc.

Hello world, Monday has come. In the afternoon, I come back to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Today, I am busy, in the morning pick up my mother to hospital to medical check. Just now go home then visit my trading journal again.

Open trading platform, there is a gap that occurs on several trading pairs included, including EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, Oil price, Gold, and more. A gap usually occurs in Monday morning when opening the market suddenly candle formed a gap. Opening price is far below the closing price from the previous candle.

I am not yet open to any traders, although when a gap occurs usually the price will look to recover the gap. Maybe later I will trade waiting for higher market volatility.

Hello world, today the Sun is covered by the cloud in the sky around my place, quite dark today.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, now I just want to write about my trading yesterday since not post to update my trading journal.

Yesterday I am trading in gold, first I make mistake in trading because when the pattern in the daily chart shows the Doji candle, I see the price break now, and then I open to selling, however, the market did not move in my favor but reversely the price rising. I put stop loss and hit stop loss. Then I see the price of gold rising strong rally, I decided to open buy and then successfully the price continue to rise and my trades ended with a profit.

Today I am still not yet opening any trades, maybe focus later on Thursday there is CPI news that could high impact on USD.

Here we can see Gold price formed long bulls candle on H4 and landed to level Fibo 61.8.

Hello world, come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen. Today cloud still covers the sky.

Here I just want to write anything in my trading journal.

Yesterday market I get some losses in my trades, because get a whipsaw false breakout on EURUSD, when open the sell and set a stop loss but the price move up and hit my stop loss. The market included very difficult to predict because of very highly volatile. Short-term trading needs more concentration while I leaving the chart.

Today CPI news will be released, and maybe many traders will focus on the news. I still not yet open any trades now.

Here I also will write about the negative spread in FXOpen, it is possible traders get a negative spread on pairs like EURUSD and AUDUSD, both pairs I see sometimes in a negative spread. But indeed not always occurs, due FXOpen providing variable spread which means the spread fluctuated based on the market.

Hello world, good afternoon, just now I visit my trading journal again, morning days in a busy time.

Yesterday’s market was very attractive but unfortunately, I can’t focus on the market and miss the time when CPI news has been released. Before I open to sell at EURUSD and modify the stop loss in the break-even point, then after the news CPI released I see the chart already move strong bullish formed long body candle. Yes, eventually my stop loss hit, then I actually I realized if already missing out, the trend had already long rally then I tries to open buy, the market was very attractive just like as the women dance using swim sweet, I open two orders on EURUSD, but the price move consolidation and enforced me to liquidated order with some loses.

Besides EURUSD, other pairs like GBPUSD also rose high including gold, I am trying open buy on XAUUSD, only getting a small profit.

Today I see on the gold movement is already in consolidation, I have put a pending order sell limit and now the order is already active. I put a very tight stop loss on gold. On the M5 timeframe can be seen clearly my tight stop loss. Usually, the tight stop loss will be hit by gold’s volatility. but let’s see later

Happy Monday, the FX market already begin to give us chances to make a profit, I hope this week working well.

Last week on Friday market, price volatility was very high, the pair like EURUSD, AUDUSD, and XAUSD, were very high volatile and had a strong rally.

But now I still doubt it, the price already moves strong, waiting for a retracement, not yet open trades now.

Gold price already reaches MA 200 in the daily timeframe, if crosses up maybe long-term trend will bullish, maybe.